Vote for Bush!

Thursday, three weeks ago, I met Yaron & Denial at the beach. I took photos of both of them but many more of Yaron because I was so attracted to him. 

Here's another photo of him:

What a sexy stud!

You can see more of him further down.

Notice how hairy he is and how beautiful that looks when it's all-natural without him trying to hide the fact that he is a man and not a boy. 

I also took some fantastic photos of him fully naked. His cock was big and thick with so much pubic hair crowing his manhood. Yaron's hot ass had soft black fur on it. It looked the most spectacular way imaginable. 

Since that day, we have been chatting on and off on WhatsApp. We surely are going to fuck. 

The only question is when and where. 

He lives in Tel Aviv which is too far for me to drive, even for a hot guy like him. He does not own a car. 

We will see.

He shortened my name; he calls me "Theo," but he is so adorable that I don't care.

Here's one of the random chats we had last week:

"Hi Theo, how are the sunsets at the beach without me?"

"Far less beautiful when you are not around."

Yesterday he sent me a photo of him inside the restaurant kitchen where he works. In the background, pots were waiting to be washed.

I wrote to him:

"I'd like to be a pot too so that you can wash me as well."

"Nah, you are too beautiful to compare yourself to a pot, but soaping you sounds so hot."

Today when I woke up, a sexy photo of him was waiting for me. He was standing naked, hiding his cock with his hand but letting one hairy ball sleep out.

Damn! What a hot stud!!

I wrote to him: "Even when you are dry, you are still a hot guy."

Cheesy, I know, but it was 6 AM, I was hard and still struggling to wake up when I sent it. 

He still did not see it. I can't wait for him to respond. This tango of erotic messaging is stimulating and fun.

I am still not sure if he is a top or not. I sent him some ass photos (of course he has already seen me naked at the beach), but I did not get the response I was looking for. I was hoping for something like: "I badly want to fuck you." I got sweet compliments, but nothing too specific. 

We will see about that as well.

As for Bush:

That's my proud bush, not shaven or trimmed!

I shaved my bush once. 

It was after I finished my army service. I wanted to try it for a long time. However, because in the army, the showers are public, I did not want people to laugh at me.

After I finished shaving my pubic hair (my balls are naturally smooth), I hated the result. My cock looked so sad without all that hair decorating it. 

I had to wait a couple of months before it grew back and since then I never shaved or trimmed my bush (or any part of my body). 

Occasionally, tops will turn me down because I look like a man, and my bush does not look like a girl's. 

Well, I sometimes do the same thing:

Wednesday at the beach, close to sunset, a guy that looks similar to Yaron approached me.

He was wearing tight shorts, hiding a sweet package. I could tell that he has a beautiful cock because the mushroom head was apparent and prominent. 

I was as usual naked.

When he got to me, he looked at me and smiled:

"You have such a beautiful cock."

I started to get hard. I looked at him and thought: "He is hairy just the way I like it."

He had hairy legs, hairy chest, toned body, cute face. I was sure that his ass is hairy all over. I could see myself enjoying a nice "cock riding" sunset orgasm with him.

"Why don't you show me yours too?"

He stripped down right away, releasing a thick dark cock, very much resembling Yaron's.

He was not hard yet, but he was getting there.


He shaved his entire pubic area & balls to perfection. It was such a turn-off. 

Try to imagine: 

All the lush, beautiful dark manly hair that suddenly ends with a shaved skin like a boy's with the inevitable dots where the bush should have been.

It was like driving a Ferrari at the speed of 200 MIH and then hitting a concrete wall.

I wanted to ride his beautiful cock. But though I find bald men sexy, a hairless cock to me is like a king without a crown.

He did not realize that I had lost interest:

"Feel free to play with my cock; It's been a while since I fucked a sexy smooth ass like yours."

But I did not want to any longer. 

"You know what? There are too many people right now. I don't feel comfortable getting fucked when people can see us."

Technically that was true, but if his cock did not resemble a boy's, I would probably ride him even if someone passing by could see me getting fucked.

I've done it already a few times during this beach season because I was too horny to care.

After he left, another muscular hairy stud came over. His pecs were massive, so were his legs. 

We chatted for a while, and I took this photo. 

I also took some pictures of him using his iPhone. I stood naked next to him, but nothing happened. He did say that he would be looking for me today. 

I have no idea how his cock looks like or if he kept his pubic hair. He did not get naked in my presence. He was also wearing shorts that were quite modest. 

But if he does not have a proud magnificent bush like Yaron's I will most likely turn him down as well.

Here is another photo of hairy and very sexy Yaron:

My smooth ass loves hairy cock & balls making love to it.

Just like Yaron's



Disclaimer: This is my personal point of view. If you love shaved cocks or love shaving yours, by all means: Shave and have fun. There is no right or wrong about this topic, only a personal preference.

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