Joyful erections, sweet semen, sun, sex, and vanilla pudding

It wasn't even 6 AM when I'd heard Felix crawling out of bed and going to the kitchen. Usually, I don't wake up when he raids the fridge that early, but this time I did.

I also knew that he would be disappointed because I'm out of vegan vanilla pudding.

That's the kind of vegan pudding I usually buy

"Sorry, cutie-pie, I'm out of pudding," I muttered when he came back to bed.

"I wish I had some vanilla pudding."

I pretended to talk with a sleepy voice even though I was fully awake:

"You want some vanilla pudding?"


I rose abruptly and slapped his face a few times with my hard cock:

"Suck my cock if you're really that desperate for some pudding."

It was hysterical; we were both laughing and kissing for a long time.

Is my cum truly like a vanilla pudding?

Here's some pudding for you

After all our laughing and kissing, did I give Felix some pudding from my thick cock?


I don't fancy morning sex for several reasons.

The first reason is that I can't get fucked.

I know that my ass isn't clean enough for lovemaking at that time of the day. Whe