Do you want to look and feel younger and healthier?

I'll never forget this date: 24.4.2012, exactly nine years ago.

I even remember the time: 10:05 PM.

Ten minutes later, I was tearful, and my life had changed forever.

It was Memorial Day evening

Decorating my apartment with the Israeli flag
Decorating my apartment with the Israeli flag

In Israel, sadness and happiness are always mixed.

I watched the ceremony from Jerusalem on television and had tears in my eyes while remembering all the brave men and women who'd given their lives for the Jewish state.

Among them are some family members and friends.

When the ceremony was over, I was alone in my apartment and unsure what to do next. Getting fucked was the last thing on my mind on such a sad day.

I thought of Nimrod, the handsome guy I'd invited over for the following day. We'd dated and fucked a few times, and I decided to take it a step forward by inviting him over for an Independence Day steak dinner on my roof terrace.

Back then, I used to have sex on my rooftop even before I bought my wonderful jacuzzi and I was sure we would have awesome sex again.

It's so nice to make love here!

I love getting fucked here.
I love getting fucked here.

I already had a Facebook account but didn't publish much because posting nude photos wasn’t allowed. I used to go over my feed and look at interesting posts or sexy guys.

Then I stumbled on this 10-minutes video...

...and my life changed forever.

When I’d finished watching it, I went to my fridge and threw away milk, dairy products, eggs, frozen and fresh meat: I became a vegan.

Why did this short YouTube video influenced me so much?

Because I'm compassionate, and I can't tolerate injustice.

How do you define "justice" is a topic for a book and not a blog post. If you are interested in reading more about this topic, I suggest reading "The Quest for Cosmic Justice" by Thomas Sowell.

I've read this book several times already.

The above video showed me the tip of the iceberg of a vile, unimaginable injustice towards living souls for which I was indirectly responsible.

The magnitude of these crimes both shamed and horrified me because I’d always thought of myself as an animal lover.

I was hloding a chick in this photo, taken when I was 27.
I was hloding a chick in this photo, taken when I was 27.

Sadly, my harsh reaction isn't what most people feel when presented with the same information. People value their taste buds over the life and well-being of innocent animals.

But there is one thing that people do care about the most.


That's why I want to share how being vegan has improved my life and how it can do the same for you.

If you realized how much better you could feel and look, maybe this will convince you to make the only moral choice in a world that has gone insane with lust for blood and misery.

Every year, just before my birthday, I have extensive blood tests.

My father used to work for a medical company so I had no problem doing these tests even at a young age.

I started testing at the age of 22, and every year my cholesterol was higher than the previous year.

A week before watching this video, I was distressed to see that my cholesterol level was 195 mg/dl and knew that a reading over 200 is considered high and a risk factor for developing a heart condition.

I couldn't understand why my cholesterol was getting so high, especially since:

  • I wasn't overweight

  • I thought I was eating healthily

  • I was working out regularly (the same routine that I still do to this day)

Right after I'd finished running 6.5 miles
Right after I'd finished running 6.5 miles

A consultation with my physician revealed that eating and working out had only a 15% influence on my cholesterol level and that there was little I could do to reduce it.

If you ask your own doctor, he will most likely tell you the same misleading information.

Three months after becoming vegan, my cholesterol plummeted to 150 mg/dl. Five months later, it went down to 130 mg/dl.

Here's the latest result from two days ago.

130 mg/dl is the minimum for a guy who's 24 years old.

It's been years since I was 24!

In other words, my actual age doesn't reflect how my body functions, thanks to my vegan diet.

I was worried that I would gain weight because of this diet . The evil media keep screaming that carbs are bad. A healthy, balanced vegan diet includes a lot of legumes and beans. These are healthy carbs, but I didn't know that nine years ago.

I was worried that I would gain weight.

The exact opposite happened.

I eat french fries and enjoy ice cream, just like I used to before changing my diet.

However, in a matter of months, I shed fat from my abdomen. It was incredible. It just happened.

