"Theon, I'm going to fuck you now"

June has been a quiet blog month until now. A lot is happening in my life, and that is why I haven't had the time to sit down and write a post about it.

I have so many ideas for posts circling in my head.

Not only about the usual topics but also about my life in general.

Take, for example, last week at the nudist beach:

I met three previous fuck dates, and another guy was sitting naked, not too far away from me. He masturbated while looking at my hole until he yelled and shot loads of cum.

I was too tired to tell him to go away, and once he emptied his balls (it took him the best part of an hour)), he was gone anyway.

As for the previous fuck dates:

I have been fucking with one of them at the beach once or twice every summer. Serving his awesome dark cock has been going on for the last five years. He is also the one who introduced me to Prep a few years back and changed my sex life forever.

The second one is a more recent fuck date from last year. We fucked three times last season.

The third, with whom I fucked once last year, walked back with me to my car last week. It was about a mile walk.

We were both shirtless, but he was wearing shorts while I was wearing a jock. I was teasing him with my exposed muscular ass as we were walking on the dirt road.

When we got to the point where we had to put more clothes on before returning to the parking lot, we ended up with fewer clothes. In other words, he fucked me doggie-style and loaded my ass with his vegan cum.

That's just a summary. There is so much to tell about each one and how COVID-19 has changed so many things.

But now I want to look back to October 2019.

In that month, I suffered neurological damage to the right side of my brain.


It has taken me over a year to recover.


During the first months after my diagnosis, I was in a state of shock. I was afraid of my body, and as a result, I didn't experience an orgasm for four months (that included masturbating).


Ronen was one of the first guys to fuck me after I started offering my ass again to hairy guys.

A few days after he'd loaded my ass with gallons of his Moroccan cum, I wrote three blog posts about how we'd met, fucked, and never said goodbye.

The story is about possessing a clean ass, bigotry, and bisexuality:

And now, you can read it as a PDF or an electronic book. Of course, it's free.

You can download the PDF version from here:

Really Fucked - PDF Version

You can download the ePub version (compatible with Apple Books and other e-Readers) from here:

Really Fucked - ePub Version


I hope you like it.

It's my first attempt to publish blog posts as an eBook. Please be tolerant, I'm sure that future versions will be better.

Kisses, Theon.