Would you date a married guy? I wouldn't but I got fucked by one

My latest blog post discussed the concept of ownership and prostitution.

It was mainly about Dirk, an older guy who offered to control my ass in exchange for $400 until his seed was inside my body.

In other words, he wanted me to be a prostitute.

Being a slut isn't the same as being a whore!
Being a slut isn't the same as being a whore!

You can read more about it here:

Is owning an ass the same as owning a Victorian tea set?

Other guys have much more pleasing ways to display affection that doesn't involve offering payment.

This one for example:

Or this one:

"I am with you daily, reading your fabulous Blog. You are my Idol, my so cute and sexy, Theon. Your admirable smiling face and perfect slim muscled stature drive me crazy. My daily fantasies are the unique beauty of your ass and the sight of your brown so perfect Love Hole. Each time I jerk off, I'm unable to resist watching your so ideal body and while listening to your orgasms with Felix."

He was referring to the many voice-recorded orgasms that I've shared.

Such as this one:

It's true that owning something almost always involves an exchange of money. However, my latest 3-some at the nudist beach reminded me of a different kind of possession.

I didn't expect to get fucked that afternoon because beach season is nearly over. I most certainly didn't imagine that two guys would enjoy my fuck hole and oral skills.

One of them was Ezra, whose beautiful cock and amazing hairy body welcomed me on arriving at the beach.

I've known him for seven years but was first fucked by him only four years ago.

Ezra is in his mid-fifties, but I wouldn't give him a day over 40. I believe that his good looks are because he's been a vegetarian and vegan for over 20 years.

I've been vegan for nearly 9 years and it also works well for me.

Of course, I also work out to stay in shape.
Of course, I also work out to stay in shape.

What triggered that first fuck four years ago?

We were sitting next to each other, naked, smoking weed and chatting. I was single at that time, and suddenly felt foolish for not considering Ezra to be a potential boyfriend.

The reason for not considering Ezra as a date was that the nudist beach reminds me of a faraway kingdom.

What do I mean by that?

At the beach, everyone knows me as the slutty, friendly bottom with the black dog.

When I don't take Luka with me, even strangers ask me if she's OK!
When I don't take Luka with me, even strangers ask me if she's OK!

However, except for Dor (my best friend and former fuck buddy), I don't stay in touch with people from the beach. The main reason is that a lot of them are closeted and/or married.

Finding a future spouse at the nudist beach was something that I'd never thought of.

I go to be naked, produce Vitamin D, and enjoy outdoor sex.

I check my Vitamin D every year, and I have ample!
I check my Vitamin D every year, and I have ample!

That afternoon, four years ago, Ezra put his hands on my ass more often than usual.

It still felt more friendly than sexual. However, there was something in the way he was looking at my naked body that seemed different.

We were also sitting unusually close to each other.

His hairy legs rubbed against my smooth thighs, and I started feeling my cock getting hard and my hole loose.

I knew that if my cock got hard and Ezra put his hand on my sensitive ass one more time, I would never again find the courage to discuss dating him.

Instead, I would turn around and beg him to fuck me.

Ezra loves to fuck guys in this position.
Ezra loves to fuck guys in this position.

Therefore, I moved away from his sexy body and prayed that my cock wouldn't get hard before I could ask him for a date.

I put on my best smile and asked: "Are you seeing anyone? Do you have a boyfriend?"

My heart was racing since I'm not used to asking guys out.
My heart was racing since I'm not used to asking guys out.

Ezra turned towards me and lowered his legs.

His cock was hard and leaking.

The sight of his thick hard cock wasn't new to me, but I'd never seen it leaking precum because of me.

As regards my question, I wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad sign.

Ezra stopped playing with his cock, smiled and said: "Theon, are you asking me for a date? That's so sweet of you."

Then he resumed touching himself, casually, almost as if he'd known it would ultimately cloud my judgment. I felt as though he was torturing both my body and my mind at the same time.

I avoided looking at his cock and said: "Who was talking about a date? I only wanted to know more about you."

Ezra kept masturbating, squeezing his cock and licking his seed. I suddenly realized that he wasn't interested in dating me or that he was already in a relationship.

Either way, I felt an idiot for being so direct.

After what had seemed like an eternity but had probably lasted only a minute, Ezra answered: "I have a boyfriend. We've been together for three years."

I felt that I needed to get away from him for a second to wash away the feeling of rejection.

There was no reason for me to feel rejected. However, Ezra's answer killed my mood.

My mood and my cock were far from excited at that point.
My mood and my cock were far from excited at that point.

When I'd returned, Ezra continued talking about his boyfriend even though all I wanted was to pack my things and leave.

For three years he'd never mentioned him, yet, suddenly I couldn't stop him from blabbering about their relationship.

Ezra told me that his boyfriend is much younger than him and lives in Haifa. I knew that Ezra lived 50 miles away, so I asked him how often they saw each other.

