What's My Secret? - Prolog

"Wow, It's incredible that I'm talking with someone as godly and beautiful as you. I can't believe that I get to see you naked too."

Naming me "Godly" was cute but of course, I don't think that I look "Godly". However, no matter what word you choose to describe my body, you need to know that nothing in life comes for free.

I took this photo yesterday, right after I'd finished running 7 miles.

My balls are naturally smooth and purple is my favorite color

The guy calling me "Godly" was Yotam, a 28 years old med student. He said it after I'd taken off my clothes on cam (shortly after, so did he).

I don't think that he knew that the Greek meaning of my name is "Godly". He was too focused on my orgasmic facial expression when I inserted my thick curved anal vibrator into my love hole and pressed the "on" button.

I'll write more about Yotam below and what I think about me being "godly" (hint: I'm not).

First, I want to update you that the blog and myself have been featured in Undies101.