Would you lie to a friend to make him feel good? I wish I could.

Last week, I wrote about the incredible sex I had with two young stallions, Eldar and Gidi.

You can find out more about it here:

Would you turn down two sexy tops with huge cocks? I did, here's why:

I still want to write in more detail about how Eldar had made love to my body, but first I want to share my whereabouts after Eldar and I had climaxed twice...

...and, more importantly, explain why Eldar and I haven't yet fucked again!

The day after Eldar and I had fucked, Sharon, a 50-year-old bate-friend, sent me a message.

We've been masturbating on Skype for over ten years. He's hairy and cute but not my type. Still, he's very fond of my fuck hole, and I always get excited to see his extra-thick cum oozing out when he climaxes.

I sometimes see him at the nudist beach.

What attracted him to me in the first place was my unique set of underwear, jocks, thongs, and outfits.

That's because it's his fetish.

Therefore, I wasn't surprised when he started our chat by referring to my underwear photos:

"Hi, Theon! Your latest underwear photos are so hot!"

"Which one did you like in particular?" I asked.

"There's one of you standing, wearing a hoodie and letting all of us admire your perfect ass hugged by your black jockstrap."

Sharon was referring to this photo.

I usually wear a hoodie when it's too cold to be naked indoors.
I usually wear a hoodie when it's too cold to be naked indoors.

"God! I just want to part those smooth ass cheeks, smell your rosebud, lick it and then fuck it raw while you are still wearing that sexy jock!" he exclaimed.

Obviously, Sharon's balls were full.

"Have you bought any exciting new underwear lately?" asked Sharon.

"I have! I had it custom-ordered. In fact, I'm trying it on right now."

Saying that to Sharon was like mentioning candy to a hungry child.

"Can I see you in it, please??? You know how much I enjoy seeing you modeling a new collection!"

I knew that our conversation would lead to us being naked on cam, so I wasn't surprised by his request. It was also just the right time for me to take a short break from work.

This is how Sharon saw me when we urned on our cams.

It's nice underwear, but I wish the knot was tighter!
It's nice underwear, but I wish the knot was tighter!

At my end, I saw Sharon, without clothes, playing with his thick, hairy cock which isn't as big as mine.

The sight caused my cock to bone immediately, which made Sharon moan and say: "Fuck! Your cock is so nice, Theon."

"And yours is leaking," I told him.

"How can it not leak when I see you wearing such a sexy outfit. Can I see how it looks from the other side?"

I turned around and showed him.

"Oh Fuck! Can you please move aside the thong so I can admire your hole?"

That's how I showed him my fuck hole.
That's how I showed him my fuck hole.

"A perfect cunt! You have such a silky smooth ass. When was the last time that hot ass got a nice juicy load of semen?"

I spanked my ass and sat back on the couch: "Yesterday, and two days before that. They were army buddies with huge cocks. Both were terrific lovers."

"So did they fuck you together? A double penetration? That must have been so hot!"

I laughed.

"I know that you think I'm a super bottom, but I can't get double-penetrated by two huge dicks. In any case, I fucked with each one separately."

"Yesterday, I met with someone," Sharon commented while masturbating and tasting his pre-cum, "His cock was almost as big as yours. The sensation of his cock head entering my ass was all I needed to shoot my load. He was quite disappointed!"

"I think you should probably stick to fucking," I told him. "I never shoot my seed before the top has finished enjoying my hole."

"I know, Theon, but I'm not like you. I'm versatile. I also need to feel submissive sometimes."

"Well, I hope you never get that feeling with me," I laughed, "because I wouldn't know what to do with your hairy ass."

Sharon smiled: "Don't worry! Your whole body makes me horny. Just seeing you wearing a thong can make cum instantly."

That's true.

Sometimes our cam sessions last no longer than two minutes because Sharon gets so excited when seeing me wearing a thong or a jock. He can't let go of his cock, and, soon after, thick loads of seed ooze out of his giant, red mushroom.

"How often do you buy new underwear?" Sharon asked.

"Usually every six months or when I get an email about a large discount. I never buy at full price. I also almost always buy from Andrew Christian."

I highly recommend buying from them:

Andrew Christian

"I get mine from aussieBum," commented Sharon.

"I ordered a few pairs from them, but they were no good since my ass is too small," I said.

Here's one pair made by aussieBum that I no longer wear.

I'm going to be at the nudist beach later today.
I'm going to be at the nudist beach later today.

aussieBum is an Australian-based company. The sizes of their apparel are geared towards Australian men. In practical terms, that means muscular, tall guys with cocks bigger than average.

I'm tall (6’/183 cm) but more toned than muscular. Therefore aussieBum underwear never looked good on me from the back side (- which is more important to me than the front.)

"My ass is too small," I explained to Sharon. "The jockstraps were too loose."

"But your cock is big. The front side must have looked perfect."

I pointed at my hard cock and said: "My cock is big when it gets hard!"

Milking my hard dick.
Milking my hard dick.

"Your cock is big even when it's not hard," said Sharon.

"You're sweet," I told Sharon, "but I can't get their underwear to look good from the front and the back. Their medium size looks good for my ass but feels very tight for my cock. The large size feels great for my cock, but not for my ass."

"I don't know, Theon. It fits my ass perfectly!"

