The Plumber

"Hey, plumber, remember me?"

That was the message I got yesterday on Grindr just when I was about to close my eyes. Before this message, I got another one from Adi, my 18-year-old fuck body. Adi is going to start his three years of army service in August.

Adi's message was so cute and so typical of him.

"Hi, is it too late to come over now and make love your ass? I miss you."

Too late?

It was nearly 1 AM, and he knows that I wake up at 6 AM to go to work. He also knows that I prefer that he tells me a few hours before he wants to come over and that I am rarely spontaneous like that.

What he did not know was that I already got fucked twice earlier at the nude beach. Even for me, getting fucked three times in one day and two out of the three by massive cocks (Adi's cock is enormous), is a bit too much.

Who were the two guys who made love to my ass earlier?

I wrote briefly about the second guy here:


He was walking towards me when I took this photo. A hairy stud that had never seen jocks before. He was curious to see what it was and fuck whoever was wearing it.

I want to write more about him because it was such beautiful lovemaking and so unexpected. I am going to remember this lovemaking as the "sweetheart" fuck — more about it in another post.

** Five months have passed and I never got to write about this awesome lovemaking. I should though. **

What about the first one? The one who sent me the message, "Hey, plumber, remember me?"

How could I forget?

A cute young guy, thin, not too hairy with a hot hairy ass was walking on the beach. It was around 5:45 PM; the beach was still empty,

When he got to where I was, I started talking with him. I was bored, and he was cute. He got hard right away and knew it because he covered his cock the entire conversation. I have to admit I enjoyed his looks. The guy was fucking me with his eyes. I enjoyed teasing him because it was evident that he did not have sex with a guy for a long time.

How long?