"I spend 2-3 nights at his place every week," he answered.

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I couldn't figure out this arrangement, especially since I've seen Ezra on numerous occasions fucking guys at the beach. So, I asked him about that as well.

"We've discussed it before. I can't be committed to the same ass for the rest of my life, and my boyfriend accepts that. He also has sex with other guys."

It's so hard to find someone like Ezra who doesn't have an issue with having a boyfriend like me. By "like me," I mean a promiscuous bottom.

It only made my disappointment more intense.

"Yeah! I know what you mean," I told him. "I want my future boyfriend to think just like you."

My "future," (now present) boyfriend, is just like Ezra in this regard.

 Felix doesn't care that other guys fuck me.
Felix doesn't care that other guys fuck me.

Ezra continued: "What am I supposed to do when he's not around? He doesn't like going to the beach, and I always get horny here."

He lowered his legs again, showed me his hard cock, and asked: "See?"

"It's sweet that talking about your boyfriend makes you so horny," I said cynically.

Ezra moved closer to me and started caressing my ass. "Are you mad at me? Because if you are, that's silly. Don't you know that I'm horny because of you? I want you so much. I can't think of anything but fucking you."

And just as he was saying "fucking you," his fingers reached my love hole, my cock got hard, my anger vanished, and my brain died.

Moments later, Ezra was either kissing me or licking my hole. He was like a bomb that had waited three years to explode. And after it had, the blast sent his thick manhood deep into my tunnel of love.

I discovered that Ezra was a passionate lover, and he still is to this very day.

Ezra's cock is very thick, so I spread my legs to give it ample room in my tight ass.

Ezra washed my ass and hole before fucking me.
Ezra washed my ass and hole before fucking me.

Getting fucked like that is my least favorite position...

...especially since I was raped in this position by an older man (also in his mid-fifties) when I was 17.

Regardless of how I was sexually assaulted, this posture is risky for a bottom because it's too submissive.

Doggie might seem like the most submissive position.

Two doggies in one photo.
Two doggies in one photo.

However, when face-down, the top has total control over the bottom's body. I've had situations in the past when a top has insisted on fucking me in this position, and I've had to struggle to push him away.

Whereas in doggie I can stand up and tell him to get the fuck off.

However, Ezra has a way of making me very receptive and eager to serve him in that position.

What's his technique of making me submissive in this posture?

Does it have anything to do with my cock?

My primary sex organ is my ass, not my cock.
My primary sex organ is my ass, not my cock.


I don't like it when guys attempt to suck or play with my cock. It makes me anything but submissive and Ezra knew that because we'd discussed it before our first fuck.

Instead of reaching for my cock, Ezra continuously licked my right ear and kissed/licked my neck. That sensation combined with the feeling of his tremendous cock dominating my ass is incredible!

While Ezra was fucking me, licking my ear, and getting ready to ejaculate, something odd happened.

He started whispering into my ear: "You know you're so fuckable, right? I've wanted to fuck you ever since I saw your ass and dark man-cunt for the first time."

Hearing his lovely compliments wasn't odd.

Many guys tell me similar sentences every day via messages, chat, Skype, mail, etc.

When he was getting very close to shooting his seed, he whispered again right into my ear: "Your ass feels so much better than my wife's cunt. I can't continue much longer. Fuck, you truly have a man-pussy."

It wasn't unusual that he referred to my anus as a "cunt” or "pussy".

Many guys prefer to call my hole "man pussy” or "man cunt”
Many guys prefer to call my hole "man pussy” or "man cunt”

However, I was surprised that he was referring to his boyfriend as his "wife."

I know that some bottoms, like me, enjoy being feminine and submissive while serving a cock. But, I'll never think of myself as a "wife," especially after the sex is over!

I choose to be feminine sometimes but I'm still a man!

I have several lace thongs.
I have several lace thongs.

While Ezra was pounding my "pussy” I didn't ask him about his strange comment.

However, afterward, while I was cleaning his cock and he was washing my ass and anus, I asked him if his boyfriend felt comfortable that he referred to him as his "wife."

Ezra started to laugh and couldn't stop.

"What'd the matter?" I asked. It was the second time that afternoon Ezra had made me feel like an idiot.

"I wasn't comparing your anus to his when I said you have a cunt. I was comparing your hole to my wife's vagina. I'm married. It felt amazingly better fucking your smooth, tight hole than her loose, hairy vagina."

I know that tops prefer a smooth fuck hole, but to me a hairy anus is divine.

Isn't this an amazing sight?
Isn't this an amazing sight?

It was a shame that there was no one there to capture my shocked expression.

"Don't be so surprised," Ezra said. "You haven't given birth three times. It's no wonder your hole is so tight, and hers isn't."

I couldn't have cared less about how wide his wife's cunt was.

I was shocked because this was the first time I’d been fucked by a married guy who also has a boyfriend.

More about our recent 3-some soon.

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