Weirdos, Inc.

"You left him and his hard cock? just like that?"

We both laughed hysterically.

"If you, Mr. cock lover, gave up on a hard cock, twice, then the situation was indeed dire."

Me and one of my sweet vegan fag hags were at my favorite bar. We were eating fries and hummus. In between the chips, we got stoned and were laughing.

"You are so beautiful," I told her, "I love you."

"Should my boyfriend start getting worried?"

"I love you, but I want him to fuck me, see the difference?"

"I'll cut your balls if you touch him."

It was a sweet night.

The day was not so sweet.

I was at the beach by 4 PM, naked and happy; There was almost no one.

Indeed the season is over.

It's strange to be in such a beautiful place almost alone

But while there was no one worth hosting his cock in my ass, there were plenty of weird guys.

I don't know if there are more weirdos during this time of the year, or because all the fuckable guys are gone, the weirdos are more apparent.

One of them approached me yesterday with his massive cock. He was in his 40's, lean guy, hairy with a lush, beautiful pubic hair and a thick fantastic cock.

"Do you know if there are naked women further north?"

"I would not know, I am not only gay but a total bottom, fucking is not my thing."

He kept standing next to me; I was lying naked on the sand.

"You can sit down," I told him. Although, I enjoyed looking at his massive hanging balls.

Beautiful and lickable, I thought to myself.

He sat, and we started talking.

He was married but said that he is about to divorce. He and his wife did not have sex for a couple of years.

"I'm totally into women, but sometimes it's fun to masturbate with a guy."

I have heard this sentence so many times before that I did not care.

Yes, I thought to myself, you are so into women, but soon your thick cock will be deep in my ass, and eventually, your hot cum will ooze out of my hole.

With that thought in mind, I got hard and started to leak cum.

He got hard, as well. His cock was indeed a masterpiece and crowned with a stunning bush. I felt that I am ready for him to make love to my ass right away.

His cock head was a big beautiful dark mushroom. The color was beautiful, a combination of red and purple.

Damn, it would be amazing to feel it stretching my love hole and then pushing its way through inside until my love tunnel is full and happy.

"Beautiful precum," he told me.

"That's because I am thinking of your beautiful cock, fucking me."

"Oh, I don't fuck guys, I told you, I just masturbate with guys."

When he said that, I started to lose my erection. He stayed hard and started talking about his cock.

"See how big my cock is? When my cock feels the wind, it gets hard. Is it not amazing to have your cock out like that?"

"Yes," I told him, he was boring me.

He kept talking about his cock.

"Look at my balls, don't you think they are so nice? Women love my balls."

What are we now? I thought to myself, 14? 13? Are we going to compare sizes soon?

"Your cock is getting soft," he told me.

"My cock is getting tired of all the talking and because it believes you are more interested in women than it. If you want my cock to get hard, you should show some real interest in it. Touching my cock is a good idea."

He started to massage my balls. I got hard right away and again began to leak cum and moan.

When he touched my balls I got hard right away

Finally, there was some progress.

"See?" I told him.

"What do you feel when I touch your balls?"

Are we going to fuck, or is this going to be an interview? I thought to myself.

"I am leaking cum and moaning, that's your answer."

"Check out my cock; it's big and hard."

I knew that he would not fuck my ass, but I could think of many other things to do with his fantastic breeding device that will shut his mouth.

I started playing with his massive cock.

"Oh, it's feels so good. You have an amazing touch. How does it feel to touch my big cock?"

I was getting bored again and stopped touching his cock.

"Let's go swimming," I told him.

When we got to the water, he kept talking about his cock.

"See the waves? Observe how they make my cock hard again."

I knew how I could shut his endless ranting about his cock. I went down on my knees in the water.

"It's an amazing cock, I would love to serve your cock by letting you fuck my mouth," and I brought my lips closer to his massive cock.

He stepped back.

"There are so many germs in your mouth; I don't want to get a disease."

I stood up and got out of the water; he followed me. I went back to my beach towel, and he once again was lying naked next to me.

I was not hard, nor was I planning to. I was done with this guy and his endless blabbering about his cock.

"You are soft again. Why? Do you want to touch my cock? It felt so amazing before."

I should have told him:

My cock is soft because you don't kiss, you did not touch any part of my body except my cock, you will not fuck me or do anything with my ass, you even don't want me to give you a blow job.

Instead, I said:

"I thought about what you said about the germs in my mouth. There are also lots of germs on cocks. I could potentially get from your cock warts, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and other types of germs. I'd rather not."

Now his cock has gone soft, and soon after he left.

What an idiot.

After 30 minutes arrived a cute young guy, he was 32 years old. He was hairy, with a beautiful cock and a lovely face. His bubble ass was hairy as well. He had an average body, but he was adorable.

