ToO Old?

A 20 years old guy wrote to me this sentence a few days ago.

"Oh, you are so old."

A 24 years old man left me this message a few hours ago:

"I see you on Grinder all the time. For someone of your age, I think it's quite pathetic."

Both on Grindr.

Dean, my 20 years old fuck body, would disagree with them. I wrote about him here:


Here is a screenshot from our last chat:

Back to these two:

There is so much to write about here; I would not know where to start. I should probably first say that I don't care what other people think.

It's my life.

However, there is something to learn from everything, so it is worth devoting some words to these two rude young men.

The first guy started talking with me.

I never start a conversation with someone who is so much younger than I am. In other words, he liked my photos and already said he wanted to fuck me. The only reason he rejected me was because of my age.

Fair enough, I did not care.

If you are using a "find a cock/ass" application like Grindr, you should be grateful if someone rejects you.

He saved time for both of you.

Rejecting someone because of his age, to me, is like interviewing someone for a position and rejecting him only because of his skin color. If I like someone for a sex date, I don't care when his cock was born.

Why would your age matter if I am attracted to you?

The second one is a real mystery.

I have no idea who he is. His profile does not have any photos, and he sent me the message in English and not Hebrew.

I am so NOT on Grindr all the time. Especially not during beach season. Why should I be? I have enough sex at the beach, and it is much more comfortable and enjoyable to hook up there.

But even if I was wasting my time on Grindr, why would a total stranger care?

Either way, I was not offended one bit.

That's one of the few "blessings" of my disability. I don't care any longer about rude people. It saddens me that people behave like that. It saddens me even more because they are both so young.

If they are so bitter at their age, they will have a hard time when they get older.

My advice to you?

Live your life, do whatever you want without hurting anyone and completely ignore what others think about your amazing life.

Remember that each one of us is unique and beautiful.

Especially you.

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