What's My Secret? - Prolog

"Wow, It's incredible that I'm talking with someone as godly and beautiful as you. I can't believe that I get to see you naked too."

Naming me "Godly" was cute but of course, I don't think that I look "Godly". However, no matter what word you choose to describe my body, you need to know that nothing in life comes for free.

I took this photo yesterday, right after I'd finished running 7 miles.

My balls are naturally smooth and purple is my favorite color

The guy calling me "Godly" was Yotam, a 28 years old med student. He said it after I'd taken off my clothes on cam (shortly after, so did he).

I don't think that he knew that the Greek meaning of my name is "Godly". He was too focused on my orgasmic facial expression when I inserted my thick curved anal vibrator into my love hole and pressed the "on" button.

I'll write more about Yotam below and what I think about me being "godly" (hint: I'm not).

First, I want to update you that the blog and myself have been featured in Undies101.

You can find the article here: Theon Nord on Undies 101

It's a beautiful site with lots of interesting recommendations for underwear. If you are an underwear fan, as I am (I only wear jocks), I suggest you give it more than a quick look.

Yesterday I went to the nudist beach, but this time I didn't enjoy myself that much. I was hoping to suck a thick cock and later to have my love hole licked and fucked. However, for the most part, I was alone. The few naked guys that checked my ass were not to my taste (more about that later).

It was also cold.

The beach was so dirty.

When I see the destruction and garbage that people leave behind, it puts some perspective on COVID-19.

COVID-19 had killed so far 300,000+ people. It's a terrible ongoing tragedy.

In comparison, we murder, intentionally, every day; 550,000,000 sentient beings to satisfy our lust for blood and corpses.

During the time it had taken you to read the previous sentence, 30,000 beautiful beings have suffered terrible pain and agony before being murdered.

In Israel alone, every day, psychopaths (a.k.a butchers) murder at least 1,500,000 beautiful, godly beings, and for what? To make piss and shit out of them.

Those were some of my thoughts at the beach yesterday.

I also took some shots. Here's one:

The effect of the sun rays on my head was not something that I'd intended. Perhaps it was an exceptionally good omen from the Gods.

I needed a good sign from them because I'm at a crossroads in my life again:

Israel is slowly returning to normality after 2+ months of lockdown. There are very few new COVID-19 cases. As of Sunday, I'm expected to go back to work at the office.

And I'm shattered.

I've been used to waking up slowly and taking my time in the morning. Before COVID-19, I used to wake up at 6 AM, rush to shower with no time to play with my morning wood, take Luka out for 10 minutes, and, by 6:30 AM, I was already driving to work.

While working from home, after waking up, I've had enough time to play with my hard cock, and later massage and finger my hole.

And even enough time to take a photo of it

My morning woodie

and also a short video

Why did I up wake up so early before?

To avoid traffic jams; I hate being stuck in traffic. It's such a waste of my precious time.

I was at my desk at 7 AM, and, by 4:30 PM, I was back on the road. It usually took me 45 minutes to be back home.

I've had some perks

Even before COVID-19, I worked from home on Mondays. Also, Monday and Wednesday, I finished work at 3 PM and went to the nudist beach or during the winter went nude-hiking in the forest. (Hiking Naked Gallery).

COVID-19 is great for working from home

Two days ago, I had a preliminary talk with my boss regarding going back to the office. We did it on Zoom so we could see each other. Of course, unlike my cam with Yotam, I was not showing him my naked body and my cock was soft:

"I've learned a lot from the lockdown experience. My work-life balance used to be a nightmare. I was waking up so early and being away from home for so many hours. Just think of all the time I wasted driving when I could have worked more efficiently from home.
Ideally, I would like to work five days from home, but I know it's unrealistic. Therefore I would like to work 3 days from home."

By the way, my boss is not only very handsome, but he is also a terrific guy.

I wrote about him here:

The Best Boss

My boss didn't say "no" immediately. He said he would need to think about it.

He would grant me my wish had it been up to him because he is very fond of me. But the CEO is the culprit since he believes that we should be at the office.

I love this job, but I want things to change.

Many people in Israel feel the same way.

Suddenly people look at their lives pre-COVID-19 and think:

  • Why did we live like that?

  • Why did we spend so many hours away from our kids and loved ones?

  • What are we trying to accomplish?

Work for me is meaningless; there are so many more important things in life.

Hugging my parents is one of them:

In my blog post, "Fact or Fiction," I wrote:

Why don't I share photos of my parents who live next door?
That's because this is a sex blog. I don't want to share photos of my elderly parents in a blog that discusses anal sex."