He sat not too far, overlooking me. I could not see him because he was behind me. In other words, he sat in a place where he was observing me.

I could tell he was looking at my naked body.

After a while, he went swimming, and soon after I joined him

"Of course, I sat there so I can look at you. You are beautiful."

I got closer to him. He had terrific eyes; I have not seen such beautiful eyes in a long time. The color was a combination of blue and green, and they were crisp, like a cat's.  

He also looked very familiar, but I could not remember him making love to my ass.

"Why don't you come to sit next to me, you can observe my naked body from no distance."

We were both standing. He had such a beautiful dark cock and all the wet hair around it, fucking sexy. His big beautiful nipples were hard. We were both also starting to get hard.

I got closer to him; I wanted to kiss him and play with his balls.

He was moving away from me.

"Oh, I did not mean I wanted to do something; I was just looking."

Another weirdo, I thought to myself. I left him in the water and returned to my towel.

I'd be damned if I look at him, I thought to myself, this is fucking ridiculous.

After 10 minutes, he came over and sat next to me.

"I'm John" "Theon"

"I know you!

Are you the one with the black dog, right? We talked last year, beautiful name and quiet rare. That's what made me remember you. Oh boy, now there is no chance that we will do anything."

"Why," I asked him. Not that I cared. This guy was weird.

"Because I don't have sex with people I find interesting. You are far more interesting to hang out with than to fuck. Even though your ass is undoubtedly fuckable, that's why we did not fuck last year."

And we probably not fuck this year as well, I thought to myself.

I knew that if I put a lot of effort into him, then maybe, the result will be different this year. I was not going to, though. I remembered him now. I wasted two hours last year on him and his beautiful cock until I gave up.

I had no intention of getting horny all over again because of him simply to find out in the end that he will not cream my ass.

Still, he was hot, especially now that I saw him getting half hard when he came over next to me.

Very soon after, not too far away from us, two sexy guys started to make out. They were both standing and playing with each other. Occasionally one would blow the other. It was so hot to watch.

"Look at them," he interrupted, "so gross, cheap, disgusting."

"Why? It's beautiful. Two naked guys, having mutual fun in such a gorgeous place. Why is it disgusting?"

"Because they just want to come. When it's over, they will not be together. If one guy shoots before the other, then he had his fun, he will leave the other. He does not genuinely care about the other one; he only wants to pleasure himself. "

I was starting to get very impatient with this idiot. Suddenly I just wanted him to leave.

I'd give him one last chance, I thought to myself.

I rolled on my stomach so he can play with my horny ass if he wanted to. He did say that he was a top and that my ass is "undoubtedly fuckable."

"Theon, you have such a beautiful smooth ass."

"Thank you, and as you have said, it's very fuckable."

I spread my legs a bit; every top would have known what to do now.

He did not.

He did nothing.

The two guys shot their cum on each other. I could hear their cries when they had their orgasm. It was so beautiful to watch and listen.

One of them left, the other guy took some more time to grab his things.

"Oh, poor guy, now he is all alone again. See? I told you it would be like that"

My impatience was turning into sheer anger.

I was still on my stomach.

"You know," he said, "I can tell there is a lot of sexual tension between us. When I am this horny, I tend to cum very quickly."

Fantastic, I thought to myself, another premature ejaculator. He is not only a total weirdo but a terrible lover. It's good to know in advance.

"There is no sexual tension between us at all," I told him.

He had a shocked expression. That was the last thing he expected me to say.

My love hole needed a cock yesterday, badly

"But you invited me over."

"Yes, but you said that it is much more interesting to talk to me than to fuck me.

After you said that, I lost interest.

I also enjoy just talking with you. You are interesting to talk with. It is far more enjoyable than to fuck."

His expression was of someone who realized he has stepped into quicksand.

"Well, now, I changed my mind."

His cock was instantly hard when he said that. Damn, that was such a beautiful big dark cock. Looking at his cock from my angle made me desperately want to lick it.

But, I knew that sex with him would be a total disaster. It was also highly unlikely that we even get to the part where his manly beauty enters my ass.

So instead I said:

"I also thought about what you said.

You were right.

Fucking like this is indeed cheap and disgusting.

We will fuck, and after you come, which most likely will happen before I do, because you shoot very fast as you said so yourself, you will no longer care about me and about my balls that are still full. You will leave me.

So, I'd rather not fuck with you."

I stood up

"I think I will move between the rocks further south. I am getting cold."

I left him and his hard dark cock alone.

He kept sitting for ten more minutes, probably in shock. Then he picked his things and left. When he passed by me, he ignored me.

It is very unusual for me to turn my back and walk away from a big hard cock.

But sometimes even a devoted cock loving bottom like me, knows when it's time to walk away.