Joyful erections, sweet semen, sun, sex, and vanilla pudding

It wasn't even 6 AM when I'd heard Felix crawling out of bed and going to the kitchen. Usually, I don't wake up when he raids the fridge that early, but this time I did.

I also knew that he would be disappointed because I'm out of vegan vanilla pudding.

That's the kind of vegan pudding I usually buy

"Sorry, cutie-pie, I'm out of pudding," I muttered when he came back to bed.

"I wish I had some vanilla pudding."

I pretended to talk with a sleepy voice even though I was fully awake:

"You want some vanilla pudding?"


I rose abruptly and slapped his face a few times with my hard cock:

"Suck my cock if you're really that desperate for some pudding."

It was hysterical; we were both laughing and kissing for a long time.

Is my cum truly like a vanilla pudding?

Here's some pudding for you

After all our laughing and kissing, did I give Felix some pudding from my thick cock?


I don't fancy morning sex for several reasons.

The first reason is that I can't get fucked.

I know that my ass isn't clean enough for lovemaking at that time of the day. When Felix & I make love, he almost always wants to breed me, which is my desire too. I don't want to settle for anything less than the empowering feeling of his cum shots in my ass.

The second reason is that my orgasms are potent and tiring. They are stronger if I get fucked at the same time. If the top had already loaded my ass with cum and I shoot my load while he keeps fucking me, my orgasms almost cause me to faint.

Here's how I sounded when Felix kept fucking me after loading my ass with his vegan cum shots:

I need to rest for two hours after such an intense experience before I can continue my day. If I need to work or work out, then I can't experience an orgasm before that.

And so instead of fucking my ass, Felix soaped it and gently massaged my love hole and sensitive balls, which are especially tender in the morning.

When he hugged me firmly from behind, I felt his hard cock pressed against my muscular ass. I felt secure, protected by his muscular body and divine cock.

Felix's orgasms aren't as intense as mine, and he loves to shoot his load in the morning.

He washed the soap off my smooth ass and lubed my crack. He kept rubbing his beautiful big penis on my oily ass while hugging me. When I felt that his orgasm was about to happen, I reached my hand back and held his big balls. Felix yelled instantly, and I felt his delicious warm cum firing on my back before leaking down my crack and caressing my smooth hole.

I fingered myself with his cum, then licked my fingers, and we hugged and kissed again for quite some time. The feeling of his semi-hard cock, still leaking cum and pressed against my sturdy morning boner, was sweet.

I've been thinking about erections lately.

Or, more accurately, the lack of them.

I'm not talking about a random case of not being able to get hard. That happened to me once during lovemaking because the guy was a dickhead.

I wrote about it here:

My Erection, Gone!

I'm talking about not being able to get fully hard or hard at all, most if not all the time.

In case you didn't know, to penetrate an ass, your cock needs to be hard as a rock. Even with a trained hole like mine, you need force to push your cock in.

If the cock is soft, it will not be able to open your lover's ass.

I began thinking about it two weeks ago when in the very same week, two guys failed to get hard enough to breed me, even though they wanted to. I only briefly mentioned those beach fucks. One of them was a guy who had fucked me at the nudist beach about ten years ago.

Ten years ago, I practiced safe sex, and he had no problem fucking me even though he had to put on a condom. Now, he's in his 50s, but even though it was delightful to get his hot cum all over my pecs, he wasn't able to get hard enough to deliver it deep inside my ass.

The other guy was in his 60s, and he didn't get hard at all.

His cock grew substantially, but it wasn't hard. He still shot a lot of cum all over my ass while I was standing and he finger-fucked me, but his cock wasn't hard even when he'd experienced an orgasm.

I talk with many older guys, and that's their number one complaint: not being able to get hard or to keep their erection for long.

Even guys in the 40s sometimes start to suffer from this problem.

I don't.

When I need or want my cock to get hard, it's there for my sex partner and me. Usually, fingering my love hole is all that it takes to cause my cock to bone.

How do I keep my cock in such perfect condition, almost as if I was still in my 20s?

