Video - Naked @ the Beach

My blog focuses a lot on my sex life.

I get so much feedback, and it's great. Whenever I ask someone what posts does he like the most, the answer is always the same:

Posts about my sex life.

A good blog author should listen to his audience, and i try to, for the most part. But now it's time for something a bit different.

You know that I have lots of sex at the beach. It's part of the fun of going there.

However, it's not the main reason why I go there.

I enjoy being naked outdoors and spending time with my other naked pal - Luka. I enjoy lying down next to her like that.

I guess she considers herself to be my anus's bodyguard.

Potential sex partners will usually come closer. When I am lying down like this, it's a signal for them. It's like a taxi driver who has turned his lights on, signaling potential customers to come in.

If guys try to approach me from her side, she will growl at them.

Some guys are smarter.

They understand that fucking a guy in doggie does not make them doggie experts. They will approach me from the other side, avoiding Luka altogether.

Then the beautiful making out process will start under the watchful eyes of Luka.

If we are both happy with each other (and there are no people to look at us), eventually, I will let him slide deep inside of me.

Twenty minutes or so after sunset, both of us will hug each other. Naked, happy, and relaxed after we have both experienced a beautiful beach orgasm.

But of course, not every time at the beach, I end up with my ass full of cum. Sometimes, I am all alone with Luka, just like in this video.

We enjoy playing together.

Perhaps this is the main reason she growls at other guys. She knows that I will have less time for her ball since I must attend to theirs.

I will be at the nude beach again this afternoon, with Luka.

Hopefully, I will not have time to play with her ball...

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