But I can feature them once, so you can see how great they are.

My parents live two buildings from mine.

Like me, they own the top two floors in the building, and both apartments face east. When I'm on my roof terrace, I can see them on theirs. I love them being so close to me, even if it means I can't get fucked on my terrace during the day.

I'm very open with my parents about my life, but even I have limits.

I'm used to seeing my parents a lot, but when COVID-19 started spreading in Israel, I could no longer hug my mom. The first time I went to see my parents, I stood outside and had tears in my eyes because I could no longer hug her.

My mom stood inside, and also cried.

It was so hard.

Last week, I was standing inside, and again with tears in my eyes.

But this time, it was because, after more than two months, I was finally able to hug my mom again.

"I knew you'd come right away. Oh, Theon, energy, energy, energy. I get so much of it when I hug you."

What I'm trying to say is:

Life is so short, and everything ends. My apartment is paid for, I spend very little money, and I enjoy things that cost very little: the nudist beach, hot shots of cum in my ass and a cold beer on my roof terrace.

All these fun activities cost nothing or close to nothing

I don't need to work so hard to enjoy life.

Speaking of "hot shots of cum" reminds me of how I started this blog post:

As I was saying, Yotam is a med student in his sixth year. We haven't fucked yet, we've only jerked on Skype.

Yotam gladly demonstrated to me how he shoots massive, mighty shots of white love from his impressively thick cock while looking at me enjoying my anal vibrator and moaning.

He shot it all over his upper hairy body. The streams of cum leaking down his hairy chest and wetting his big nipples were so beautiful to look at.

When I'd taken off my clothes, Yotam said: "I can't believe that I'm getting to see you naked."

His comment may surprise you since, if you have been following my blog, you have seen every inch of my naked body. I have nude photos in all possible situations:

  • wet

  • dry

  • indoors

  • outdoors

  • horny

  • relaxed

  • day

  • night

  • hard cock

  • soft cock

  • natural light

  • light from a flash

  • leaking cum

  • shooting cum

  • and so on...

However, If I'm looking for someone to fuck me, I don't send nude photos.

Why not?

Because there are so many guys that are only interested in seeing naked photos of other guys. I know that once they get to see my love hole, I will never hear from them again. And I'm sure it's not because they were disappointed that my anus is naturally smooth.

Disappointing? I don't think so

One of them contacted me this morning.

He sent me three expiring photos on Grindr (once you open it, you have 30 seconds to look at it before it's gone). He had a sexy hairy body and a terrific looking cock.

It was a total turn-off.


Because when a guy starts a conversation like that, I know that:

  1. Either he only wants to see my nude photos.

  2. He is going to be a lousy fuck.

Sure enough, his next message was:


"I have five extra sharp photos here showing my face and my body."


Yes, that was it. That was his response: "Hole"

Not: "Can I see your hole, please?" or something similar.

"Do you want us to meet?", I responded.


"So, why do you want to see my hole if you are not interested in fucking it?"

He blocked me in response. Finally, we'd agreed on something because I was just about to do the same.

Back to Yotam and his comment about me being "godly and beautiful."

A few years ago, Atraf, which is the Israeli version of Grindr, added a voting feature. When seeing a profile, you could tag it as "Hot."

They also added three categories:

  • Top 500

  • Top 100

  • Top 50

The banner in Atraf leading to the "hot" lists

When I first got to Top 500, I took a screenshot of it to share with my friends. I thought that was so weird.

Me? In the 500 top most beautiful men out of 300,000+ profiles?

In Atraf, one could go directly to a page featuring those 500/100/50 profiles. So, if you opened the page featuring the "Top 50" profiles, in theory, you were looking at the 50 most beautiful gay men in Israel. At least, according to the popular vote.

Shortly after, I was in the Top 100 category.

And a few weeks later that I reached Top 50.

I was dating a guy in his 20s back then. He used to brag that he gets to fuck one of the 50 most beautiful gay men in Israel.

I thought that was funny. Me? Top 50? I didn't even have a photo showing my ass. Like today, I only shared photos of me wearing underwear or speedos.

I was confident that I would lose my position as people kept voting.

But that didn't happen.

After two years of being as close to a gay celebrity as I'm probably ever going to be, I decided to close my profile and open a new one. When I opened a new one, I elected not to be part of this voting game.

Why did I do that? Sounds insane, doesn't it?

It was like giving away my crown and a chance to get fucked by the most beautiful guys in Israel (locals or visitors).

That was precisely the problem.

The exact opposite was true.

I tried to hook up with some of the men in the "500/100/50" group. They were so full of themselves. Their attitude was: "You should consider yourself lucky if you get fucked by me."