I'll write a separate blog post about that because it's an important topic, and I think many people would find this information very helpful.

But just to give you a quick preview:

  • I'm in shape

  • I have very little abdominal fat

  • I'm healthy (diabetes, for example, is an erection killer)

  • My testosterone levels are high

In fact, my testosterone is so high, that it's literally off the scale.

I checked my testosterone levels last month to understand why I crave cum so much

I was thinking of erections again because of what happened to me yesterday at the beach.

I'm not referring to the erection of my best friend who fucked me yesterday, but rather to someone who confused my soft cock for a hard one.

I was standing when he came over and placed his beach bag not too far away from me. Then he got naked, and I knew right away that he was interested in my body.

Sadly I already knew that he wasn't my type at all.

I gave him all the right signals that I wasn't interested in him, but it didn't stop him from coming over.

What were those signals?

  • I didn't make eye contact with him.

  • When he played with his soft cock, I Iooked the other way

  • When he stood up and came closer to where I was standing, I walked away.

Yet, despite all my efforts, he came over and sat next to me while playing with his soft cock.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm desperate. I must suck cock and swallow cum. Since your cock is already hard, I figured you'd be interested."

My cock wasn't hard at all. It was the same size as in this photo:

I was furious with this guy.

I didn't care how horny he was.

It's not an excuse to behave like an idiot. He could have seen already that I wasn't interested. Even if he thought that I might be, he should have asked before sitting next to me and starting to masturbate.

"To begin with, my cock isn't hard at all, and besides, you should ask before you invite yourself over. In any case, even if my cock had been hard, you're not my type."

Then he left.

Despite my anger, I was happy to see from afar that he'd eventually found a cock to suck.

Half an hour later, I met my best friend Dor, whom I hadn't seen for two weeks. He went to stay up north with his parents. I too grew up in the north of Israel.

This is part of the view from the house where I grew up:

Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee

The fact that we are both northerners and our families have been here for several hundred years is one of the reasons that makes our friendship so strong.

We don't have royalty or nobility in Israel.

Because our society is based on immigration, saying that your family is native is as close to nobility as possible - a bit like people in the States who discover that their family roots go back to the Pilgrim Fathers who had sailed there on the Mayflower.

Mayflower aside, seeing Dor after that awful guy was like seeing a flower in the desert.

We hugged and kissed.

Then we went swimming and cuddled some more in the water. Just two happy friends being playful with their hard penises. We also had many stories to share. I told him about my fantastic sex with Aviv.

I wrote about it here:

Is it possible to have an open relationship?

Even though he’s my best friend I didn’t know he’d be at the beach because I never arrange a meeting with anyone there beforehand.

This rule applies to both friends and sex dates. I get many requests from guys on Grindr to go with me to the beach and, of course, fuck me there. But as I said, I never organize such a sex date, not even with someone who has fucked me before.

My reasons are quite simple:

  • Most times, I like to be alone at the beach.

  • I like being spontaneous. My life is so organized, and the beach gives me a sense of freedom from schedules and obligations.

  • If it's a new guy, I don't want to be stuck with someone who turns out to be an idiot, a lousy fuck, or both.

  • This way, I get to meet not only random fucks, but also great guys.

That was the case with Ilan, the ex-model whose photos I took recently.

How we'd met at the nudist beach is worth telling because it demonstrates how incredible this beach is.

But for now, here's just another photo of him:

Even though I never organize to meet anybody, I'm always happy to spend a naked afternoon with Dor.

Besides, I hadn't seen him for two weeks, and I'd missed him a lot. Felix & I had been thinking of spending two nights somewhere, and we wanted to invite him and some other friends to join us.

"Wouldn't Felix be jealous if I come too?"

Normally, Felix isn't jealous when it comes to other guys using my love hole. However, there are a few guys of whom he is jealous.

...and Dor is at the top of that list.

Luka, on the other hand, doesn't mind when Dor takes ownership of my body. Even when Dor fucked me in my apartment in January, Luka didn't care.

I wrote about our winter lovemaking here:

Dor's Cum Back

Luka watched us with interest while making sure my ass got A-Class treatment.