Prince, Brute, Idiot & My Ass

My massage therapist has left me unquestionably horny.

I swear, this guy loves to touch my balls merely to see me getting hard. Tonight I was completely naked for the first time as well.

I woke up today at 5 AM, I can't have a sex date tonight. It will kill me tomorrow.

My smile hides the fact I am so tired

Tomorrow I am working from home, so perhaps I can arrange for something during the day.

I did have three interesting Grindr talks today.

The first one was a guy who started our conversation with this sentence:

"Are you equipped? How big?"

You have all seen my cock, I don't think it's huge, nor is it small. But I hate this question. That's just like declaring in advance:

"I am going to be a bad sex partner."

This was my answer to him:

"I have a tiny cock, You would not believe how small it is."

That's what I always answer to guys who ask me this stupid question.

"What a shame, I was looking forward to sucking a thick cock."

Well, honey, I do have a thick cock, but you will not get to suck it. In any case, I don't enjoy getting a blow job. I prefer to have my love hole licked.

The second one was a new 18 years old guy, lives a mile away from me. He's got a HUGE cock. He wants to fuck me and cum inside of my love tunnel. He was a sweetheart, polite, friendly, sexy body (totally smooth though), big kissable lips.

I sent him a few photos. His response was:

"I am going to lick your smooth hole and then fuck you."

Since it was too late, I told him that I couldn't do it tonight. The way he responded was cute. He has asked for my permission to shoot his load while looking at my photos.

People say that young people have no manners. Well, this proves them wrong!

However, the third guy proves them right.

Twenty-three years old, good looking, 3 miles away from me. He sent me a message: "I've got a place all to myself, and I can spoil your ass and then fuck you."

Once again, I told him that it's too late.

His response?

"Send photos of your pussy and your ass."

My response?

I blocked him.

I don't take commands from anyone. You can tell me in bed "suck my dick," but only after we have kissed for a long time, not a second before that.

To summarize:

I've talked with the village idiot this morning, the village brute at night and in between with the young prince from the castle.

I'd say I was quite lucky overall.

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