Yes, It's Open!

After my last post about my weekend with my boyfriend, I got lots of private messages. Many guys said Felix is “gorgeous,” and I have to agree with them.

A couple of followers have asked me how does shouting “I love you” a few times before I cum all over Felix, goes along with allowing other guys to fuck me intimately at the beach and other places.

Here is the voice recording of my orgasm in case you missed it:

Others referred to the photos of Felix and me:

They said we appear very much in love and again raised the issue of how does it work with both of us having sex with other guys.

First of all: The rest of the audio files and photos can be found here:

Felix & My Adonis

As for our open relationship:

I am not saying that this can work for every couple. Relationships are like cocks, they all look similar but each one is unique.

It works for us, and especially for me. If it was