A weird beach orgasm, a wild threesome, and the return of Felix!

On Saturday, Felix came back to Israel after spending three weeks with his family in the States.

How was our reunion?

Have we been fucking non-stop since his return?

Not really; I haven't even seen his beautiful cock yet.

I can't wait to ride his penis again and feel it loading my ass with sweet vegan seed.
I can't wait to ride his penis again and feel it loading my ass with sweet vegan seed.

Why have we stopped fucking?

Felix is heartbroken and misses his family. Yesterday, he broke into tears, and it took me 20 minutes to calm him down and put him to bed.

I'm sure that, were it not for our love, he would be heading back to the States.

I'm also heartbroken when I see him like that because I love him so much.

Felix and Luka during better times.
Felix and Luka during better times.

How was my experience while he was gone?

Generally speaking, it was great!

You have to understand that, because of Covid and frequent lockdowns, we've spent a lot of time together. Sometimes, entire weeks without the possibility of hiking or being apart from each other.

Felix's apartment is not as nice as mine, and he didn't want to be alone for extended periods during a lockdown.

Felix is by no means my first boyfriend, and I prefer being coupled to being alone, but I'm not used to having someone at my apartment for so many days.

I love him to death, but sometimes I just wanted to be alone!

I have no problem being alone and happy!
I have no problem being alone and happy!

I'm also used to being naked when indoors, but with Felix around, I kept my clothes on.

I know that the idea of me running around naked with my "cute little butt," as Felix calls it, sounds very exciting, but in reality, it isn't. I don't want Felix to get used to my ass or to seeing my sensitive, smooth hole every time I bend over.

In the same way, I don't want to see his incredible breeding tool all the time. I want to get excited when I see his cock!

I spent most of the last three weeks naked indoors, and it was awesome!

Taking a break while working naked in my home office.
Taking a break while working naked in my home office.

The other "problem" with Felix staying with me all the time was that I couldn't invite other guys over to fuck me in my apartment.

I had to turn down so many offers from sexy guys in their 20s who are still in the closet and live with their parents.

And lastly, I discovered that Felix is not as tidy as I am.

When Felix comes over, the table in this photo is full of random items belonging to him.
When Felix comes over, the table in this photo is full of random items belonging to him.

I like to keep my apartment very organized, but Felix keeps leaving things all over the place. A dirty sock here, and a used plate there, for example.

Sometimes, I felt like his maid!

The first weekend after he'd left, I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing my apartment.

What did I do after that?

I started feeling like a single guy again.

It was fun to relive my life before I'd fallen in love with my adorable boyfriend. Back then, I'd have, on average, three guys over every week. Of course, not all penises were new; some were regulars.

Was it hard for me to find guys this time?

Not really.

I only had to write in my profile or tag line: "My smooth hole is waiting for you in my rooftop jacuzzi." or something similar to get countless offers from guys wishing to breed me.

What about getting fucked at the nudist beach?

I was hoping that it would happen more often, but it didn't. I was there only three times, and on one occasion it got so cold that I had to leave before sunset.

That particular time I had an awkward encounter with a guy.

I was alone, except for the occasional horny guy who came over to look at my naked body. Most of these guys are bi-sexual or even married.

I wrote about one of them here:

His hot seed moistened my dry hole, then he ran away in fright.

I've had sex with countless married guys at the beach before, but none of them was to my taste that particular afternoon.

Since I'm a nudist, I don't care if they take a quick look at my naked body and keep walking. However, I'm not too fond of when they stand and stare at me.

That's precisely what one of them did. He stopped walking and looked at my body. I glanced and saw a mighty tower rising in his shorts while he was staring at me.

When his tower reached full size, he got naked, sat on a rock not too far away from me, and started masturbating. At the same time, he was trying to make eye contact with me.

When that happens, I always look the other way or up.

Making eye contact with a troll ensures that he won’t leave before emptying his balls.
Making eye contact with a troll ensures that he won’t leave before emptying his balls.

Most guys, on seeing that I'm not interested, leave...

... but he didn't.

