Tom's Totem

I ended my story from the nude beach with Tom picking up his belongings and walking towards me with a beautiful erection.

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As I have written, Tom was so beautiful. The fact that his chest was big and stomach flat, and both were hairy was sexy beyond words in my eyes. I did not think he was interested in me.

What about his erection?

I was sure that he got hard because of the sexy young couple. Both were gorgeous, and one of them was naked. He was checking both me and them.

After Tom sat down next to me, we started talking, and his cock went down.

“You know I was just about to leave, and I rarely join someone that invites me over. There was something different about you.”

He did not say that he joined me because he liked my body or anything. That made me even more confident that he came over to talk and not to fuck.

I was laying down next to him, just like in this photo. He was next to me, but he placed his beach towel with some space. To me, it was another hint that he was not interested in anything but chatting.

I was next to Tom exactly in the posture

His life story was quite intriguing. He met the love of his life when he was 16 and married her. In April this year, at the age of 32 (I thought he was 24), they got a divorce because he decided to be gay.

All the time we were talking, he kept playing with his cock and his big hairy balls. I was dying to do it for him, but he still did not give me any sign that he was interested in me. Yes, his cock was growing and shrinking all the time, but since he was playing with it, I thought it’s because of that.

I kept thinking to myself; he is too beautiful; there is no way that he wants me. I know that I have a lot of self-confidence, but when it comes to deciding if a guy is interested in me, I tend to be very insecure.

“So, since April, I have been exploring my sexuality with different guys. At first, it felt weird to be single since technically speaking I have never been single. But I am starting to enjoy my freedom and especially this new world of gay sex.”

I stared at this cock that was once again almost fully erected. Damn, what an amazing cock he had. I felt my need for his cock to be fucking me. I was dying to blow him off as well. I began forming a long list of things that I want to do to his balls and his marvelous cock.

Instead, I said: “Your ex-wife for sure is missing your big cock.”

It was bait.

Usually, if a guy is interested, he will counter with a similar compliment hinting his interest. But this guy said nothing in response, except for the usual “Thank you.”

There was a lot of sexual tension between us. I suddenly felt it. I did not want to do anything before I was 100% certain. He was too adorable and sweet to try something before knowing that he will not move my hand away from his hairy legs.

I turned around and was laying on my stomach. I did not know if he is a top, but I was betting on it. He was manly enough for me to assume that he was a top. Yes, it’s stereotypical, but I was hoping the stereotype was accurate in his case.

“And did you already fuck a guy?”

“No, not yet.”

“Why? You have such a beautiful cock, and you are a good-looking man. I am sure every bottom will be more than happy to let you fuck him.”

“I am waiting for the right guy. I want my first anal sex to be special and memorable.”

This guy was a real sweetheart. I was starting to like him more than a random sex partner.

He kept talking: “Someone sweet like you and with the same kind of a beautiful ass.”

I turned my head back and saw his cock fully hard with some precum.

“Damn, you are hard, and I love that drop of cum.”

“Of course I am hard, it’s thanks to your beautiful body and smooth ass.”

I had to think about it myself.

This guy has only four months of experience. He was insecure as I was regarding my interest in him. He did not know how to express his desire.

After 15 minutes and a growing attraction, he finally found the balls to say something. As for his big balls, I was about to find out how much hot cum was stored there.

He started caressing my ass, I spread my legs and started moaning.

And that’s how I got to make love to Tom.

As I said yesterday, he did not fuck me, and the couple that was not too far away from us also joined us (to a certain degree). But more about that tomorrow when I finish this story of how we made love, and I almost fell in love with him.

Lots of love to you all


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