What about the other 300,000+ profiles (minus the 499 arrogant hot guys)?

When I was just another bottom, I got many offers from guys wanting to take control over my ass.

However, the higher I rose in the "top" game, the fewer offers I received. The reason was quite simple:

People don't like rejection, and my potential sex partner assumed, even before contacting me, that I would reject his offer to fuck me just because I'm one of the 50 "most beautiful" guys.

After opening a new profile and becoming just another bottom, I started getting offers again.

This was a few years ago.

Nowadays, there are enough younger guys wishing to kiss my lips, lick my hole and seed me, but many times I yearn for an older experienced guy to take control of my submissive ass.

I have my boyfriend, Felix. He is a terrific lover and willing to satisfy my thirsty ass any time that I want. But I like to have sex with other guys as well.

Preferably guys that are older than him.

Why is finding such a man a problem?

Here's another story for you. A 50-year-old top contacted me yesterday. He had no profile name, no photos, and nothing about him in his profile.

"It's amusing to read your demands."

"I'm glad that you are amused. How about meeting just one of my "demands". Can I please see photos of your face and shirtless body?"

There was no answer from him, and I didn't expect one.

What are my "demands"?

Here's what I've written in my profile:

"I don't care how old you are. My ass welcomes cocks of all ages between 20 and 120.
I also don't care how big your cock is, although riding a thick cock is something that gives me immense pleasure.
I'm looking for:
A top
Toned or muscular (in other words, someone that works out regularly)
Hairy or naturally smooth
Without facial hair.
Kissing and touching are important for me.
I value a person that can make small talk before he starts playing with my hole and have a lengthy discussion afterward.
Clear, recent photos of your face and body are a must (just like my photos here). Please, no 'dark/blurry' pictures or pictures from high school."

In other words, I prefer to make love to hairy athletic-looking guys. In reality, in my age group or older, finding someone like that is nearly impossible.

What seems to be the problem?

First, let me explain why these "demands" are so important to me, even for two hours of passionate sex.

"A Top" - I'm a bottom and enjoy serving a cock. I don't like it when guys play with my cock. My ass is my primary sex organ. Being in bed with another bottom is going to be a disaster. Been there, done that, too many times.

I love to feel big balls loaded with cum pressed against my thirsty ass

"Hairy or naturally smooth" - I prefer a natural look. A shaved cock is a total turn off for me.

"Without facial hair" - That's because I like a guy to eat my tasty hole. My hole is smooth and very sensitive. When a bearded guy attempts to rim my hole it hurts or irritates my gentle hairless skin.

"Kissing and touching" - There are many guys that are only interested in a hole to dump their seed inside.

One of them talked with me this morning:

"I will only fuck your ass if you agree to take my seed, and if you can handle my huge cock."

Needless to say, I blocked him. I love cum leaking out of my used hole but only after I've been kissed a lot beforehand.

"I value a person that can make small talk before he starts playing with my hole and have a lengthy discussion afterward."

That is not a demand; it hints that I value a guy's personality and mind and not just his cock. Sure, I agreed to meet him because I want to feel his cock shooting cum inside my ass. He agreed to meet me because he wants to use my ass to satisfy his desire to empty his balls.

There is nothing wrong with that.

But we are also human beings, and being able to talk while enjoying each other elevates the sex from a purely mechanical act to something so much more meaningful. Plus, I don't like a complete idiot to fuck me.

"Clear, recent photos" - That is one of the significant obstacles, and it is related to the next "demand."

"Toned or muscular (in other words, someone that works out regularly)" - This is the one that makes it nearly impossible for me to meet people in my age group or older.

Most guys don't work out (and/or eat garbage) and therefore they don't feel comfortable sending photos showing their upper body.

I don't expect to get these kinds of photos, "shirtless + face" is more than enough

Here is a screenshot of the people who contacted me today during the last 4.5 hours. I've removed their profile name, of course.

None of them had a public photo which almost always means they have no "shirtless + face" photos to share.

I want to stop at this point and write something that should have been obvious from the start, but it is also worth mentioning:

I don't judge anyone by his looks.

At the nudist beach and elsewhere, I welcome everyone with an open smile. Sometimes also with an open ass, but most times with a smile and a hug. The above discussion about looks is only in relation to sex and nothing else!

Back to the photos:

I get so many razor-sharp, close-up photos of cocks from guys of all ages wishing to insert them into my ass. Four guys from the above list have sent me beautiful cock shots.

What kind of cock shots do I receive?

  • Thick cocks,

  • Long cocks,

  • Extra-long cocks