Instead, he signaled me to get closer. I was trapped because I was sheltered behind these rocks and had nowhere to go. It was pretty windy out in the open.

Instead, I changed my position to conceal my cock and angrily stared at him.

He did have a beautiful big penis - and quite thick too!
He did have a beautiful big penis - and quite thick too!

I was hoping that looking at him angrily would drive him away.

However, he stood up and kept on stroking his hard cock. He had quite a nice-looking, thick tool, but the rest of his body was not to my taste.

When I realized he was about to shoot, my cock started to get hard, and I felt my anus getting loose. Shortly afterwards, he yelled, and beautiful white bursts of manly juice erupted from his cock.

It was a lovely sight that got my cock rock-hard.

Seeing cum shots or pre-cum always makes me very horny.
Seeing cum shots or pre-cum always makes me very horny.

Two days later, On the Friday, it was too cold to go to the beach.

Besides, it was the day before Felix's return, and I was planning on not ejaculating. I wanted my balls to be so full that I'd feel that I was about to explode just by seeing him.

To get rid of my desire to get fucked, I ran 7 miles on my treadmill.

I was exhausted when it was over.

When I finish running, I'm usually no longer horny.
When I finish running, I'm usually no longer horny.

After showering, I checked Grindr and realized that I might have to alter my plans to keep my seed in my balls.

A terrific, sexy couple contacted me.

They were returning home after hiking in the northern part of Israel. One of them was looking on Grindr and found me.

I'd hiked not too long ago at the very same trail.

I love hiking!
I love hiking!

After a short chat, I learned that they are both in their late 30s, toned-muscular, hairy, and passionate about sex. One was an exclusive top, and the other versatile.

That evening, they were looking for a bottom with a great-looking ass who loves passionate sex.

After I'd sent them this photo, they concluded that I'm that kind of bottom.

Hiking naked in the forest near my apartment
Hiking naked in the forest near my apartment

As for me, I adore joining a couple and hadn't done so in quite a while.

Why do I like it so much?

Do you remember Gidi? The soldier who's been fucking me since he was 16? When he joins Felix and me, we both fight over who gets his incredible cock.

I wrote about our how he and Felix had fucked me here:

My anus was cheerful after it had been fucked by two guys.

Similarly, when I join a couple, they both fight over the right to make love to my horny ass.

I feel like I'm a queen with two hot princes present to satisfy my endless hunger for cock and cum.

When Tzahi and Evyatar came over, we started kissing immediately. I was in the middle, kissing both, and occasionally we all kissed one another, playing with our tongues; it was incredibly hot.

What made me very horny wasn't only how hairy, beautiful and muscular they were but also the scent of their dried manly sweat. They'd washed in the cold mountain stream before returning to their car, but I could still smell it combined with the smell of the river.

That's the stream where they were.

As you can see, the water was cold!
As you can see, the water was cold!

We found ourselves in my bedroom very quickly.

They stripped me naked while still keeping their underwear on. Tzahi was wearing an Andrew Christian jock (makes sense because he said he was versatile and smoother), and Evyatar had tight blue boxer briefs.

Later I showed Tzahi that I have the same jock!

Tzahi's jock was identical to this one!
Tzahi's jock was identical to this one!

I kneeled and started licking their hairy balls and gently playing with their anus. Tzahi let me put pressure and play with his hairy hole, but Evyatar (the top) pushed my fingers away, which was understandable.

They kissed each other passionately while I was on my knees, taking care of their equipment.

I give amazing head!
I give amazing head!

I tried sucking them simultaneously, but it wasn't easy to shove two massive cock heads into my mouth.

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My cock is considered big, but compared to theirs, it was average.

My morning wood
My morning wood

Instead of sucking simultaneously, I played with one cock while sucking the other.

It was fun because they were both fighting to shove their thick penis into my mouth. The cock that wasn't enjoying my mouth slapped my face impatiently until I serviced it.

I knew that soon they would fight over my horny love hole.

On my way to get the lube from the shower, I stood here and teased them with my ass.

I didn't have to say anything, only to shake my ass.

They came over right away.
They came over right away.

