His hot seed moistened my dry hole, then he ran away in fright.

What is my opinion of uncut cocks?

Before continuing the story of how I enjoyed the seed of two older men at the nudist beach, I would like to address this issue that I'm often asked about.

Here's an example of such a question:

"Hello, I am grateful to follow your posts. I love looking at your body, but I am more interested in your mind and how you see the world:
The Belgian guy in your post is uncut. I wonder, as a Jewish person, how do you feel about circumcision. Does an uncut penis turn you on, or are you only interested in the size and the color of the penis?"

He was referring to a photo I'd posted recently:

My ass vibrates on remembering how good it'd felt to get fucked by this huge penis.
My ass vibrates on remembering how good it'd felt to get fucked by this huge penis.

My answer is quite simple: I adore uncut penises.

I find them more natural-looking and beautiful.

The foreskin makes it so much easier and exciting to play with. It also feels better in my ass. It could be because an uncut cock is usually moist or just because of the notion of being fucked by a cock that's uncommon in Israel.

As for the size:

I prefer the guy fucking me to have a cock bigger than mine.

In Israel, my cock is above average in size (in northern Europe, it's probably below)
In Israel, my cock is above average in size (in northern Europe, it's probably below)

For me, being a bottom is all about being submissive. If the cock fucking me is smaller than mine, it makes me the dominant person in the room.

As for its color:

I prefer a darker cock because it looks so good against my white ass.

And now back to the two older men, John and Bob:

My previous blog post was about going back to the nudist beach after four cold months. I met Brian there, who is one of my favorite beach fuck buddies.

Here's the first part of this story:

Brian didn't want my hole so I gave it to two older guys

During the rest of my afternoon at the beach, I was mostly alone.

However, 45 minutes before sunset, things started heating up.

How hot did it get?

15 minutes after sunset, I cleaned my ass and cock from the remains of juicy seed. Once again, the semen was all over my ass, but, regrettably, not inside.

Why did neither John nor Bob fuck me and load my ass with their manly cream?

Was it because I was reluctant to offer them my hole, or perhaps they weren't interested in anal sex?

Wrong on both accounts.

I was more than willing to let them know how it feels to fuck an experienced bottom like me, and both had expressed their desire to do so.

It was fear that prevented them from fucking me.

The first breeder, John, walked towards me while playing with his average-sized cock. There was no question that he was coming over to take care of my ass.

I was sitting with Luka, naked, on the sand.

It was quite chilly, but I enjoyed the tingling of the sand around my hole and sitting next to sweet Luka.

I felt alive and happy.

As I watched John's average penis transform to an impressive hard tool, I couldn't help thinking how penises are such unusual organs.

When you look at two same-sized flaccid cocks you can't estimate their growth potential. I've witnessed large flaccid cocks grow only a bit when hard. On the other hand, some small cocks will double or even triple in size and girth when enlarged.

I'm like that; my cock grows considerably when I get hard.

John's cock was also of the growing type.

He was standing 100 feet from me, playing with his awesome hard cock while looking at me.

Luka and I went behind some rocks that sheltered me from the wind and bystanders. When I get fucked I'm pretty loud, but these rocks would have prevented anyone from seeing us.

I turned around and looked in the other direction.

With my back facing John, I played with my hole to tempt him to come over and take care of my ass.

Since he didn't, I turned to see what was keeping him from coming over. John kept masturbating and signaling me to go closer.

After a while, I became impatient and walked towards him. My cock was hard and my hole loose, since I'd already inserted three fingers to widen it.

I didn't want to waste any more time.

I knew what I needed and what he wanted.

To my surprise, when I was 10 feet from him, his cock started to get soft, and he stepped back in fear.

"Please, make your dog go away. I'm scared of him."

For the first time ever at the beach, a potential sex partner was about to turn his hard cock on my ass out of fear from Luka.

I didn't know what to do.

Even if I could convince John that there was nothing to worry about, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my screams when he fucks me because his cock was so thick.

When I scream or moan, Luka often barks.

She does that not because she's aggressive. I figured that she's happy that I'm enjoying myself so much. But I knew that if she barked while John was fucking me, he would be the one screaming and running away in fear.

I'd tried to make Luka go back to where my beach bag was, but to no avail. She insisted on checking this new guy before his cock started pounding my ass.

Finally, I managed to make her lie down, but I feared that the moment we started fucking, she'd come over.

Since the situation was back under control, my first task was to make John's cock hard again, which was easy enough.

I went down on my knees and started servicing him while playing with his hairy balls. I was glad that he hadn't shaved his pubic hair since it was a beautiful mixture of black and white.

In seconds, John started moaning, grabbed my head, and I felt his manhood growing in my mouth.

Fuck, his cock was so thick!

"Lick my balls, boy, swallow them," he ordered.

He masturbated and looked down at me while I kept his hairy balls (which were surprisingly small) in my mouth. Then he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth some more.

He kept pushing my mouth down to eat his nuts and then back up to fuck it. This went on for 15 minutes until he said: "I'm so close, I want to shoot in your mouth!"

I wasn't ready to let him release his seed so soon. I wanted to feel his mighty tool taking ownership of my ass first. I was hoping Luka wouldn't mind it this time.

Therefore I turned, still on my knees, and offered him my ass.

I was certain he wouldn't turn my ass down
I was certain he wouldn't turn my ass down

"Wouldn't you rather fuck me first?" I asked.

"I can't while your dog is watching us. I'm too nervous."

Luka was still sitting 10 feet away from us, keeping a close eye on what John was doing to my body. I realized that once he started pushing his thick penis into my hungry hole, she'd come closer because of my screams.


Well, if I wasn't going to feel his cum shots inside me, I was determined to at least enjoy them on my ass and hole.

"Well, if you won't fuck me, then at least cum on my hole," I suggested.

"Show me your cunt, first."

I bent forward and spread my ass cheeks.

"Your pussy is incredible!" was his response. "Suck my cock some more until I'm ready to take care of your cunt!"

I sucked him for another five minutes while finger-fucking myself with three fingers. It felt so good to serve such a beautiful penis.

When John was about to shoot, he increased his thrusts into my mouth, and I'd felt the tip of his cock growing considerably.

His moaning also got louder, and he kept expressing how good my oral skills were.

Seconds before he was about to fire his seed, and without waiting for him, I positioned myself in doggie and spread my ass cheeks once more, so he could clearly see my thirsty hole.

I wanted him to have no doubt as to where I wanted to feel his hot seed.

"Fuck yeah!" John shouted. "I'm going to cum on that beautiful cunt!"

Seconds later, I felt powerful, scorching cum shots hitting my love hole and my ass. I was screaming with John because it was the first time my ass had felt cum shots at the beach for such a long time.

Just as I'd anticipated, when I began screaming, Luka came closer to see what was going on.

John didn't wait for my orgasm because he was too frightened of Luka.

He was gone right after he'd completed shooting his seed.

When he was far enough away, he looked at me, waved, and raised his arms to signal, "I'm sorry, I was too scared to stay."

I finger-fucked myself with his cum, tasted it, and lubed my cock, intending to release my seed as well. Just when I was about to empty my balls, I saw several people approaching.

For me, an orgasm is a personal matter.

I wasn't going to experience it in front of a group of people from the nearby town, nor did I want them to see me covered in cum.

I washed John's seed off my body in The Mediterranean, and waited for them to go away.

A few minutes later, Bob arrived.

Bob was a married guy, in his late 50s or early 60s who'd never touched a man in his life. That was, until he massaged my entire body 15 minutes later.

More about him in my next blog post.

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