Trump is an Idiot

It takes me one hour to run 7 miles. It is hard but rewarding. 

When I step down from the treadmill, I feel an adrenalin rush, almost like feeling high. My legs ache, but it's a good feeling. It's a gentle, sweet pain that is hard to explain to anyone that is not a runner.

In August it is hot enough outside, so I enjoy an ice-cold shower on my roof terrace immediately afterward. My cock got hard when I took this photo. It sometimes happens after I run (when I run, my cock is super small). I guess that is also part of the adrenaline rush.

Running for an hour gives me a lot of time to think about many things. I play youtube music videos, but my mind keeps wandering.

One of the things that I thought about yesterday was about the burning of the Amazon forest and Trump's reaction to it. 

What an idiot and a moron. 

But one thing he is not regarding this issue.

He is not a hypocrite.

He does not believe in global warming or does not give a shit about it. That makes him either a moron or an idiot or both.

But what about the Democrats who scream non stop about global warming? 

Well, for sure they are not idiots nor morons regarding this issue, but what a bunch of lousy hypocrites. 

The number 1 contributor to the destruction of our planet and global warming is the meat and dairy industries. They are aware of this fact since it was made public by the UN report already in 2006.

The Amazon burns because local farmers want the land to grow food for farm animals. Growing food for farm animals and not for humans is insanity. So many people suffer from hunger around the world, but we keep breeding and feeding cows instead (mainly soy and corn).

So, all these democrats that whine about global warming and attack Trump while having their morning coffee with milk and a steak for lunch are nothing but hypocrites of the worst kind.

There is one angel amongst this pile of hypocrites.

Rep. Cory Booker.

A proud vegan that is not ashamed to point out the destructive role of the meat industry whenever he can:

"The tragic reality is this planet simply can't sustain billions of people consuming industrially produced animal agriculture because of environmental impact."

What a remarkable person.

His light shines especially compared to the hollow words of Joe Biden that keeps blabbering about global warming while serving hot dogs.


Being vegan and caring for the environment is something that should not be the concern of only the left side of the political map.

I am proud that in Israel, our prime minister (who comes from a right-wing party) talks non stop about the horrors animals endure on their way to becoming "meat."

He has also appointed a well known vegan activist to be his advisor for anything related to animals.

He is not vegetarian, but he promotes the idea of eating less meat. The first lady is almost vegan. Her father, who died at the age of 101 was vegan for many years.

The prime minister's very right-wing son is also vegan and talks about it a lot. 

Of course, there are also many examples from the left side of the political map.

It should not come as a surprise.

Our home, this planet, is burning because people insist on eating meat and drinking milk as if there were babies.

What are you going to say 30 years from now to your children or grandchildren? That you liked meat so much that you did not care that the planet was going to hell? 

Back to Trump.

He is an idiot and a moron because he either does not believe in global warming or does not give a shit about it.

But at least, he is not a hypocrite like those who criticize him on these issues.