Two Naked Gals

Luka is doing so much better.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago how she was in great pain. She could barely lift herself, and she was severely limping.

Here is that post:


During the last two weeks, she became like a new dog.

Once again, she stands in the car and licks my shoulder while I am driving.

While walking to the beach, she runs to the nearby fields and chases the pigeons as if she was again a puppy.

And most importantly, she barely limps.

How did she recover in such a short time?

Two reasons:

1) I give her anti-inflammatory pills. I would give her half a pill each day unless I took her to the beach or hiking. Then I give her the whole tablet.

2) She lost 5.5 pounds. I think this also makes a huge difference. I wish I could lose 5.5 pounds in three weeks. But then, I love (vegan) ice cream too much.

Sadly, her days of running after a tennis ball at the beach are gone.

She growls at me and runs in circles when we are at the beach. I know that she wants me to get her ball out. But the only balls allowed to be out are those in this photo:

It was lovely being with her again at the beach.

The beach was empty, so I enjoyed masturbating when the sun was about to set. In the above photo, I was already done with emptying my balls. When I was ejaculating I was thinking of the way Adam made love to my ass last Thursday.


Before that, I was lying on the sand next to Luka, just relaxing. A cute guy passed by and smiled at me.

After sunset, I went up the cliffs, naked, and saw him there. We started talking.

He is an Israeli who now lives in SF. He had impressive pecs and a beautiful face. His package in his tight shorts looked very inviting. We walked to his car, and he offered me a ride to the coastal highway.

I accepted his offer.

I went in his car naked, of course, and he drove me there. Luka was at the back seat.

To my surprise, nothing happened between us. Usually, when a guy offers me a ride in his car, I end up riding his cock.

This time, I stayed in his car for another ten minutes, after we got to where I was supposed to get out. We just kept talking while I was still naked.

Still, nothing happened.

Maybe he was just friendly, or perhaps he was also a bottom. Of course, it could be that he was not attracted to me.

We did exchange phone numbers, but he is going back on Thursday, so I don’t think I will see him again.

Since I masturbated earlier, I did not mind it that much, and perhaps that was also the reason why I did not attempt to do anything with him.

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