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Welcome, sexy, naked Peter, who has just celebrated his birthday!

Click to enjoy this post with stimulating photos of my thick cock, fuckable hole, and videos:

My most recent blog post was about "Carpe Diem."

You can find it here: Carpe Diem! That's how you should live your life!

My friend, Peter, has followed my blog almost from the start.

Last week, sweet Peter celebrated his 56th birthday.

Here's another photo of him:

Here's how he responded to that blog post:

Peter wrote that he couldn't live like me.

Even so, I'm delighted he's learned to get fucked and bred. He says that it's thanks to me.

I beg to differ.

I think it's thanks to him, and I salute Peter for being open-minded about serving other men with his sexy ass.

I believe it's important for tops to try to get fucked occasionally.

Lately, I've decided that the opposite is also true!

Even an exclusive bottom like myself fucked two guys at the beach recently. One of them said that he rarely gets fucked.

I wasn't surprised because my thick cock often turns tops into bottoms.

Before breeding the other one, I asked him what made him believe I was a top.

"Your cock is perfect, but that wasn't the reason. You have a bold face, an ideal toned body, and appear confident and manly. When I saw you naked, I immediately wanted you to breed me."

Do you also see those features in this video?

My smooth hole sometimes has the opposite effect on bottoms.

They sometimes can't resist fucking me when they see me wearing a thong.

For example, this thong lured a bottom to cum on my hole this week:

Here are more photos of sexy Peter:

"Carpe Diem" is also about dealing with unplanned, upsetting events.

For example, last weekend, I planned to go to a nightclub with a good friend.

The nightclub is in Tel Aviv, and since there's no public transport in Israel during the Sabbath, he said he would pick me up.

Ethan, my new fuck buddy, was supposed to meet me at the club.

An hour before my friend was scheduled to pick me up, I texted Ethan:

"My hole can't wait to serve your thick, hairy cock."

To demonstrate my intentions, I sent him a photo of my fuck hole.

"Fuck! I'm going to lick your delicious hole in the toilet again."

"I might open the door so anyone can see me breeding you," he added.

Ethan loves when others watch while he's fucking and breeding a submissive ass such as mine.

I'm the exact opposite.

I'm turned on when others watch me masturbate or ejaculate (at the beach or on cam). I also have no problem sharing such videos.

For example, this one:

However, when my body serves a thick cock, it's different.

I can't stand it when others watch or hear me moan and scream.

That's why at the beach, I always look for a secluded spot:

However, an hour before sunset, the beach changes.

That's when horny men (and women) from the nearby town come over. The men usually seek a tight hole (or mouth) while the women do window shopping.

I don't mind the women staring at my thick cock and orange-colored pubic hair:

But I want men who check out the beach from afar to know that a horny, smooth ass awaits them.

That's why I emerge from my hidden spot and do cock-shopping:

I didn't want to ruin Ethan's fantasy about showing others how he was breeding me.

Therefore, I said nothing about it.

"What jock will you be wearing to the club?" Ethan asked.

"You already know what to expect from my ass. I want to surprise you with the jock, at least," I told him.

"Do you mind wearing one with a black band," he requested. "It's so hot to see your white ass wrapped by black."

Here's the one I picked for him:

"What time will you be there," I inquired.

"Probably around 3 AM," he answered. "I'm going first to another party."

"Don't waste your sperm on other bottoms," I begged him. "I want every drop of your precious seed!"

"Honey, I'll save it just for you!" Ethan promised.

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I arranged the weed and alcohol for my friend and me and earplugs for protection from the blasting music. I made sure I had enough money for the taxi ride back home.

That's because my friend usually stays till 4 AM and I prefer to stay until the party ends, around 7 AM.

I have no problem staying up all night.

I'm most active at night.

Fifteen minutes before my friend was supposed to pick me up, he called:

"Theon, please don't hate me, but I'm afraid I can't go."

I could never hate him or anyone for that matter!

"What's wrong?"

"I over-exercised yesterday, and my back really hurts. I can barely walk. If I drink or smoke some of your weed, it might help, but I don't want to risk it."

I could have taken a taxi to Tel Aviv.

However, I've been going to dance parties almost every weekend and spending too much money on taxis.

I immediately informed Ethan.

"Fuck! It's been too long. I was really looking forward to