The Greengrocer

Finally, we have some real winter in Israel.

A massive storm front that is going to last for three days. It rains continuously; it is windy and freezing. Very few apartments in Israel have central heating. And so, winter is a much colder experience for us than people living in a much colder climate.

Of course, wherever I sit, I heat the room, but when I step out to the kitchen or living room, the temperature there is 55, which is quite cold for indoors. I once had an American friend stay over. He said that Israel is one of the coldest countries he has been to because of that. He always felt cold (except when he was inside of me).

Perhaps the hardest thing for me is working out.

I am used to working out naked, and that is, of course, impossible. Well, it is not possible when I start working out. But halfway through, I am warm enough and can get naked. It is the thought though of getting naked when it is so cold that many times prevent me from starting to workout.

Today, after working out, I felt very homey. It was raining outside. I poured myself a glass of red wine and went over some old writings.

You see, I publish only a small part of my life. Many times, I come back from the beach or from someplace, and I just write down in short notes the experience that I have had so I don't forget it. I keep it all in a folder on my computer in the hopes that one day I will find the time to make a real blog post out of it.

This story is one of these cases.

It is from the beach season of 2018, so about 16 months ago. I never published it. When I came back from the beach, I wrote it down for me to remember.

That is why I write about things that happen in my life. So, I can remember. When you look back at your life, you remember very little. Of course, you remember the significant events, but I also wanted to retain the daily activities that were memorable for me at that time.

It took me a while to remember this guy. But after reading my notes a couple of times, the whole scene came back to life in my brain.

God, he was so sexy.

And yet, so disappointing.

Here is the story of a very horny afternoon at the beach, in the summer of 2018:

"Is there no cell reception at the beach?"

I looked at this sexy hairy guy. He was dark-skinned, beautiful, with such a beautiful thick cock and a big dark mushroom head.

His body was toned & muscular. His beautiful bubble hairy butt almost gave me thoughts of fucking him. His ass had lots of curly hair in the crack. The only disappointing part of his otherwise perfect body was his big balls because they were shaven.

It looks ridiculous when a hairy guy shaves his balls. It was such a weird combination because when I took my look south, I could see hints of the lush curly hair that led to his hidden hole.

I got semi-hard when he started talking with me, which was the expected reaction after looking at his sweet thick chocolate cock.

"Are you here for the first time?"

"How did you know?" - he asked

"Because there is never reception here, so if you ask about it, it means that you were never here before."

He smiled: "Well, it's my first time here, and first time being naked in public, I got many questions."

I pointed at my beach towel:" You can sit by me if you want."

He smiled became even wider, exposing perfect white teeth, and he also got a bit hard: "Thank you, I'll bring my towel over."

And so he did.

At first, we went to sit partly in the water. From my experience, when a horny guy sits next to me in the water, things move fast. Very soon, I end up with his cock in either my mouth or my ass. Sometimes in both and not necessarily in this order.

How did I know he was horny?

Because I walked in front of him to the water, so he can observe my muscular ass, and when we sat down, his cock got massive and partly hard.

Sitting close to him and watching his dazzling body and now thicker and darker cock, I just felt like riding his cock right away. There was no one at the beach, a perfect opportunity for several hours of awesome man to man action.

Instead, we started talking.

I have learned that he was 24 and that he has a girlfriend. He considers himself straight but has no problem with a naked guy sitting next to him (his partly hard cock would disagree...); he was a greengrocer and did deliveries.

That explains his gorgeous muscular upper body, I thought to myself.

My cock was somewhat erected and dripping cum. His thick dark eggplant was just the same. Still, something was missing; I was starting to wonder how will I end up riding his stunning cock.

I knew he wanted me in some form. I could tell he has zero experience with men. However, I felt that he still did not overcome his fears. It was clear as his shaved big balls that he never touched a naked guy before. Forget about touching; he has never been sitting naked next to another naked guy.

He was especially never naked next to another naked guy who was drooling all over him.

He was constantly checking up my body. I kept checking his cock, which went up and down like an elevator on a busy workday.

We chatted some more, and then he asked me if I'm a top or bottom.

"I'm a total bottom; why are you asking?"

"I'm just curious, I mean if you are a bottom, how doesn't it hurt you when a guy is fucking you, you know fucking deep, like when I am fucking my girlfriend."

I felt my love hole getting loose when he said that. That must be some sight to see him fucking.

I explained to him the ins and outs of anal sex and watched his cock grow again, but he was still not 100% hard.

"Let me show you how easy it is for me," I told him.

I lubed one finger with saliva, raised my left leg (he was sitting left of me), and showed him how quickly and deeply I can insert my finger into my smooth hole.

I took it out, lubed two fingers, and did it again.

Additionally, I added a long, loud moaning. I did it not only because I enjoyed it so much but also to signal him how horny I am.

His cock got rock hard and really started leaking cum.

I took my fingers out and licked them both.

"Theon, you are a professional bottom. That was quite impressive."