Tzahi was massaging my balls while Evyatar was eating my love hole and licking my ass all over. I just stood there like a spoiled kid moaning and trembling from sheer pleasure.

Finally, Evyatar spanked my wet ass and said: "Theon, get the lube; I want to fuck you so bad!"

Tzahi corrected him: "We want to fuck you so bad!"

I sensed some power struggle over which cock would have the honor of enjoying my ass first.

That's always tricky when having sex with a couple or two random guys. I feel that, as a bottom, it is my duty to ensure there is no tension and that both cocks are satisfied.

Therefore I said: "Don't worry. You are both going to fuck me a lot because I find you so sexy. However, I prefer to start with Tzahi since his cock is not as thick as yours, Evyatar."

Tzahi's cock was as thick as mine (but longer), while Evyatar's was massive.

My cock is considered thick.
My cock is considered thick.

Tzahi laid on his back, and I slowly glided on his thick pole. It took my ass a minute to swallow his cock and another 30 seconds to get loose and ready to be fucked.

I moaned and smiled: "I'm ready guys."

"So lie on your stomach," Evyatar ordered.

I joyfully obeyed and waited for them to start pounding my hole.
I joyfully obeyed and waited for them to start pounding my hole.

They took turns fucking me in this position. Each cock went straight from my ass to my mouth and back. So my two holes were constantly serving them.

It was incredible!

After a while, we did a "sandwich": Evyatar was fucking Tzahi, who was fucking me while I was on my back, legs close to my head. The three of us were moaning and screaming.

Then, I positioned myself like that, and we did a doggie "sandwich."

Doggie is an incredible way to get fucked.
Doggie is an incredible way to get fucked.

"I need a break!" I told them after getting pounded repeatedly by their massive tools (in various fuck positions) for over 45 minutes.

Instead of agreeing, Evyatar brought his massive cock (that had just been inside Tzahi's hairy ass) to my mouth for sucking. While sucking it and playing with his hairy testicles, he announced: "Come on, Theon, you told us before we came over that you are a professional bottom. You don't need to rest. I suggest we try fucking you together!"

Double penetration.

Without a doubt, the Holy Grail of anal sex.

Double penetration, for me, is like that unusual dish you serve on a special occasion. Something that you eat once a year with people who are very close to you.

The last time my love hole entertained two cocks at the same time was 2.5 years ago. It was the night before my neurological damage.

You can read more about it here:

I got double penetrated and my brain blew up

I only do it with guys that I trust because, unlike in porn movies, two cocks don't fit easily. It takes some time for my love hole to adjust and get wider than usual.

And most importantly, I know how wide my love hole can stretch.

My ass is roomy, but my anus is quite small
My ass is roomy, but my anus is quite small

While I never faced a cock that I couldn't fit in my ass, taking two cocks is an entirely different challenge. There was no way I could fit in my small anus two massive cocks like theirs.

Therefore I said: "I am a very experienced bottom as I've told you, and I'm sure also as you have witnessed thus far. However, I won't be able to take both of you at the same time. Your penises are too thick!"

But they insisted on trying, and I am always willing to try new things.

How did we do it?

Evyatar (who had the thicker and bigger cock) laid on his back, and I quickly inserted his great penis in my submissive ass. Then I bent over and kissed him while Tzahi tried shoving his penis in from behind.

At first, he widened my anus with his fingers.

My open love hole right after being fucked in the shower.
My open love hole right after being fucked in the shower.

I was surprised that he could push three fingers in while Evyatar's cock was inside my ass.

"The weed must have relaxed my tunnel of love quite a bit," I thought.

But when he tried to shove his penis in, he failed.

As I said, I know my anus's limits, and I told him to stop trying since I didn't want to risk an injury.

At that point, we were all very close to shooting our loads.

We switched positions; I was again on my back by the edge of the bed, legs up on Tzahi, who was standing while Evyatar was behind him. In seconds, Tzahi started fucking me again, and I began to moan in anticipation. I knew that he would soon deliver his hot cum to my ass.

Evyatar was fucking him from behind at the same time.

It was unbelievably awesome!

