September 2019

  • Goodbye 5779

    Goodbye 5779

    I decided to come out with my new glasses in the only way that I know: naked and hard

  • Cum What May

    Cum What May

    My thoughts about cum and a video demonstrating how I shoot cum out of my cock

  • Doggie & Horses

    Doggie & Horses

    Dan helped me forget a bad experience at the beach by creaming my ass.

  • My Ass, His

    My Ass, His

    Rarely do I position myself in a "fuck me please" position at the beach. But this time I had to.

  • The French Connection

    The French Connection

    A guy was waving his thick cock at me, but I ended up getting fucked on the dirt road by a lovely French couple.

  • Worried


    I am worried for Luka and sad for not being able to take her to the beach

  • My Sad Cock

    My Sad Cock

    My cock was sad this morning because I had to cover it and go to work.

  • Update on Luka

    Update on Luka

    I got many messages asking me about sweet Luka and how is she holding up. I wrote about her injury here:

  • Boy? Baby? Woman?

    Boy? Baby? Woman?

    Greeting the sunrise with my woodie and remembering the last four great fucks during the previous 36 hours.

  • Pursuing Happiness​

    Pursuing Happiness​

    My thoughts about our God-given right to pursue happiness.

  • Luka is Sick

    Luka is Sick

    I had to take Luka to the vet today because she has been limping for quite some time. Especially after a hike or a fun time at the nude b...

  • Hike & Anal Fun

    Hike & Anal Fun

    A fun hike with two best friends, that has ended with cum all over my face

  • Cum Inside, Cum Outside

    Cum Inside, Cum Outside

    "Sure, I have a lot of experience with guys. I fuck guys all the time."

  • A Wet Start

    A Wet Start

    I ended up taking a cold morning shower after sleeping for only 5 hours last Tuesday.

  • 4 Guys & 1 Orgasm

    4 Guys & 1 Orgasm

    I met four guys yesterday at the beach but shot my load only once

  • 9.5.1997


    Elinor sent me a photo of us from 22 years go and wrote: "Look how sweet and adorable we were".