Why did I lie to the guy who wanted me about being HIV+?

I'm not HIV positive.

Before I started taking Prep, I always practiced safe sex. Sure, there were times when cum leaked out of my open hole even before Prep. I'm not proud of that, but I'm also not ashamed.

I'm human, and sometimes I make mistakes. Getting my ass full of cum before Prep, was idiotic.

Before Prep, I would never ask a guy if he was positive prior to meeting him. Nor would I ask him that before he started taking control of my ass. I assumed that everyone was positive, and so I protected myself.

However, on Monday afternoon at the beach, I told a very sexy guy who was about to fuck me that I was positive.

Why did I do that?

Perhaps I should explain something before telling you about my latest sexual adventure at the nudist beach.

I'm a clean guy. There's nothing special about that.

I take a shower twice a day: in the morning before going to work, and in the evening after my workout. I also shower before a sex-date and usually after.

Also, as you already know, my love hole is super clean. I never have "accidents," and I never use an enema to clean my ass before getting fucked.

How's that possible?

You can read about that here:

Are you clean?

Why am I telling you that I'm clean?

A lot of bisexual guys check out my Grindr profile.

Many of them are in their 50s or older. Since I too am no longer in my 20s (or 30s!), that's understandable and even preferable. I prefer a mature cock making love to my ass than an amateur top who fills my ass with cum in 10 minutes and then leaves even before I've had a chance to cum and kiss him goodbye.

Why do bisexuals check my profile?

I guess it has to do with the fact my ass is less "manly" since it's so smooth. I don't recall a gay guy calling my love hole a “cunt”, but most bisexuals do.

I don't mind if a guy uses that word especially if it makes him feel more comfortable fucking me. If he adds some spankings on my wet ass cheeks, I couldn't care less.

Why do older bisexuals suddenly feel the need to breed a guy?

I suspect that bisexual guys in their 50s or older have probably figured out that, if they don't start fucking guys soon, it will be too late for them.

While all of the above is understandable, a particular disgusting element repeats in most of these profiles. I am referring to a line that refers to the bottom (that would be me) who will lend his ass to the bisexual.

"Be healthy and clean."

I know what this is all about, and it has nothing to do with COVID-19. It means don't be HIV-Positive and make sure you are fuckable.

Using such a phrase makes me so mad!

I can understand why a married bisexual guy is afraid of getting an STD and possibly infecting his wife. It has to do not only with the embarrassment and hurting her, but also his exposure as a bisexual or, at the very least, as someone who cheats on his wife.

Here's something that you should all be aware of:

Fucking or getting fucked is not a surgical procedure. No matter how careful you are and how protected you try to be (even with a condom and Prep), you can and most likely will eventually get an STD.

Think of the following scenario:

You touch a guy's anus or cock; then, you play with your own cock. Finally, you put on a condom and fuck him, or perhaps you are too nervous about that. So you both jack off and go home feeling safe.

Two weeks later, you notice warts on your cock or a yellowish discharge from your penis. Yes, that can happen just because you played with another cock for a short time and then with yours.

A lot of guys are asymptomatic. They might have an STD and pass it on to you, unbeknown that they are carriers.

As for asking me to be clean:

I'm an exception as far as "accidents." That's because I have been fucked so many times. I know when my ass is pristine, even without an enema. However, accidents can happen, and that's also part of gay sex. If you are not willing to take the risk, don't fuck guys, period!

That's my take on it, and the rest of the blog will focus on the huge Yemenite cock that was eager to fuck my love hole at the nudist beach and how it relates to the above topics.

On Monday at the beach, I was once again almost alone. It was still not warm enough and somewhat windy.

But I felt in heaven.

I was finally going to be naked and free.

Before descending to the beach, a guy started talking with me. "Hey, remember me?". From my expression, he could tell that I didn't.

"I'm "harvest my grapes' on Grindr. We chatted a few times".

I still didn't remember him, but I pretended that I did.

"Oh yeah, sure."

"So, planning to expose your beautiful body at the beach? Such a shame that we are both bottoms".

Now, I knew why I didn't remember him. A shame really because he was so sexy in real life.

Shortly after this short delay, I was naked, relaxing with Luka after a quick dip.

An hour later, A Yemenite Jew named Arik showed up, and I knew he was checking me out.

I knew he was a Yemenite, not because of his massive dark cock. His cock was still trapped in his shorts. I knew it from his complexion and because I'm very attracted to Yemenites and blacks in general.

I also knew that he was interested in my ass.

He passed me, carrying a beach bag and a cooler. He was not naked, but I could already tell that he was toned & muscular. I watched him walking southward, and I tried to imagine how it would feel to get fucked by him.

I was very horny that afternoon.

After 40 minutes, I watched him coming back. It was strange. Why would he walk so far south just to return? I knew that he most likely came back for my fuckable ass, but why did he bother walking a mile back and forth?

Arik placed his beach blanket not too far away from me. I stood up so he could better assess my horny ass. I was waiting for him to undress so I could check out his love tool.

He was reluctant to undress, I could tell.

"Ah," I thought to myself, "Either it's his first time at the nudist beach, or he's bisexual, or both"

It was both.

Arik tried to pretend that he was not checking my ass, but there were just the two of us at the beach. Arik kept looking southward, towards me, and not the other way. I could tell he was trying to find an excuse to invite me over.

Finally, he found one.

He waved two beer bottles at me, signaling to come over. I smiled and approached him. As I got closer, I could tell that his cock was getting bigger. I could also perceive that his device was massive.

I was naked, of course, but I didn't want to wait to see his breeding machine. I knew that it could be a long process to convince him to get naked without a good reason.

Luckily, I had the perfect reason for him to show me his amazing cock and terrific large hairy balls. He mentioned that he'd walked so far back and forth that he was now sweaty.

"Let's take a quick dip," I suggested. "I know the water is cold, but also very refreshing."

The last thing that I wanted to do was to take a dip. It was cold, and I was afraid that it would make Arik's cock shrink.

His cock did shrink when we got out of the water. But it was so massive even when soft that I wanted to drop down right away spread my legs and let his beer-bottle-shaped dark cock start fucking me immediately.

If my blog were all about sexual fantasies, I would probably continue this story like that. I would detail how Arik fucked me for an hour in the above position until he flooded my ass with his Yemenite white DNA.

Alas, my blog is about real events. Therefore, instead of spreading my legs and allowing Arik to use my ass as he pleased, we came back to his beach blanket and started talking.

It was just as I'd thought.

Arik was indeed bisexual, and it was his first time at the nudist beach. It was also the first time in his life that he was naked in public. The "public" in this case was just me since the beach was deserted. However, the "public" was very interested in Arik's terrific cut, dark, thick cock.