Do you fancy masturbating? So do I, daily. This video demonstrates it

I decided it's time to demonstrate how I play with my sensitive smooth balls when they are loaded with cum.

I got so much lovely feedback today about the video I uploaded a few days ago in which, I talked, played with my cock, shot lots of cum all over myself, and then ate it.

Here's an example

This short feedback changed the course of history. Well, I do tend to be melodramatic sometimes. It only changed my plans regarding the post for today. I didn't realize that that simple "eating cum" video was going to be so nicely appreciated.

So, instead of writing a long blog post, I decided to do a video clip demonstrating how I play with my cock, finger my love hole, and share with you some words about my darling Felix.

Who's Felix?

My boyfriend and right now, it seems like the best thing that has happened to me in my life.

We were both naked shortly before this shot

I took his photo during our hike ten days ago. These mosaics are part of a ruined church from the 5th century AD and a special site for Mormons.

There is a unique atmosphere here. I consider this place to be one of the top ten sites to visit in Israel, especially at sunset.

However, few people know of this site. You need to hike 10 miles (round trip) to get to it.

It's also a beautiful place to get fucked doggie-style and get your ass loaded with vegan cum. But until Felix came into my life, no one came in my ass here.

I took his photo shortly after he'd taken good care of my hole. You can see the satisfied alpha-male look on his face.

What a stud!!!

Anyway, in the video below, I talk about my desire to get fucked again by Felix. I also demonstrate some ass, cock, and balls play.