Would you let a stranger come on your hole? I enjoy it quite often.

Two days ago I went to the nudist beach with Dor, my best friend.

For those of you who are new to my blog, here's a recap of our friendship:

've known Dor for over ten years, and we’ve been great friends ever since. We love and respect each other.

A year before I started dating my current boyfriend, Felix, Dor, and I became fuck buddies.

Our sex had always been mind-blowing!

Dor finds my ass particularly desirable when I wear a thong.
Dor finds my ass particularly desirable when I wear a thong.

Dor is sexy (albeit too smooth for my taste) and very cute, but we no longer fuck.

Why is that?

Since Dor and I love each other (but not in a romantic way), Felix has always been jealous of our connection. It was Dor's idea to stop breeding me to save our friendship and my relationship.

So, nowadays, when I tell Felix that I'm going to the nudist beach with Dor, he's not happy about it, but he trusts me that nothing will happen.

Two days ago, I'd arrived at the nudist beach an hour before Dor.

I was alone and enjoyed it!

The water was ice-cold, but it was a warm day.
The water was ice-cold, but it was a warm day.

When Dor arrived, I stood up to hug him, but he told me to wait. He put down his backpack, stripped naked, and only then came over to hug me.

"It's been four months since I've felt your naked body on mine," he explained.

We hugged and felt our soft cocks becoming bigger and stiffer.

In seconds we were both hard.

My hard penis.
My hard penis.

I broke away from his hug because I was dying to kiss him. Had I kissed him, I would have been unable to control my desire to be submissive and start licking his beautiful, almost smooth balls.

But Dor wasn't going to let go of my body so readily. Instead, he hugged me from behind and pressed his massive cock against my smooth crack.

"Theon, has your ass become even more muscular, or am I just happy to see you?" he asked.

I reached back and held his throbbing cock, "Yes, I think you are very happy to see me, but I also think that my ass has become more prominent. Some blog followers have also noticed it," I answered.

This one for example:

Dor spat on my crack and rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks. "Oh, Theon, I love your muscular ass."

"You'd better stop," I told him, "or we won't be able to control ourselves."

Reluctantly Dor let go of my hungry ass. He squeezed his cock, and as expected, a lot of precum leaked.

"That's what your ass won't be getting today!" he announced.

"Oh, but it will," I told him, "just not from you!"

"From Felix?" Dor asked.  I detected jealousy in his voice.

"Or from someone at the beach," was my reply.

"You're such a slut!" Dor said.

"I've learned how to be one thanks to you!" I replied!

We both laughed.

After an hour, Dor apologized and said he had to get back to work. I helped him pack, and then we hugged.

At that point, I was no longer horny, and my cock remained flaccid.

My soft penis.
My soft penis.

But Dor's cock became semi-hard, and again he hugged me from behind. I realized he was about to spit on my crack again and start playing with my ass and anus.

"Dor? What are you doing?"

"Baby, I can't control myself. I have to come. Your ass is driving me crazy!"

"It was your idea that we stop fucking," I reminded him.

"I know, damn it!" he said and began masturbating. I had to suppress my urge to join him.

"I've never seen you so hungry for my ass since we stopped fucking. When was the last time you had sex?" I asked.

"I fucked a tight ass last night, but I haven't seen your perfect ass since November! You know how much I'm attracted to your hole!!!"

I wasn't surprised that Dor gets so horny because of my ass...

...since I get a lot of messages like this one:

"If you show me your hole, I’ll come very quickly. I promise I won't even touch you."

I was flattered by Dor's obsession to shoot his seed while looking at my cum hole. I'd figured that showing him my anus wasn't the same as having sex.

After all, I do it often on cam.

"OK, but you can't come on my body!" I warned him.

Dor began masturbating and moaned, "It's a shame you won't let me shoot on your ass! I was hoping to shoot my sperm on your dark anus."

"Promise me you won't!" I insisted.

"Bitch! I promise! Now give me that smooth hole! I'm so close!"

I positioned myself close to the water and waited.

