"You Look Old"

I wasn't planning to write another blog post today since Passover night is tomorrow. Although I'll be only celebrating it with Felix, I still want to thoroughly clean my apartment and cook a holiday meal. It's so sad that even though my sister's family and my parents live next door, we can't celebrate together because of the lockdown. As you can understand, I'm extra busy, but I wanted to write a short blog post to share with you how some people can be so evil and cruel. I get many very beautiful responses and fantastic feedback. Still, a nasty comment always makes me feel that I'm being humiliated in front of a large crowd, even though I'm the only one reading it. The first comment was on Atraf, which is an Israeli version of Grindr.

A guy commented on this photo:

He wrote: "Yikes, you're vegan."

Then he sent me a photo of a cheesecake with the text: "Cheesecake, such a delicacy." Then he sent another message: "At your age, you should cover your body." I've no idea who he is since he didn't have any photos.

I blocked him.

Again on Atraf, a guy sent me a message regarding this photo:

"My dog is beautiful, unlike yours."

I blocked him.

On Grindr, when I told a guy who had contacted me, that there is no point to continue if he has no photos, his response was: "Fuck your mother."

I blocked him.

And the last nasty comment was from a 74 years old guy regarding the next photo. Before I started working today, I did my workout. I'm thinking of writing about my workout routine to help my followers learn from my experience.

Therefore, I took this photo

He sent me this message:

"You look old in this photo compared to your other photos. You shouldn't use it." Of course, I'm going to use this photo regardless of his nasty message. I love this photo. I can look younger or older depending on my smile, the light, my mood, my clothes, and other factors.

Telling someone that he looks old, is only humiliating based on the context of the message. However, his intention was to humiliate me. I know that because he added some other clever insults.

The last feedback that I got was in Hebrew, also from an older guy, and it compensated for those from the nasty guys:

"I went to your blog, and I'm very impressed. First of all, you have an amazing body. But it's not just that: Your absolute freedom and how you present your naked body (which is very toned and impressive) is what makes your blog so unique. I had great pleasure watching you masturbate. Again, you appear so natural and without boundaries when it comes to sharing your orgasms with your followers.
I was impressed and it also gave me great pleassure... It's a shame there are no videos of guys fucking you. I'm sure that these would have been even more exciting to watch than your masturbation videos. I want you to know that I've enjoyed your blog immensely, and I appreciate you also as a human being. Blessings to you, happy Passover, and stay healthy."

He made my day


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