Weirdos, Inc.

"You left him and his hard cock? just like that?"

We both laughed hysterically.

"If you, Mr. cock lover, gave up on a hard cock, twice, then the situation was indeed dire."

Me and one of my sweet vegan fag hags were at my favorite bar. We were eating fries and hummus. In between the chips, we got stoned and were laughing.

"You are so beautiful," I told her, "I love you."

"Should my boyfriend start getting worried?"

"I love you, but I want him to fuck me, see the difference?"

"I'll cut your balls if you touch him."

It was a sweet night.

The day was not so sweet.

I was at the beach by 4 PM, naked and happy; There was almost no one.

Indeed the season is over.

It's strange to be in such a beautiful place almost alone

But while there was no one worth hosting his cock in my ass, there were plenty of weird guys.

I don't know if there are more weirdos during this time of the year, or because all the fuckable guys are gone, the weirdos are more apparent.

One of them approached me yesterday with his massive cock. He was in his 40's, lean guy, hairy with a lush, beautiful pubic hair and a thick fantastic cock.

"Do you know if there are naked women further north?"

"I would not know, I am not only gay but a total bottom, fucking is not my thing."

He kept standing next to me; I was lying naked on the sand.

"You can sit down," I told him. Although, I enjoyed looking at his massive hanging balls.

Beautiful and lickable, I thought to myself.

He sat, and we started talking.

He was married but said that he is about to divorce. He and his wife did not have sex for a couple of years.

"I'm totally into women, but sometimes it's fun to masturbate with a guy."

I have heard this sentence so many times before that I did not care.

Yes, I thought to myself, you are so into women, but soon your thick cock will be deep in my ass, and eventually, your hot cum will ooze out of my hole.

With that thought in mind, I got hard and started to leak cum.

He got hard, as well. His cock was indeed a masterpiece and crowned with a stunning bush. I felt that I am ready for him to make love to my ass right away.

His cock head was a big beautiful dark mushroom. The color was beautiful, a combination of red and purple.

Damn, it would be amazing to feel it stretching my love hole and then pushing its way through inside until my love tunnel is full and happy.

"Beautiful precum," he told me.

"That's because I am thinking of your beautiful cock, fucking me."

"Oh, I don't fuck guys, I told you, I just masturbate with guys."

When he said that, I started to lose my erection. He stayed hard and started talking about his cock.