Young Love

Half a year ago, I wrote about my 18 years old fuck body. He started making love to my ass when he was only 16.5.

Back then, he lied to me and said that he was 18.

I believed him because he looked like 20 years old. He is taller than me (I'm 6'), hairy (he has more hair on his ass than on my entire body). He has a cock of a grown-up: thick and massive.

He was drafted to the army two months ago, and I did not hear from him since then. The last time he fucked me was in July.

A week ago I got a sign of life from him: "Theon I'm back, and I miss you. I hope we can meet soon."

It did not happen so far, but here is how we made love half a year ago. If you read it, you will understand that I miss the feeling of him kissing my neck while gently making love to my ass with his massive cock.


"Theon, oh, Theon."

He leaned forward and kissed my neck while he was making love to my ass. We both moved in a slow rhythm.

Who am I talking about?

My 18 years old fuck body that I wrote about a few times in the past. This lovemaking took place two days after Ronen dumped his cum in my ass and fled my apartment a few minutes afterward. You can read about Ronen here (it's a story in three parts):

Two days later, Monday afternoon, young Adonis came over.

I want to fast forward to the part of him making love to my ass.

I’ll skip the part where we kissed for about 15 long minutes, taking our clothes very slowly off, the kissing again in bed while he was on top of me, our two bodies glued to each other as I felt his massive cock dripping cum close to mine.

It was a very long time before he slowly and gently turned me around, so I was flat on my stomach.

Then he lubed me, again, very gently, slowly fingering my hole, preparing me for his massive cock. Then he lubed his cock.

His cock is massive because it is so thick, and the head is not shaped like an arrow, as mine is, but more like a big red square. Because my hole is not round but rather a slit, it makes it challenging to accept cocks with such a shape. Still, I knew I could take his cock because I can take any cock, and besides, he fucked me many times before.

However, he was going in too fast, so I told him to take his cock out and try again.

I have one important rule when I get fucked, if it’s painful, take the cock out and try again. Of course, it hurts a bit at first, but there is a difference between real pain and discomfort.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so horny, and it’s been a while since I fucked you.”

I had to let my love tunnel relax from the pain for a few moments, so I played with his big hairy balls and asked him:

“I think that you fucked me three weeks ago, and surely, you fucked other guys since then.”

“No, I only fuck you.”

I made a note to myself to ask about it later, and now that I felt that we could try again. I led his throbbing cock to my love hole.

“Slowly this time, like you always do it.”

This time he did go slow, and we both moaned first softly and finally really loud when his cock was entirely inside of me.

He said nothing; I could feel his body trembling, eager to start fucking me. But he knows that I need my time to get used to him. He just waited and softly caressed my ass, I relaxed and then I squeeze my ass muscles on his cock.

That was the signal for him.

He started to make love to my ass. He almost did not take his cock out. He just moved slowly inside. He was trying to push himself as deeply as he possibly could.

“You are so warm inside, so soft.”

Then he leaned forward and hugged me.

“Theon, oh, Theon.”

He kissed my neck and started to make love to my ass again.

I knew he was close, but I wanted his cum so badly. I wanted it to wash away the memories of the humiliating sex with Ronen.

I stretched my left arm back, and I was holding the base of his cock and his balls, massaging it gently as he was fucking me. I knew that this would make him cum in no time. But I wanted to feel his cum shots not only inside my love tunnel but also as they were moving up his cock before entering my body.

Very quickly, he arched his upper body backward and shouted with pure pleasure. I could feel in my palm the contractions that have pushed his cum deep into my ass. It was so beautiful to feel it both in my palm and also in my ass.

He leaned forward again, hugging me, his cock still buried deep inside of me. He was sweating; I could feel his heart bit on my back. He kissed my neck gently without saying a word.

“Don’t pull out,” I whispered to him, “Just keep fucking me.”

And so he did, and with each movement of his big cock, I felt a constant mini-orgasm, and I could feel cum slowly going out of my cock. I moaned each time that I felt the cum dripping out. It felt like an orgasm that never ends.

After what has seemed like forever, he did pull out and laid back and spread his arms.

“Come over here and shoot all over my body the way you always do. I want your hot loads hitting my face.”

I climbed on top of him. I was already wet from my cum, and some of his cum was oozing out — not a big surprise since I knew that he shot loads in me.

I positioned myself on his right side; my hole pressed hard against his hairy leg. It made my already very sensitive hole go wild. I moaned loudly.

I pushed out some of his cum, rubbed it on my nipples, my lips, and used the rest to lube my cock. There was still plenty inside; I could feel it.

In no time, I started screaming, it felt like forever, but eventually, my cum began to shoot out of my body which has made me yell even louder, and then it was over, and I opened my eyes and saw my white cum all over his dark body and yes, also on his face.

As for his face, a huge smile was there as well.

“Theon, I have never met anyone that cums so much as you do.”

Generally speaking, he’s right, I do cum tons, but he did not have sex with many guys yet, and I told him that.

“You have had sex with only ten+ people during your lifetime.”

We both laughed

“I’ll be taking a shower now; I have to wash off all your cum.”

I was lying in bed, satisfied and happy, my ass still full of his hot cum shots and had watched his hairy sexy body as he was taking a shower with the door open. His beautiful big cock was dangling between his legs and the hot water running all over his gorgeous body.

It was beautiful to watch him soap himself, wash his hair, and eventually dry himself off.

Then the lovely part took place.

Do I mean the second time we made love?

Not really, I was still naked in bed, he came back to bed, naked and a bit wet. It was evident that he did not want to leave. He wanted to stay and talk.

And that’s what we did.

It was weird because after he is done fucking me, he becomes this high school kid again.

Not only his voice but also his body language changes. He was talking about his final exams, about the army service (he is going to be drafted in August), about his friends, showed me photos of him from Purim. We talked for half an hour.

It was just beautiful.

I did ask him about the statement he has made before, about me being the only person that he fucks.

“I hate Grindr; it’s full of stupid people. It’s hard to find someone to have sex with, and when you do, it’s either bad sex or when it’s over, they throw you out.”

Sadly, that sounded very familiar to me.

“Besides,” and then he looked deep into my eyes and kissed me,

“You make me feel so good, why would I want to fuck anyone else?”

It was adorable but danger zone, I don’t need someone so young to fall in love with me. That’s just trouble.


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