My waist went down from 32-33 to 30-31 - the size I was in my 20s (add 10 for U.S size).

Losing fat is easy when you eat a vegan diet.
Losing fat is easy when you eat a vegan diet.

What about my sugar levels? Does eating so many carbs puts me at risk of developing diabetes?

Here's my latest test result

My sugar is well balanced.
My sugar is well balanced.

My vegan diet includes a lot of soy. One of the false fears spread by the meat industries is that soy changes in your body to estrogen (A female hormone).

Science proved this to be a lie several years ago.

Next time you look at my chest, don't think that these are man-boobs.

These are my pecs, 100% muscle tissue

Now I can genuinely say that I love animals and not just my dog.
Now I can genuinely say that I love animals and not just my dog.

At this point (especially if you live in the States), you are probably curious as to where I get protein from.

It's another lie spread by the meat and dairy industries. Protein deficiency is a myth.

Have you ever met a person diagnosed with this condition?

Recently, I changed my workout routine because I wanted to have a more muscular, prominent ass to stand out at the beach!

I didn't need to eat extra protein to make my ass even more muscular.

My sweaty ass right after running 6.5 miles.
My sweaty ass right after running 6.5 miles.

Another myth is that one must eat meat to get iron.

These are my iron levels:

I suffered from anemia a few times when I was still eating meat.
I suffered from anemia a few times when I was still eating meat.

I could go on, but you've got the message already: I get enough calcium, minerals, vitamins, iron, and other essential nutrients from my vegan diet.

There's absolutely no need to eat meat, dairy, and eggs. Eating non-vegan products harms your health in both the short and long term.

What other health benefits have I noticed since I becoming vegan?

  • I stopped suffering from migraines a month after

  • No more canker sores

  • A weird spot on my face disappeared.

  • I rarely ill, and if so, it's mild. I can't recall the last time I had a fever.

  • I no longer suffer from an occasional sour stomach.

  • I suffered from diarrhea only once since 2012.

Do I miss meat, dairy, and eggs?

Not at all.

Oh my God, I must eat this bone!
Oh my God, I must eat this bone!

Eggs come from the same orifice where shit, piss, and blood passes through. I'd rather eat my shit than eat eggs.

It's so dirty, yuck!

What about dairy?

That's even more disgusting for me.

We have been brainwashed to believe that it's normal and healthy for an adult to drink milk and eat dairy products made from cow's milk.

Why not from a dog's milk?

Would you eat parmesan cheese made from a rat's milk?

How about drinking milk from a woman's breast?

Quite disgusting, right? My point exactly.

Besides, I prefer to drink man-made milk, mine included.

My morning pre-cum after my shower.
My morning pre-cum after my shower.

What about meat?

How can I not miss the smell and taste of barbecued meat?

Here's an excerpt from an interview with Franz Stangl, the commander of the Treblinka death camp. In this camp, the Germans murdered almost 900,000 Jews during WW 2:

"When I was on a trip once, years later in Brazil," he said, his face deeply concentrated and obviously reliving the experience, "my train stopped next to a slaughterhouse. The cattle in the pens, hearing the noise of the train, trotted up to the fence and stared at the train. They were very close to my window, one crowding the other, looking at me through that fence. I thought then, 'Look at this; this reminds me of Poland; that's just how the people looked, trustingly, just before they went into the tins . . .'"
"You said tins," I interrupted. "What do you mean?" But he went on without hearing, or answering me.
". . . I couldn't eat tinned meat after that. Those big eyes . . . which looked at me . . . not knowing that in no time at all they'd all be dead." He paused. His face was drawn. At this moment he looked old and worn and sad.

You see "meat" I see victims on their way to death camps.

My heart was broken by seeing these condemned, beautiful souls in France.
My heart was broken by seeing these condemned, beautiful souls in France.

Besides, becoming vegan took me on an exciting and fascinating culinary trip. I love to cook, and cooking vegan is far more exciting than the same chicken breast all over again.