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I'll never forget this date: 24.4.2012, exactly nine years ago.

I even remember the time: 10:05 PM.

Ten minutes later, I was tearful, and my life had changed forever.

It was Memorial Day evening

Decorating my apartment with the Israeli flag
Decorating my apartment with the Israeli flag

In Israel, sadness and happiness are always mixed.

I watched the ceremony from Jerusalem on television and had tears in my eyes while remembering all the brave men and women who'd given their lives for the Jewish state.

Among them are some family members and friends.

When the ceremony was over, I was alone in my apartment and unsure what to do next. Getting fucked was the last thing on my mind on such a sad day.

I thought of Nimrod, the handsome guy I'd invited over for the following day. We'd dated and fucked a few times, and I decided to take it a step forward by inviting him over for an Independence Day steak dinner on my roof terrace.

Back then, I used to have sex on my rooftop even before I bought my wonderful jacuzzi and I was sure we would have awesome sex again.

It's so nice to make love here!

I love getting fucked here.
I love getting fucked here.

I already had a Facebook account but didn't publish much because posting nude photos wasn’t allowed. I used to go over my feed and look at interesting posts or sexy guys.

Then I stumbled on this 10-minutes video...

...and my life changed forever.

When I’d finished watching it, I went to my fridge and threw away milk, dairy products, eggs, frozen and fresh meat: I became a vegan.

Why did this short YouTube video influenced me so much?