Valentine's Day, 2020.

I feel so lonely; no one loves me.


Not really.

I wrote that sentence above to draw your attention. I think that from a logical point of view, Valentine's Day is "ganz idiotisch," or in English: utterly stupid.

However, from a marketing point of view, it is a magnificent idea.

This day is so stupid

Honestly, I can't see the logic behind this idiotic day. When you love someone, do you need a day to show him special affection?

I agree that on some days, you need to show your lover more attention/affection than other days. But regardless, that should happen more than once a year. Even worse, why do you need to show your loved one special attention on the same day as everyone else?

I want to think of it as another one of these weird rituals that are part of the straight "lifestyle." Except that, this "Valentine's Day" epidemic has also affected gays.

I don't underestimate the need for love and intimacy with a particular person. But, I think that feeling lonely is part of the reality that you create for yourself.

I rarely feel alone.

Even when I don't have someone special in my life, I always have special people in my life.

Sincerely, I can't think of a time when I felt alone. I make my life exciting and challenging, even when I am just by myself.

But what about Felix?

If you haven't followed, Felix is the guy I'm dating. I love him, and I think that soon enough, we can be called boyfriends officially.

How long will it take before I can call him my boyfriend?

More about it below.

While I was shopping today for food, I got a phone call from him. Felix right now is in Germany for biz matters. It was strange because I also had a dream about him tonight.

In my dream, we were at a party, and Felix introduced me as his boyfriend. I looked at him with surprise. Felix looked at me and said: "even though you let other guys fuck you, you are still my boyfriend."

The dream was strange because Felix also does not want a monogamous relationship. Still, I guess my subconscious is worried that he will object the fact he is not the only guy shooting his cum in my ass.

From experience, I know that most tops can be possessive of their bottom.

Anyway, Felix called me, he was on his way to the Munich office and had a few minutes to talk. "Happy Valentine's Day," he announced.

I was amused and a bit irritated.

"Don't you remember? I already told you how stupid this day is"

"I know, but I just wanted to tell you again that I love you, and this is a good excuse."

What can I say? Felix not only fucks terrific, but he is also a charmer.

But he was not the only one who told me "H-V-Day."

The other one was a gorgeous, twenty-seven years old stud from Jerusalem. He lives 50 miles from me.

He started talking with me last night:

"Do you want to watch me cum on cam while I look at your hole? You are hot!"

"I'd rather watch you cum while you cum in my hole. You are hot too, just come over."

I was so attracted to this Greek God that I forgot to ask him if he is a vegetarian/vegan. I suddenly remembered a study that in the Olympic games in ancient times, the athletes ate vegan food. Looking at his body, I concluded that he was just like them.

That's when I learned that he is from Jerusalem and can't come over on a moment notice.

"Well, can you please send me something that will help me cum while thinking about you?"

I tend not to send nude photos before the guy commits to come over to my place. From my experience, many guys just want to exchange nude photos and then I never hear again from them.

I told him that I don't send nude photos and sent him this photo as bait:

He did not argue with me or started bugging me to send him nude photos. That was sweet of him. I started liking this guy.

Today around noon, he sent me: "Happy Valentines Day."

That was rather amusing. I did not expect to get such a message from a potential sex partner.

"I can't stop thinking of you since yesterday; your entire body is such a beautiful sculpture. I am dying to see your ass too."

Then he sent me a photo of himself naked, hard and smiling.

This guy was so hot.

I had to suppress my erection while on the street. If somebody had a body to worship, it was him. His ripped body was the perfect backdrop for his massively thick cock. His upper body was smooth; at least he kept his pubic hair.

I sent him this photo in response:


Your ass is a perfect gift from God."

This was not the right moment to correct him and tell him that I work out extra time to make my ass muscular and in shape.

Instead, I asked him: "When do you want to be inside of God's gift to me?"

He sent me a laughing emoji.

"I am going tonight to Tel Aviv for partying. I can stop by your place before that, around 5 PM or after around 3 AM. What do you prefer?"

Regardless of the late hour of his second option, I knew that there is no chance I will win his massive cock after he gets to Tel Aviv.

I told him that 5 PM would be perfect.

"I can't wait, and I want to fuck your perfect ass in your jacuzzi."

I had a lot do to before his arrival.

First thing, I went to the roof and checked the chemicals were balanced. I would not want his godly balls to have the wrong PH while they bang on my ass.

Then I took Luka on a nude stroll in the forest.

My original plan was to go to the nude beach. But it was too cold for that. While walking with Luka, my cock was semi-hard to hard. I kept looking at his massive cock and huge balls, knowing that in two hours, it will be buried inside of me and later erupt in my ass.

I was not going to masturbate before, naturally, but I was leaking non stop the entire hike.

Did he arrive at 5 PM?

He did, right on time.

Did he fuck me and cream my ass in my rooftop jacuzzi?

Twice, it was terrific.

So, where are all the juicy details?

Well, you got me here.

I did say that valentines day is stupid, and I meant it. But I owe you two things.

  • To let you know when will I start calling Felix my boyfriend

  • And to finally show you Felix.

I could do it on any other date, but as Felix told me earlier today: Valentine's Day "is a good excuse."

Today at the farmers market, the seller started talking with me. We all shop at her delightful vegetables stand. By "all," I mean my sister and also my dad. She usually tells me: "Oh, your sister was already here," or "you are early today, your dad has not been here yet."

I have been shopping at her cute shop since 2004, so she can tell me anything.

Still, she surprised me today.

"You know, your friend that you were with two weeks ago? He's charming and funny too."

Then she kept on talking about Felix, and her words kept circling in my head: "Friend this, Friend that, Friend, Friend, Friend."

"Boyfriend," I suddenly stopped her chatting, "he's my boyfriend."


The good thing was that my sister and my dad already shopped before me. Because I know what she otherwise would have told them:

"You know, Theon was here two weeks ago with his boyfriend."

And that's how I got to say that Felix is my boyfriend for the first time.

And how does my boyfriend look like?

I have to agree with the vegetables stand lady.

He's quite the charmer!

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