We all want to look good, stay fit & keep our weight in check

What do you think about staying in shape?

Most likely, you don't try to or don't get the results that you are hoping for.

My sweaty body after completing my 7-miles run

I get many compliments from followers and people I fuck with (or more accurately: I get fucked by)

Here's one from a week ago:

"You are gorgeous as ever and showing me all of your wonderful sexy body to enjoy."

And this came just now (!). I've said it before; God is a follower of my blog. 

" First, I find your body, fore, and aft, quite enticing. You mentioned that you work out to keep yourself looking as good as you do and that you are older than I might suspect. Regardless, it is working. By the way, your ass is, again, for me, your finest asset. It stands to reason that it would be the main focus of my attention."

There is no reason why you shouldn't get such compliments if you put your mind and body towards achieving this goal. 

And more importantly: You will live longer, look younger, and feel fantastic!

Everyone, within limits, can have a toned body, no matter how old he is. It also doesn't matter if you’ve never worked out before. When you do start, you’ll see the change very quickly.

My preferred method for staying in shape is jogging. I do it three times a week, 7 miles each time for one hour.

I set my treadmill at level 7. It forces my ass to work extra hard because it's like running uphill. Forcing my ass to work hard makes it very attractive for hard cocks.

That's because it shapes my ass, and keeps it muscular, firm, and round.

A man's ass is like a woman's breast. 

The shape somewhat resembles it and it also tends to fall because of gravity over time. The process accelerates because, as we age, we begin to lose muscle mass.

The amount of muscle mass that you lose depends on how much you use that particular muscle. For example, if you only use your ass for sitting, drinking sperm, and removing waste, you will see it fall and lose shape like air coming out of a balloon. 

If you hate running then start climbing hills, or walk on the treadmill at level 12 or higher. 

That's as far as the main "secret" goes regarding my ass.

As for the other "secret" about my ass, well, you've already read enough times that my ass and my love hole are naturally smooth. There's no big secret there; it's genetics.

Regardless, I think that having a hairy ass is super sexy and manly. This ass belongs to one of the two guys that fucked me at the beach.

It was a glorious afternoon last summer

I wrote about it here:

I Fucked Aaron - Part I

In my view, all that ass hair is simply gorgeous. I have no problem licking a hairy ass hole. I licked this hairy hole with great delight. I'm happy to be so smooth because most guys love fucking a smooth hole. But, having a hairy ass would sure look terrific. 

As for my front side:

How do I grow and maintain such pecs and a relatively flat stomach?

And why do I want to have pecs at all?

From an early age, I've discovered that big pecs are like big boobs since men are attracted to both. Not only that, but even in a non-sexual environment (work, parties, and so on), when you have an impressive chest, it gives you more presence and influence.

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Having an impressive chest makes you look like an alpha male because it makes you appear more dominant and physically more influential.

It probably explains why many guys think I'm intimidating or mistake me for a top at the beach. 

I took part in many violent demonstrations between 2010-2018 (that's a topic for another blog post). Many of my friends got harassed, beaten, or punched.

Not even once was I hit or punched. 

I believe that being physically fit with a big chest had something to do with it. Think about a gorilla or a guy with a massive chest entering a bar. Both draw attention right away.

How do I maintain muscular & defined pecs? 

I do a lot of push-ups usually using these tools.

I work out for an hour (besides jogging) three times in my home gym. Part of my routine is doing 40 seconds of push-ups. The first five times, I take a two-minute rest in between sessions.

The sixth time, I do 30 seconds of slow, accurate moves, and then I go down and stay crunched for another 15 seconds. 

That's it. 

There is much more to talk about regarding these topics, but I'm thinking of doing a short video (of course I'll be naked while talking), to explain some more.

To conclude, I'm sorry to disappoint:

There are no secrets, no shortcuts, no 10-minute-a-day routines. If you want to stay in shape and healthy, you need to start working out. You also need to devote at least an hour a day to it.

An hour is the minimum maintenance that your body needs. There are also benefits to working out less. However, if you want to get maximum results with minimum effort, an hour is your sweet point.

And after an hour you will feel so good

What are the benefits of working out (besides a toned body)?

First of all, I feel healthy and very energetic all day long. I have to force myself sometimes to go to bed at night because I don't get tired that much. I fall asleep in seconds, and the only thing that wakes me up is my hard cock.

My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are like a guy in his 20s

My heart rate is 42 while resting. 

And lastly: My testosterone levels are as a guy in his 20s. 

Testosterone is a fountain of youth substance. It keeps your muscles toned, your mood up, your cock hard, and your sex drive high. You want your levels up, but not by taking pills or creams.

How do I know my testosterone level?

I tested it last year; I wanted to know if there is a biological explanation for why my ass craves cock and cum so badly. In other words, why I'm so damn horny all the time.

My morning/nightly boners are an example of that:

My cock wakes up like that a few times during the night

My hard cock half-wakes me up a few times at night.

I usually play with my hard cock in my sleep for a few minutes. Sometimes I also finger my hole and softly moan, before falling asleep again.

Sometimes I play with my cock and eat my cum.

And lastly, working out keeps my abdominal fat in check. 

When men get older, we tend to gain weight. These extra pounds are stored mostly as abdominal fat. 

Science had already proven that even ten extra pounds (compared to your weight when you were younger and in shape) are a risk factor for many deadly diseases. These extra pounds are not passive as far as your bodily functions go but very active and in harmful ways. 

I'm not saying that you should have a six-pack.

I've never had a six-pack, not even when I was serving in an elite army unit.

It's impossible to have a relatively flat stomach as you get older unless you work out. You need to do a lot of aerobics to get rid of your gut. Lifting weights is not going to help. The same is true about doing sit-ups.

Everything that I've written so far refers to most guys. 

You can always point out a lean guy who doesn't work out, eats a lot, yet still keeps his slim figure even when he's over 70. You can always find smokers who die at the age of 100+. 

But, for most of us, a quick look in the mirror or comparing our waist size to what it was when we were in our 20s is all that it takes to realize our shape and our health are deteriorating.

Don't forget to be naked when you look in the mirror...

If you have any questions about this topic, I'll be more than happy to answer. I want to point out that I've never studied to be a trainer, but I have a lot of information about this topic.

Most importantly: If you've never worked out before, don't start running 7 miles as I do. Instead, talk with your doctor, hire a trainer, or watch youtube videos on how to begin exercising.

Why are you still here? Do it now!

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