They moved in harmony; Evyatar movements pushed Tzahi's red cock deeper and in more significant force into me. All three of us were sweating and moaning (I was also screaming).

"Fuck, Theon, I love you hole, it's incredible. I'm so close!" yelled Tzahi.

"So am I," said Evyatar, "Let's shoot together!"

But I had other plans:

"Guys, I have a request, I know it's awesome if we all shoot together, but I want both of you to shoot your load inside my ass."

"Honey, do you mind if I shoot inside Theon's ass?" asked Evyatar.

I found it very sweet that he'd asked his boyfriend's permission to give me his precious seed.

Tzahi looked at me, his cock still buried in my horny ass. He hesitated, and I played with his hairy balls to cloud his judgment.

"Oh, Theon, this feels so good!" he moaned, quickly losing his judgment. "Just this time!" he told Evyatar, "and only because Theon is such a great fuck!"

Later I found out that Tzahi is like me. He craves semen in his muscular, hairy ass. It was so lovely that he agreed to let Evyatar breed me instead.

"I'll stop fucking you then," said Evyatar, "because I'm so close."

Instead, he came over and shoved his massive red penis into my mouth while Tzahi kept pounding my thirsty hole.

They were kissing each other while fucking my two holes.

Very soon, Tzahi was fucking me with even greater force and incredible speed, and then he screamed like a wild animal while giving me his precious love juices.

Tzahi kept fucking me for a few more minutes as if not wanting to let go of my ass. Finally, he moaned, and I yelled on feeling his cock leaving my stimulated ass and dragging with it some of his seed.

He laid next to me, sweaty and breathing heavily.

"Theon, you truly are a professional bottom!"

I laughed, "Let's see what Evyatar thinks after he mixes his seed with yours!"

I wanted to relax for a few minutes before taking another load in me.

I felt that I needed to wait before taking an even bigger cock in me.
I felt that I needed to wait before taking an even bigger cock in me.

But Evyatar was eager to release the pressure from his balls. He quickly raised my legs on his shoulders and resumed fucking me.

"It feels so good; your ass is full of cum! Fuck!" Then he leaned forward, kissed me, and resumed pounding my ass.

I was hoping that Tzahi would take a shower and let me be alone with Evyatar. Because he was purely a top and more dominant, I was more attracted to him.

But he didn't.

Instead, Tzahi shoved his now soft cock, but still thick and leaking cum, into my mouth so I could suck it while his boyfriend was getting ready to shoot another load into my love hole.

Since Evyatar no longer had to share my ass with Tzahi, he could show me what a great lover he indeed was.

He fucked my ass forcefully and then gently. He either spanked my cheeks or caressed them. His love-making technique drove me insane with the desire to feel his cum shots blasting inside me.

After a while, Evyatar was moving very slowly in and out of my ass, and I knew he was really close. I only needed to touch his balls to press the "release" button.

Playing with a man's balls will make him shoot very quickly.

My balls are also like that.
My balls are also like that.

But I didn't play with his beautiful balls because I wanted him to fuck me forever.

"Theon, do you want my cum?" he asked.

Tzahi's cock was still in my mouth, so I nodded my head.

"Say it!"

I took Tzahi's cock out: "Yes, please, shoot in my ass."

Evyatar took his massive cock out of my ass: "Beg for it, or you won't get my cum."

I yelled: "Please load my ass with your semen; I'm begging you; I need it so bad, I want it so bad!!!"

Evyatar pushed his hard cock in and took it out again while spanking my anus with it. He did it a few times, and then I decided it was time to press the "release" button and reached for his loaded balls.

It worked immediately as it always does!

With a wild cry, Evyatar shoved his massive tool back into my horny ass, and I screamed because feeling his huge cock pressing my prostate with such force had triggered my "release" button.

I started screaming as I felt the cum moving up my cock.

Feeling the cum going up my cock is so intense.
Feeling the cum going up my cock is so intense.

It felt like forever before I began to shoot cum all over me without touching myself. The first shots were above my head, then on my face, and finally, with the help of my hand, so many more on my upper body.

Here's some of it

I had so much cum on my upper body and face.