Uncut Delight

How did I end up in doggie in this location above the nude beach?

It all started with the stud from Belgium that was walking naked towards me 30 minutes before sunset. When I saw him approaching, I immediately wanted to drop to my knees and serve his cock.


Because it was what I consider a perfect cock: Red, moist, uncut, thick, long with a beautiful matching pair of balls below.

Not that I would have complained about the rest. This guy was beautiful, and his ass was also to die for. Two big pillows of ass cheeks just begging to be touched and fucked.

All of that beauty was wrapped with trimmed bodily hair (sadly I must add) and a sweet smiling face.

I already had my camera out; I wanted to take some photos of Luka this time. When he got to where I was, he stopped, and I smiled at him (and in my mind already made love to his cock)

“What kind of photos are you taking?”

“Me, Luka, the sunset, sometimes nature shots and sometimes photos of other guys that have no problem with that”

“Wow, that’s nice.”

“Would you like me to take photos of you naked?”

“Sure, that sounds like fun.”

As he was saying that he started getting hard, in response so did I

“Your cock is growing,” and he smiled

“So is yours,” and with that, I got closer to him and started kissing him and playing with his cock.

I felt like in a dream:

I was holding his manhood, gently playing with his foreskin while we were both kissing passionately. On top of that, he just said he’d love to be photographed naked.

I was torn between my desire to ride his cock and the photographer in me. I could take photos of him for hours. But I knew that at a certain point I would want to jump on him and besides the sun was not waiting for us.

I did not have the right lens to take photos of us both, but in any case, I wanted to focus just on him. It’s so rare to have someone willing to be photographed so openly.

I took several closeups of his magnificent cock, of him from the front and back. Some photos were in the water and some outside.

After about 15 minutes, when he got hard again, I could no longer hold my desire to touch and kiss him. I put the camera aside, and we both sat down and right away started kissing again.

“Would you suck my cock please?”

Would I?

He leaned back, and I started pleasuring him.

His manhood was so wet and hard; I felt like in a dream again. He kept moaning, and he started moaning loud when I went south with my fingers and started playing with his hairy and boiling love hole.

He went back to a sitting position and started playing with my ass as well. Gently touching it and then fingering me. I started getting wild. I felt like screaming because of the sheer pleasure he was giving me. To think that this was before anything significant happened.

He pulled my head up, and we both kissed for a long time.

I sat on his left leg, feeling the soft hair teasing my hole. I started to play with my cock while he was wanking as well. I helped him by massaging his balls at the same time. From time to time, I’d go down with my mouth to give him head again and lick his balls or put them in my mouth.

Each time I played with his balls, he would moan loudly and ooze a little bit of cum. I either licked it or fingered myself with his pre-cum.

I started moving my fingers south again. His hole was so warm and all that hair, delicious. Playing with his love hole drove him wild. I was wanking him at that point and fingering him at the same time. He rolled his eyes and moaned loudly.

I felt like I had sex with Apollo. I was dying to have him breed me.

“Are you close,” he asked me.

“I was closed the minute I saw your beautiful body next to mine.”

He smiled: “That’s so sweet of you to say that.”

My finger was still inside his hole while I asked him: “You have an amazing ass, and you are so sexy, are you a top?”

I was praying that he says yes,

“I’m vers, I’d be happy to fuck you, but I feel more bottom with you right now. Would you lick my hole? I’d love to shoot while you do that, then you can shoot on my hole.”

I would have done anything that he would have asked me. Not only because he was so beautiful but because he was such a sweet guy.

When he was about to turn around stand in doggie so I can lick his hole, another beautiful naked guy was running towards us. From his looks and his uncut cock, I understood that was his friend that he was talking about before.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I did not mean to interrupt.”

I saw him walking past me an hour before.

He was heading south. I could tell that he had a lot of sex. The southern part of the nude beach is where people go when they want for sure to have sex, usually with several guys at the same time.

It was an odd situation.

He was already not horny, and there was nowhere he could go and let us finish what we started. Also, they were just good friends and so the idea of us continuing fucking while he was around was not an option.

I looked with sadness at my stud leaving and taking with him the most beautiful uncut cock of the season thus far.

But now I was horny, and I felt the need to explode.

I packed my things and went up to the cliffs. The sun has already set.

I went to this cruising area. I was so horny that a single finger up my ass would have made me explode right away. I was in a state of mind to be fucked by several guys, one after the other.

Sadly there was no one to fuck me

Sadly there was no one there. I ended up shouting and shooting my load down the cliffs.

I’ll be back at the beach today, and hopefully, we can finish what we started yesterday. There will be no photos this time because I’ll be too busy riding his cock.

Naked hugs,


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