Our Passions - Combined

There are four lovely things about Mike.

The first thing is that he is a professional photographer who has a passion for taking photos of naked men.

The second thing is that his wife is very understanding when it comes to him fucking the guys that he photographs.

The third thing is the fact that he has a beautiful long thick cock and a hairy body.

The fourth thing is that he fucks me from time to time.

Last night Mike and I combined our two passions: His passion for taking nude photos of men, and my passion for feeling him fucking me.

The last time he made love to my ass, he has taken this photo:

Yesterday, he took this photo of me after we were done fucking in my rooftop jacuzzi.

All the white foam is not our cum.

His cum was still buried deep in my ass when he took this photo, which can explain my big smile.

As for my cum, it was the second time I shot my load that day, so there was not so much of it.

I guess ejaculating twice yesterday and having anal sex the night before Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is not the best way to ask God's forgiveness.

I believe it was Heinrich Heine who said: "God will forgive me because this is his job."

Amen to that

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