The Rabbi and the King

Yesterday I wrote two serious posts. One was about being vegan, the other about the roots of antisemitism and the "Right of Return" law of Isreal.

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Well, I forget to share with you my beach "adventures" from two days ago.

Did I have anal fun?


The guy who fucked me made love to my ass for the first time ten years ago. Back then, he was in the army, and I was his first bottom.

What was unique about him back then (and still to this very day), was his love to the love hole.

He gave me the best rim job of my life (and still does).

He reminds me of it from time to time.

"Do you remember that time when I rimmed your ass for over an hour?"

He spread my ass cheeks, observing my hole when he said that.

Then he dived into my smooth hole with his tongue.

"How can I forget?" was my response. Then, I started to loudly moan as he was pleasuring me beyond imagination.

His tongue techniques, which were excellent as a 19 years old soldier, have reached a new high since then.

Oddly enough, while we live in the same town, we only fuck at the beach. It happens once in a season and two days ago was that time.

How was the first time he made love to my ass?

It was terrible, and so were most of the times he tried after that.

Sorry, I can't share with you an amazing first lovemaking story.

Most tops are lousy when they fuck for the first time. It is the idea that my ass is the first they breed that is so exciting, but the actual lovemaking is terrible.

Why was he so terrible?

He was so excited about fucking a guy for the first time that he either:

  • Shot his load on my crack when he got close to my hole

  • Lost his erection when I put the condom on him (that was before prep)

  • Came very quickly once he was entirely inside of me

It was still very hot to know that I am his first bottom.

That was ten years ago.

Since then, he learned to be a fantastic lover, and he also knows how to take a big dick himself.

He was always an incredible kisser, but now he will stop fucking me, turn me around (when I was in doggie two days ago), then kiss me for a long time and play with my nipples and finger my hole before fucking me some more.

Sadly, he identifies himself as a big meat eater.

That, combined with the fact that he does not work out, made him lose the hot body he had ten years ago. He still has an adorable face with beautiful blue eyes that go so well together with his red pubic hair and thick cock.

But his toned/athletic body is long gone.

Nevertheless, the beach was empty, so he fucked me for close to 40 minutes. It was all in the shallow pools.

He did me in doggie, on my stomach, while standing, on my side, and eventually, I rode his cock until he shot a massive amount of cum in my ass.

After that, I kept riding him, feeling him getting soft slowly in my love tunnel until I shot a fountain of cum all over him. At that point, some people were watching me, riding him and shouting when I had my orgasm, but I was too horny to care.

Before he left he took this photo of me with my ass still full of his cum.

His genetic material is deep in my ass, in this photo

That was about an hour before I shot this photo.

I was so close to shoot my load when the Rabbi interrupted

I got horny again and decided to have a beautiful sunset orgasm.

However, the Beach Rabbi had other plans.

The Rabbi?

Yes, I named this pathetic guy, the Beach Rabbi.

He is an ultra-orthodox Jew. His underwear was probably the latest fashion in Poland circa 1880. He walks on the beach in his hideous underwear looking for guys to play with.

It's unfortunate and pathetic at the same time.

It is clear that he is married, but he is so weird that I never saw him do anything with someone. I see him plenty of time sitting, observing, and wanking.

Looking at me and wanking is what he did.

Angrily, I signaled him to get the fuck away. He started getting closer to me when he saw I was about to explode again.

Well, he did move away. He was close enough that he could see me, but also far enough for me to tell him to leave. He sat down and started playing with his miniature cock while waiting for me to shoot my load.

Sorry pervert, not going to happen.

I stayed naked and watched the sunset, then walked towards the exit and saw the "king."

The "King" was a naked muscular guy with a huge cock. At that time, I still did not know that he was a king.

When I passed the "king," he started getting hard and looked at me. An enormous cock that gets hard from my ass is something I can never resist.

It was not before long that he was laying on his back and I was blowing his beautiful cock and playing with his remarkable balls.

It was then that I realized I was giving a blow job to a king.

How did I know that?

Well, this guy, thought that because he is bringing a huge cock to the scene, I should serve his cock and he does not need to reciprocate in any way.

It has taken me a short time to realize that I was having sex with a king.

He would not touch my body or kiss me. He would spank me from time to time, and that was about it. I felt like the stable boy servicing him.

"You know what?" I told him, "It's getting too dark. I need to go."

"Are you sure you don't want me to fuck your hot ass? I have a lot of cum for you."

"Perhaps another time," I said, but in my mind, I changed that to "Absolutely never again."

Yes, that soldier learned a lot about lovemaking since he first fucked me ten years ago. But I am also much wiser. I know how to detect a lousy sex partner right away.

Well, hopefully, more of the first encounter and none of the second, today at the nude beach

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