Sharon always gets horny when we discuss underwear. As for me, I got horny by seeing his cock continually leaking white cream.

"Well, Sharon, It fits your ass perfectly because your ass is bigger than mine."

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Sharon frowned and, for the first time, stopped playing with his cock: "hmm, I'm not sure if I should be happy about it. It doesn't sound like you were complimenting my ass."

"I was neither complimenting nor criticising; just stating the obvious. Your ass is bigger than mine. That doesn’t worry me. As you know, it’s your cock that excites my hole!"

"I don't care if you are not attracted to my ass. I know you are a slutty bottom that only cares about cock and cum. But it doesn't make me feel good that you think I have a huge ass."

Sharon's cock became soft.

Clearly, he didn't like what I'd said about his ass. Suddenly, our hot Skype session was becoming bitter, almost hostile.

As a result, my cock also collapsed.

There was a 6-inch vibrator in my ass.
There was a 6-inch vibrator in my ass.

I could have said that I was sorry, but I didn't think there was anything wrong with what I’d just said. Instead, I tried to reason with Sharon:

"You're taking it the wrong way! I'm not saying your ass is big. I only compared it to mine. It's a fact that your ass is bigger than mine and hairier too."

Then I turned around and showed him my ass.

"See??? It's a small ass, especially considering my height."

Most tops say that I have a small/tight ass.
Most tops say that I have a small/tight ass.

"Whatever, Theon, forget about it. I need to get back to work anyway."

I wasn't too worried about our little argument.

Sharon will forget about it soon enough and, before long, undoubtedly ask to see my dark fuck hole to help him cum.

Two hours later, I was outdoors.

I was wearing a jock and a hoodie while hiking with Luka.

It was too cold to be shirtless.
It was too cold to be shirtless.

I kept thinking about the chat with Sharon.

I didn't think I should have apologized just for stating the obvious. I could have also said that I was mistaken and that he has a gorgeous ass, but frankly, he his ass is big!

So what?

I wish my ass were more prominent.

I know that most guys prefer a juicy ass. I love my ass (and my body in general), but it's a small one.

What took my mind away from that idiotic argument were two tops chatting with me during the hike.

The first one was the love of my life, Felix.

He's now in the States, and I miss him terribly.

Felix is such a talented artist.
Felix is such a talented artist.

The second guy was Eldar, with whom I'd fucked the previous night.

"Last night was incredible!" was his first message.

"For me too, stud," I responded. "You are a very talented lover and an amazing kisser."

"You're not too bad yourself, and that ass, OMG! Theon, I want to fuck you again as soon as possible. What are you doing tonight?"

The truth was that I had no plans, but I didn't want to see Eldar so soon for two reasons.

The first was that, since Eldar was such a terrific lover, I wanted to have my testicles loaded with enough cum for two successive orgasms, just like during our first fuck.

I'm not 21 like Eldar, and my balls need more time to get fully charged!

My morning shower.
My morning shower.

The second and more important reason was that my ass wasn't yet ready for another two hours of lovemaking by a massive, 8-inch monster.

That previous night, when I started riding Eldar, I was so excited and horny from seeing his pink, thick snake that I shoved it in me far too quickly.

My reward was an intense sharp pain inside my ass.

I recovered quickly and had no problem allowing Eldar's cock to explore my lower back when it was entirely inside me.

However, on checking my hole the following morning, I saw how loose it still was.

I always check my cum-hole after a night of wild sex to make sure everything is in order.
I always check my cum-hole after a night of wild sex to make sure everything is in order.

I could have lied to Eldar and told him that I would be busy that night. But I'm a terrible liar, and he would have sensed it.

Therefore, I told him the truth about my empty balls and loose hole.

"What about tomorrow? I've already made plans, but I'll cancel them if you want me to come over."

"That sounds more than perfect," was my response.

"It's a date!" concluded Eldar.

"It's a fuck-date!" I corrected him.

He laughed: "That's what I meant!"

After I came back from my hike, Dor, my best friend, came over. I told him straight away that we were not going to fuck.

"You know that Felix doesn't want us to fuck again, and besides, I'm also recovering from a wild night."

"Hmm, I want to hear everything about it, sexy!" Dor replied.

For starters, we'd smoked weed together in my rooftop jacuzzi, which made us very relaxed.

Then I told him how Gidi and Eldar had enjoyed my body.

The last time Dor and I had been naked together in the jacuzzi was over a year ago.
The last time Dor and I had been naked together in the jacuzzi was over a year ago.

Dor got so horny from my descriptions that he stood up and began masturbating. I didn't want to join him because I was saving my seed for Eldar.

Instead, I licked his almost smooth balls, and occasionally, he fucked my mouth.

Twenty minutes later I felt his massive cock growing even more in my mouth, and it wasn’t long before I was swallowing his delicious vegan seed.

Just before Dor and I got out of the hot tub, I suddenly felt a chill in my bones.

It felt as if I was about to get ill!

I thought it was nothing.
I thought it was nothing.

It got worse the following day, and so Eldar didn't come over. It's been nine days since I swallowed Dor's seed, and I still hadn't fucked with Eldar.

And I haven’t emptied my balls for ten days.

Tomorrow Eldar will be here, and he will have to deal with a very horny bottom with an 11-day supply of semen in his balls.

What has caused me to be unwell for so long?

More about that in my next blog post.

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