The Plumber

"Hey, plumber, remember me?"

That was the message I got yesterday on Grindr just when I was about to close my eyes. Before this message, I got another one from Adi, my 18-year-old fuck body. Adi is going to start his three years of army service in August.

Adi's message was so cute and so typical of him.

"Hi, is it too late to come over now and make love your ass? I miss you."

Too late?

It was nearly 1 AM, and he knows that I wake up at 6 AM to go to work. He also knows that I prefer that he tells me a few hours before he wants to come over and that I am rarely spontaneous like that.

What he did not know was that I already got fucked twice earlier at the nude beach. Even for me, getting fucked three times in one day and two out of the three by massive cocks (Adi's cock is enormous), is a bit too much.

Who were the two guys who made love to my ass earlier?

I wrote briefly about the second guy here:

He was walking towards me when I took this photo. A hairy stud that had never seen jocks before. He was curious to see what it was and fuck whoever was wearing it.

I want to write more about him because it was such beautiful lovemaking and so unexpected. I am going to remember this lovemaking as the "sweetheart" fuck — more about it in another post.

** Five months have passed and I never got to write about this awesome lovemaking. I should though. **

What about the first one? The one who sent me the message, "Hey, plumber, remember me?"

How could I forget?

A cute young guy, thin, not too hairy with a hot hairy ass was walking on the beach. It was around 5:45 PM; the beach was still empty,

When he got to where I was, I started talking with him. I was bored, and he was cute. He got hard right away and knew it because he covered his cock the entire conversation. I have to admit I enjoyed his looks. The guy was fucking me with his eyes. I enjoyed teasing him because it was evident that he did not have sex with a guy for a long time.

How long?

A year

The last time he touched a man was a year ago, also at the beach.

I washed my body with a bottle (because of the jellyfish), making sure I bend over enough so he can see my smooth hole. I felt like he was eating me with his eyes. Then I offered him to sit next to me.

When he sat down, I finally saw his cock.

Beautiful long pink arrow. Not too thick, just a long pointy arrow. The kind of cock that goes deep into my love tunnel in seconds.

Not only was his cock hard, but it was dripping massive amounts of cum. This guy was leaking drop after drop while he was looking at my naked body.

I played this little game with myself:

How long can I hold before I give up and let him fuck me?

I better never bet on me when I play such a game because I lost in no time. I turned on my stomach and spread my legs, and kept talking with him. When I did that, a new beautiful stream of precum emerged and started leaking out.

"It seems that you need a plumber, your beautiful pipe is leaking."

He felt embarrassed

"It's hot, don't be embarrassed."

"Well, are you a plumber?"

I laughed, "No, I'm a software engineer."

He had a sweet disappointed look. He was so cute, he wanted so badly to fuck me, but he did not know how to express it.

I had to help him

"But, you can pretend that you are a plumber and check my ass pipe."

He seems relieved

"I want to fuck you so badly; you have no idea."

I laughed again

"I have no idea? Look at you; your stomach is like a little pool of cum."

I gave him the lube and spread my legs some more.

In no time, he was entirely inside of me. When he got all the way in, I closed my legs and tightened my grip on his manhood. In response, he moaned loudly and started fucking me. He stopped for a split second, and I felt a shot of cum firing in my ass. But it was just a preview. His cock grew bigger instead of losing his erection.

"Let's switch positions," I told him, "I want to play with my cock too."

He laid on his back, and I started riding his cock. He stretched his arms and played with my nipples and my pecs at the same time. If I did not mention it before, my nipples are super sensitive. If a guy plays with my nipples while I am getting fucked, it sends wave after wave of pleasure all over my body.

I could tell that the time was around 6:30 PM, and in no time, all the beach weirdos will come to "watch" the sunset. I did not want to stop this fantastic feeling, and yet, I knew that I better shoot my load, or I will not be able to.

He kept playing with my nipples; I kept riding his cock and tightening my grip using my powerful ass muscles. Then I started to raise my voice, louder and louder, and forcefully milking his cock in me with my muscles. He left my nipples and pulled up his back and fucked me stronger. When I felt that, I started screaming and shot my load all over his face (the first two shots went over his head) while we both moved in harmony together.

Halfway through my orgasm, he screamed too, and I could feel a massive amount of cum hitting to walls of my love tunnel. I was already done shooting while he shot a few more shots deep inside of me. I looked at his face while he was enjoying the last seconds of his orgasm. He had an expression of absolute enjoyment on his cute face. The fact that his face was covered with my cum made it look so adorable.

When we both went to clean up, I could see that the crowds were starting to arrive. It was perfect timing for this ideal beach orgasm.

Little did I know that I was going to experience another lovemaking to my ass in an hour.

And not by a long arrow pink cock.

But by a massive red Yemenite thick hammer.


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