The Yoga Stud

I watched this naked guy doing yoga. I was quite far away, so I could not precisely tell if he was good looking or not.

He finished his workout/yoga, and jumped into the sea; I was curious about him.

About 30 minutes before sunset, he packed his things and walked naked towards me. I could see his long cock dangling from side to side as he was walking. This view, combined with his toned and hairy body, was breathtaking.

When he got closer we exchange looks, I smiled, he smiled back, and I have invited him to sit by me.

From closer inspection, he was even sexier.

What was there not to like about his toned body, hairy chest, beautiful balls, big mushroom, long cock, lots of pubic hair, and a nice hairy ass?

He was charming, and I felt like kissing him. I put my hand on his left hairy leg and glanced downward. I could see he was half erect, and I reached to kiss him.

We kissed passionately, and I saw him getting hard. I was hard even before we kissed. After we kissed, I started dripping cum.

I wanted him to make love to my ass.

I thought to myself: If he fucks as he kisses, then having him breed me would drive me insane. I reached my hand down to play with his hairy balls. They felt soft and warm to the touch. He moaned loudly but shortly after, he moved my hand away.

“I have to tell you something:

I am not looking for a sex date; it is also why I was sitting far away from everyone. You seem like a nice good looking guy hence why I accepted your invitation

I would love to go on a date with you, it’s better than just a quick fuck now, don’t you think?”

At that point, I was already hard, dripping lots of cum, and my love hole was partly loose and ready for his fingers/tongue/cock.

I did not think at all.

“I am not looking to date anyone right now, but you don’t have to leave because of that. It is so lovely to hang out with such a sexy naked guy like you. An interesting conversation is better than just a quick fuck, don’t you think?”

He smiled.

God, he was so adorable.

And so, he stayed over, we talked some more, and he has taken this photo of Luka and me.

I did not see him since then.

I am going in a few minutes to the nude beach, with Luka.

Maybe I will see him again?


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