The story continues: How Ezra and I made love one more time.

Even though it's already 2022, I still haven’t completed the story I started in 2021about what happened after Ezra and Arik had finished fucking me.

You can read the first part here:

His face mask was interesting, but he was interested in fucking me

I walked half a mile north to an isolated spot. On arriving, I felt tired because of the weed and my recent orgasm.

I also felt overjoyed, as always after my hole had been filled with cum.

Tired but also very happy.
Tired but also very happy.

Because I didn't want people to come over to check out my cock (and wake me up), I put on a jock and promptly fell asleep.

I'd had the most amazing dreams, but sadly cold winds started blowing half an hour before sunset and woke me up.

I tried to find shelter behind these rocks. no avail! no avail!

I decided to leave before sunset because I didn't have anything to keep me warm.

I'd packed my things and started walking back to my car.

I enjoyed being alone amidst all this beauty.
I enjoyed being alone amidst all this beauty.

When I reached the location where I'd fucked with Ezra and Arik, I was surprised that Ezra was still there.

"I thought you'd have already left by now," I told him.

"Don't you remember? I always stay till sunset, just like you. I'm surprised that you're leaving."

"I'm too cold," I told him. "It's no longer enjoyable."

Ezra stretched his arms and said: "Theon honey, I'll keep you warm."

Ezra's muscular, hairy body wrapped mine like a thick blanket. I no longer felt the chill, and the feeling of his massive, warm balls pressed against mine was so lovely.

I sat by him, and he kept hugging me. He wasn't kidding about keeping me warm since his body was radiating heat.

We watched the sunset while hugging each other.

A cold beach sunset.
A cold beach sunset.

Luka was sitting next to us, and she didn't seem cold at all.

My darling queen.
My darling queen.

"I wish I had Luka's fur or yours," I told Ezra, "It would have kept me warm."

"Do you seriously wish you were as hairy as me?" Ezra asked.

"I'm not saying that I'm unhappy being so smooth," I explained. "However, were it possible, it would be interesting to become a hairy bottom for a few months and see what kind of tops I attract."

Ezra shook his head, "I wouldn't be attracted to you."

I was surprised by his announcement. "Seriously? You wouldn't have fucked me had I been hairy like you?"

Ezra shrugged, "A hairy version of you would still be sexy and adorable, just not my type."

Most tops prefer a smooth ass and hole.
Most tops prefer a smooth ass and hole.

We were quiet for a few minutes while Ezra played with my left nipple.

Ezra knows very well that playing with my nipples turns me on.

My nipples are so sensitive!
My nipples are so sensitive!

While he was playing with it, my head rested on his shoulder, and my hand grabbed his throbbing, hard cock and balls.

Then he continued: "I want the guy I'm about to fuck to be smooth like you or even smoother. The least he can do is to completely shave his hole before I lick his hairy anus."

After he'd said "hairy anus," I suddenly remembered Arik with whom we'd fucked a few hours earlier.

"Speaking of 'hairy anus,' did Arik leave after I'd left?" I asked.

"Oh no. He only left after a guy had sucked his cock until he shot another load," Ezra replied and started caressing my ass.

I felt Ezra's testicles and concluded by their size and tenderness that he still hadn't cum.

"Was there no lucky, smooth bottom beside me to enjoy your cock this afternoon?" I asked.

Ezra sighed, "all were too hairy for my taste, and now it's too cold to even fuck you."

"It's very hot inside my smooth ass," I promised him. My ass was still tired but I wanted to help him experience an incredible orgasm.

Ezra kissed me: "That's what I like about you. You're always so sweet and attentive to my needs."

Instead of answering, I placed my head between his hairy legs and licked his precum...

...and didn't stop until I'd swallowed his entire hard cock.

Shortly after, I raised my legs, and exposed my love hole.

"If you want to, fuck my ass and shoot your hot seed in me," I told him.

Sand is the biggest obstacle to anal sex at the beach.
Sand is the biggest obstacle to anal sex at the beach.

"How are you going to clean the sand off that perfect hole?" asked Ezra. "The water is cold, and the wind will freeze your wet ass."

"I'll do it for you if you want me to," I told him.

Ezra pushed my legs down, came on top of me, and kissed me while his cock was leaking precum on my upper body.

Then he pulled me until I was on my knees, held my head and started fucking my mouth.

While he was fucking my mouth, I played with my cock.

I wasn't going to cum, but it felt incredible.
I wasn't going to cum, but it felt incredible.

Most guys who fuck my mouth are only focused on their own enjoyment, but Ezra was different.

In what way?

He caressed my neck and ears while I serviced his cock and occasionally took his cock out and slapped my face with it.

When I got tired of getting slapped by his massive cock, I only needed to grab his balls. In response he moaned and shoved his cock in my mouth and resumed fucking it.

Suddenly, Ezra slowed the pace. Then he yelled, and I felt a tremendous amount of vegan seed filling my mouth and going down my throat.

When his orgasm was over, he kneeled and kissed me. I passed some of his love juice to him at the same time.

Then, we stood up and hugged.

It was such a powerful moment: Two naked guys who had just made love, hugging and keeping each other warm.

The next day, while working out, I got Ezra's short but lovely text message.

I always work out at home
I always work out at home

"Thank you so much for everything yesterday, and for the record, I hope to "own" your smooth ass one day…."

It was his way of saying that he wanted us to be a couple if Felix and I broke up.

I sent him "😘 😘 😘", in response, but I should have probably texted instead:

"Don't keep your hopes up because Felix and I are inseparable."

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