Is owning an ass the same as owning a Victorian tea set?

Lately, I've been thinking about the meaning of ownership.

Take, for example, this 19th-century Victorian tea cup.

It's part of a set.
It's part of a set.

There's nothing special about how I became its rightful owner:

  • I'm employed

  • I receive a salary

I bought it using my hard-earned cock

My morning wood
My morning wood

Of course, I meant that I bought it using my hard-earned money.

Because I own this tea set, I'm the one who can make decisions about it. Such as:

  • When to use it

  • Who can use it

  • For what purpose?

That's all very simple, but what about owning a person, or, to be more specific, owning my ass?

What am I talking about?

An older guy in his 60s, named Dirk, has desired my fuck hole for over ten years. He's got a terrific thick cock, and I find him attractive as well.

I've always been attracted to older men and specify it in my Grindr profile. Felix, my current boyfriend, is an exception, since almost all the guys I've dated or have been in a relationship with were older than me.

It's been like that since I was a young boy.

I first swallowed cum when I was 9, and the other boy was 15.

You can read more about it here:

I was only 9 when I started enjoying our neighbor's son's cock

The first guy who fucked me was older than me. I was 16, and he was 17.5. Nowadays, most guys that fuck me at the nudist beach are in their 50s or older (77 was the oldest).

Why am I more attracted to older men?

I find older guys to be more polite and willing to spend more time with my body, ass and mind before, after, and during love-making.

I receive countless offers from older men, and most are beautiful and sincere.

Like this one:

His 63-year-old cum pipe is incredible!
His 63-year-old cum pipe is incredible!

Not all offers from older guys are sexual.

While writing this blog post, a 64-year-old guy I've just started following on Instagram has sent me this message:

I asked him to elaborate:

I think his offer is charming and have already accepted it. Stay tuned!

However, the recent offer I received from Dirk wasn't so pleasant.

Ten years have passed since he first expressed his wish to shove his penis into my submissive ass.

His chest hair may have gone from black to white, but his determination to fuck me has only become more insistent.

I'm still not interested in Dirk's cock, and it has nothing to do with his white chest hair. I've no problem with that since I think a hairy chest is incredibly sexy, black or white!

I wish my pecs were as hairy as his chest!

Dirk's chest isn't muscular like mine.
Dirk's chest isn't muscular like mine.

Since I've always found his conduct to be rude, I wasn't surprised by his latest offer. His past behavior was also the reason why I'd never let him get near my sensitive cum-hole.

I've told him countless times that I'm not interested, but that hasn't stopped him from contacting me. Once he even went to the nudist beach because he wanted to see me naked.

He stared at me and masturbated.

I put on a jock and waited for him to leave.

He tried to make eye contact, but I avoided him.
He tried to make eye contact, but I avoided him.

The result of seeing me naked for real only made him more determined. There's no point blocking him on Grindr because he always opens a new profile and starts all over again.

Three days ago, he disturbed my quiet afternoon on my roof terrace.

It's still hot in Israel.
It's still hot in Israel.

That's what he wrote:

"I know you are not interested in me, but I can't stop thinking about you. You are so beautiful. I've never done it before, but I'm willing to pay you. I'll give you 130$ if you let me cum in your mouth and double that amount if you let me cum in your ass."

I have no problem with the idea of prostitution.

My workplace is paying for the right to use my body (obviously, they are more interested in my brain than my anus). I see no genuine difference between getting paid for my brain or my fuck hole.

In other words, my employer is willing to pay a lot of money to own my brain for a few hours. Dirk is willing to pay much more money to own my ass for a much shorter period of time.

However, I prefer to get paid for the former rather than the latter.

Since I wanted Dirk to be honest about what he was offering, for the first time in years, I wrote back to him: "So you want me to be a whore!"

His response was swift:

"You're only a whore if you're doing it for a living with many guys. Think of it as something really nice that you're willing to do for an admirer. You'll make me feel good and also get some money out of it."

I didn't respond because his definition of prostitution was ridiculous. He made it sound as if I was a health worker and not a guy willing to sell his ass.

In a further message to me, the price had risen from 130$ to 200$. In other words, he was willing to pay 400$ for the right to shoot his seed into my ass.

I still didn't answer him.

I was curious to find out just how much he was willing to spend on his silly obsession with my ass. I knew he was a wealthy guy.

Will the price go as high as 500$? 800$? Perhaps even 1000$???!!!

I don't think my ass is worth that much!
I don't think my ass is worth that much!

Finally, he wrote:

"I can tell that you are considering my offer. I think you would enjoy it too. I'd appreciate an honest answer."

I gave him the most honest answer I could think of:

I blocked him for the 1000th time.

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