Dor had fucked me doggie-style so many times.
Dor had fucked me doggie-style so many times.

While standing behind me Dor was masturbating. He tried to postpone his orgasm as long as he could, but after ten minutes, he yelled and shot his seed. I didn't masturbate, but my cock was oozing a tremendous amount of precum the whole time.

As regards not shooting his seed on my fuck hole, Dor kept his promise. In secret, I was hoping that he'd break it.

I was so horny after Dor had left that I nearly masturbated. However, I was still hoping to get fucked by someone.

When I was about to give up hope, I saw a young guy approaching.

I quickly positioned myself like this and looked at him.

However, he didn't even bother looking at me!
However, he didn't even bother looking at me!

Disappointed by his reaction, I decided to try my luck at the nature reserve above the beach.

The nature reserve is a few miles long and half a mile wide.

I rarely have sex there for various reasons, so I seldom write about it.

Luka and I, hunting for cock above the nudist beach.
Luka and I, hunting for cock above the nudist beach.

I knew that horny men from the nearby town can be found in the more remote forest trails, but I was unsure if I'd get lucky that afternoon.

It was an eerie feeling walking alone while seeing an occasional deer.

Having reached a more secluded area, I took off my clothes but kept on my jock.

It was a beautiful, warm afternoon, and I enjoyed being almost naked.

It's a lovely forest.
It's a lovely forest.

A stocky, hairy middle-aged guy had passed me, and I stared right at him. He lowered his dark eyes, but I knew that he'd be back.

How did I know that?

Because I saw in his eyes that unmistakable hunger for a man's body - a craving that he'd probably been hiding from his wife, friends, and three or four kids.

"That's an interesting pair of underwear," he told me a few minutes later.

I knew he was referring to my jock. In Israel, it's rare for guys to wear that kind of underwear.

I always wear a jock because it's so comfortable.

I think it makes my ass appear even more fuckable.
I think it makes my ass appear even more fuckable.

I decided to force him to admit he was attracted to my jock. Therefore I asked him, "Do you mean because of the colors? These are Gay Pride colors."

"Does that mean you're gay?"

"Isn't it obvious?" I thought to myself but instead said, "Yes, and also a bottom. Do you know what that means?"

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"It means you like to get fucked, right?" he asked, and now his boner was clearly visible.

"That's right. I get fucked quite often." I replied, and now my boner was also visible.

"Is that why you expose your ass like that? Turn around, boy, and let me see it again."

A lot of older guys call me "boy" and I'm fine with it.

Luka was also next to us.
Luka was also next to us.

"You've got a hot ass, boy, but there's sand on it” he said, taking off his shirt to reveal an extra-hairy upper body and big dark nipples.

His build was a bit too stocky for my taste, but his hairy chest and what seemed like a huge cock head were making me very horny.

"Why don't you clean off the sand?" I suggested and bent over a bit.

He cleaned my ass cheeks with one hand while masturbating with the other. He still didn't take off his shorts.

When he'd finished cleaning my ass, he gave it a firm spanking and said: "Now my boy is clean and ready!"

I knew that he used the term "my boy" because he'd sensed that I was submissive...

...just as this guy had:

But I'm not particularly eager to become his "slave" or "wife".


I spread my ass cheeks, revealing my dark fuck hole, and said: "I think that there's still some sand left, so I'm not ready yet."

"You've got a fine pussy, boy!" he said and wet my crack and hole with saliva and cleaned it. My mind drifted to Dor, who had also applied saliva to my love hole only a few hours before albeit in a more loving fashion.

Then he gave both my ass cheeks two firm spankings.

I screamed with pleasure.

"You were right. Your pussy was sandy. Now turn around, take off your underwear and show me your cock!"

I turned around and said: "And what about you?"

"Don't you worry about my cock, boy. I'll show you my dick if I think you deserve it."

I hesitated but eventually stripped naked and waited for him to do the same.

I wanted to see his cock so badly!
I wanted to see his cock so badly!

"Wow, you've got a big cock. Do you want to see mine?" he asked and, without waiting for my response, took off his shorts but retained his underwear.

