What a bitch!






Single woman

Straight Couples 

An hour before sunset, they start arriving. 

What is it with nudity that attracts people so much?

I know I am good looking, but I am not “THAT” good looking for people to come over to check me out.

This season it is becoming annoying.

Maybe I am paranoid about this?

Not really.

People will either get to me, and about 10 feet away will stand, pretend to catch their breath and turn around.

Or they will pass me by 10 feet and do the same.

Yesterday and on Monday it was just ridiculous. 

On Monday an endless parade of women prevented me from comfortably getting fucked by the hot stud I was with. I wrote about him here:


He had a huge cock. 

What I need to allow a huge cock to fuck me pleasantly are two things:


Being relaxed.

We were short on time, but I could do it.