The Greengrocer

Finally, we have some real winter in Israel.

A massive storm front that is going to last for three days. It rains continuously; it is windy and freezing. Very few apartments in Israel have central heating. And so, winter is a much colder experience for us than people living in a much colder climate.

Of course, wherever I sit, I heat the room, but when I step out to the kitchen or living room, the temperature there is 55, which is quite cold for indoors. I once had an American friend stay over. He said that Israel is one of the coldest countries he has been to because of that. He always felt cold (except when he was inside of me).

Perhaps the hardest thing for me is working out.

I am used to working out naked, and that is, of course, impossible. Well, it is not possible when I start working out. But halfway through, I am warm enough and can get naked. It is the thought though of getting naked when it is so cold that many times prevent me from starting to workout.

Today, after working out, I felt very homey. It was raining outside. I poured myself a glass of red wine and went over some old writings.

You see, I publish only a small part of my life. Many times, I come back from the beach or from someplace, and I just write down in short notes the experience that I have had so I don't forget it. I keep it all in a folder on my computer in the hopes that one day I will find the time to make a real blog post out of it.

This story is one of these cases.

It is from the beach season of 2018, so about 16 months ago. I never published it. When I came back from the beach, I wrote it down for me to remember.

That is why I write about things that happen in my life. So, I can remember. When you look back at your life, you remember very little. Of course, you remember the significant events, but I also wanted to retain the daily activities that were memorable for me at that time.

It took me a while to remember this guy. But after reading my notes a couple of times, the whole scene came back to life in my brain.

God, he was so sexy.

And yet, so disappointing.

Here is the story of a very horny afternoon at the beach, in the summer of 2018:

"Is there no cell reception at the beach?"