It was soaked with precum.

"Please, take your cock out!" I begged while masturbating.

"I'm not sure how much you want it!" he said.

"Trust me! You have no idea how badly I need your cock!!!" I yelled.

He exposed his huge, hairy testicles from the side like mine are in this photo.

My shorts are shorter than his underwear!
My shorts are shorter than his underwear!

"Lick my balls to prove it!" he ordered me.

I kneeled, put my head between his hairy legs, and began licking his balls. He forced my nose to his hard cock, and I smelled his precum and how manly he was.

The scent made me dizzy with desire.

While my face was still pressed against his underwear, he took his cock out. He didn't need to say a word, I opened my mouth immediately, and he fucked it for a while.

His cock wasn't big, but it was very thick, and the amount of hair around it was fantastic.

How hairy were his private parts?

Take this photo of my lower body as an example.

His hard cock was as big as my semi-hard cock is in this photo.
His hard cock was as big as my semi-hard cock is in this photo.

If you take all my body hair in the previous photo and multiply it by 10, it still wouldn't be as hairy as his cock and balls were.

I felt that some of his pubic hair was in my mouth, but I didn't care. I just wanted to suck him for a little longer and then let him breed me.

I'd figured he was thinking the same way because he pulled his cock out and told me to turn around.

I willingly offered him my love hole.

I love to be submissive in this posture.
I love to be submissive in this posture.

"Oh Fuck! That's the most beautiful boy-pussy that I've ever seen! Play with your hole, finger it!" he said while masturbating.

My hole gets loose very quickly, so in a matter of seconds, I demonstrated how I finger-fuck myself with three fingers.

"Fuck your pussy, boy! Yeah!" he said, and I suddenly realized that he was about to cum.

"Don't you want to fuck me? My pussy is loose and ready!" I told him.

"No! I only fuck women. However, I enjoy making a boy come for me right after I shoot my seed all over his pussy."

It wasn't what I was hoping for, but his huge cock head was very close to my anus, and I knew that soon his sperm would be all over it.

It was far more than I'd hoped for a few hours earlier!

The idea of feeling his hot cum all over my anus made me eager to shoot mine, and so I frantically finger-fucked myself while waiting for his seed.

Because I was still in doggie, I couldn't masturbate simultaneously.

"Oh my God! What a pussy! I'm going to come on my boy's pussy, Don't stop fucking yourself, Oh, Fuck!" he yelled, and I felt more than seven powerful hot shots of semen hitting my hole, balls, and ass cheeks.

I didn't stop finger-fucking myself while he was ejaculating, and so I pushed as much of his seed inside me as I could.

He spanked my right ass cheek and cleaned his cum-covered palm on my ass while saying, "Now you! Show me how you come!"

I wanted to stand up and show him how far I shoot my load, but he said: "No, I want you to ejaculate in this posture. I want to see your cunt twitching while you shoot."

I tasted his manly seed and began masturbating with it. The feeling was incredible, and I started screaming. I'd been waiting for this orgasm ever since I'd felt Dor's cock pressed against my thirsty fuck hole three hours earlier.

"You should have seen your hole when you had your orgasm," he told me when it was over. "It was vibrating and wiggling so beautifully. You have a legendary pussy."

"...which you didn't bother fucking," was my thought.

After he'd left, I ate his seed and mine and cleaned the rest of my body. However, there was an unmistakable stench of shit. It was weird because I've never had anal "accidents," and of course, I hadn't been even fucked.

"Where is this stench coming from?" I thought to myself.

I suddenly realized that we'd fucked in a deer’s pooping area.

Worse, some of it was attached to my feet!

Look at my left foot - yikes!!!

We were so horny before that we hadn't noticed it.
We were so horny before that we hadn't noticed it.

I tried to clean myself as much as I could, but I'd used most of my freshwater to clean my ass, balls, and hole.

I cleaned my feet with this tiny towel as much as possible, but I wasn't very successful.

Deer poop is another reason why I'd rather get fucked at the nudist beach!

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