What a bitch!






Single woman

Straight Couples 

An hour before sunset, they start arriving. 

What is it with nudity that attracts people so much?

I know I am good looking, but I am not “THAT” good looking for people to come over to check me out.

This season it is becoming annoying.

Maybe I am paranoid about this?

Not really.

People will either get to me, and about 10 feet away will stand, pretend to catch their breath and turn around.

Or they will pass me by 10 feet and do the same.

Yesterday and on Monday it was just ridiculous. 

On Monday an endless parade of women prevented me from comfortably getting fucked by the hot stud I was with. I wrote about him here:


He had a huge cock. 

What I need to allow a huge cock to fuck me pleasantly are two things:


Being relaxed.

We were short on time, but I could do it. 

But as far as being relaxed? 


Each time I started opening my love hole and sliding on his massive cock, another woman or women showed up walking. It got me tense right away, resulting in my ass muscles tightening up.

I got his massive cock head inside of me, but each time I was ready to keep sliding, I pulled him out and took a break until they passed us.

The problem is that whoever passed us “walking” south after 10 minutes or so came back. In the end, I kept him inside my ass while they crossed us because I got mad about the whole situation.

I thought to myself: “If they want to see my hole taking a huge cock, they can enjoy it.”

I was mad, and that made me not relaxed as well. So, even though I kept his cock in my ass, I could not keep sliding. 

As I wrote before, his cock was oozing so much precum, that I probably collected a lot of his love juice inside my ass each time I tried even before we shot out loads.

So, he did not fuck me or shoot in my ass.

This is how we shot out loads:

He was laying on his back, my hole was directly above his mouth, and my cock was facing his legs. He kept licking my open hole and my balls and fingering me.

He did that before, during, and after I shot my cum.

When I shot my load, my first shot hit his knee, and the last shots were on his neck.

In between, I sprayed his legs, balls, massive cock, abdomen, and nipples. 

When he felt my cum falling on his body like rain, he responded by shooting his cum as well. 

We both screamed at the same time. 

His orgasm lasted forever. In the end, there was a massive pool of cum on his abdomen. 

That was his cum. 

This guy was amazing. I don’t remember seeing so much cum like that.

We were so focused on pleasuring each other and reaching our orgasm that we did not notice a woman was watching us the entire time.

We both wanted to clean ourselves, especially him. He was a mess with so much cum (mine too).

But she just kept standing there, staring. He did not want to walk naked like that, covered with cum and his huge cock dangling. 

What did we do?

I laid down on his muscular body, kissing him, feeling his hot cum, gluing our bodies together. 

And I gave that whore (sorry, I was so mad at her), my dirtiest look ever.

Then she finally left, and we both went to the ocean to clean up.

I guess nudity makes people curious and two guys fucking on the beach is a hot scene to watch.

But, there are some virtues one must consider. The main one is being respectful of others and not invade their privacy unless asked to.

Here they come: The paraglider - sigh

Hopefully, today at the beach, I can have this kind of privacy that will allow me to get fucked there comfortably.

Because that has not happened yet this week


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