"Thank you," I said politely, but I thought to myself: This was not the reaction I was looking for. I was expecting him to say: "Wow, that must have felt so good, I would not mind doing the same to you but with my hard cock instead."

Or something similar.

It felt awkward.

Here we were alone, obviously very into each other and the beach was empty. Why were things not moving along?

I turned around on my stomach and crossed my legs. I did not want to appear too suggestive at this point. I just wanted to tease him. Perhaps this will convince him to touch my two smooth apples or if he felt brave enough to come on top of me and slide his thick cucumber on my crack.

He was a greengrocer after all...

When I turned back my head, I saw that his hard cucumber released a few more drops of precum. He was sitting somewhat behind me, so I knew his focus was on my ass.

I believe that the top should make the first move.

It does not have to be a grand gesture like fingering me or licking my love hole. It can be the slightest hint that he is interested in my body. Yes, his cock was sending all the right signals, but I wanted his mind also to align with his beautiful dark cock.

I thought to myself: Should I mention to him the fact that his cock was hard and leaking cum?

I decided that would sound too desperate, and, well, I don't need to beg anyone. I workout enough on my ass, and I am such a professional bottom that if anything, he should be craving to fuck me.

There was silence for several minutes, and I was hoping he was looking for courage inside his big smooth balls.

Whether he was looking for it or not, he did not find it.

"Let's go back a laydown. I feel like stretching my legs and relaxing. I work hard everyday lifting boxes for delivery."

We walked back, this time I was behind him. Fuck, he had such a stunning hairy ass. There was nothing more in the entire world that I wanted at the moment than to hear him moan while fucking my ass while one of my hands was holding one of his hairy lemons tight and my other hand playing around his thick curly hair next to his hole.

I must have his cum, I thought to myself. I want him so badly to make love to my ass.

When we got back to our towels, he laid on his back and spread his hairy legs. I could see his entire gorgeous body, from head to feet, and in the middle, his wonderful cock that was semi-hard. Now that he spread his legs, I could see clearly the lush forest that was becoming thicker as it approached his hole from below his big shaved balls.

I laid on my stomach in the opposite direction and spread my legs. I did it so he could almost see my hole clearly.

I was using my most reliable tactic. I knew that his cock wanted my ass, and I was hoping that positioning myself in a "fuck me please" posture will convince his mind to follow his cock.

Speaking of his cock, it got extra hard, and a new stream of cum flowed from it, I turned my head as if to talk to him, and I witnessed the entire process. It was slowly but surely rising and growing from the right leg where he was resting until it was extra hard and thick. While his cock did this magnificent show, another stream of cum leaked out.

I felt dizzy; this was beyond cruel. I would not mind if he did not fuck me; I just wanted to lick his cum.

"Theon, your ass is is amazingly smooth. I have never seen a guy with an ass like yours. Do you shave it?"

“Finally”, I thought to myself; I knew for sure that soon, he would be inside of me. I got so hard that it felt almost painful. He did not see it because I was lying on my stomach.

I laughed.

"How many naked guys have you seen in this position, legs spread, like mine that you can examine their ass and hole so closely?"

He laughed as well.

"You are the first. However, during my army service, I showered with other guys. All of them had some or a lot of hair on their ass. Your ass looks like my girlfriend's"

"You can touch my ass and my hole if you want, it should feel the same since it looks like your girlfriend's. Many guys tell me it feels like a woman's ass."

"That's OK; I can see how smooth both of them are without touching. I was just curious if you were born like that or if you do something to make your ass appear so silky smooth."

His lame response was the equivalent of getting punched in the face.

But I was not going to give up on him so soon. Usually, I would not bother that much, but he was so fucking hot, and I wanted his massive hard cock so badly. I knew I could give him and his cock such phenomenal pleasure, and I also knew that he desired it.

I decided to give it one last try.

"You have an amazing cock; it's big and beautiful. I could not help but notice how much cum leaks out of your hard cock. Do you always get hard like this, or does it have to do anything with my smooth ass?"

"Yes, I get hard sometimes over nothing, same for my cum. It is normal for me to leak cum when I am naked even when I am not hard. If you want to wank and cum while looking at my hard cock, I have no problem with it."

That was the second punch to the face. "Over nothing???" Was he calling my ass, my pride and joy "nothing"?

Plus, that was such a lousy lie. No one leaks cum and gets hard unless he is sexually aroused, a lot.

I raised my body, my cock was still somewhat hard, but I was angry.

"Where are you going?"

His cock was still hard and leaking cum when he asked me that.

I could not believe that I was going to leave this stud behind, but I already wasted over an hour on this guy while other potential sexy tops passed by. One of them was someone who fucked me a week before, and he was a superb lover. By now, I knew this greengrocer would not make love to my apples or let me touch his eggplant. It was just a way for him to get a kick from me drooling over him and then to fantasize about my ass while he fucks his girlfriend.

And so, I left this stud and went to play with Luka and her ball.

As for his massive smooth balls, he can go back to his girlfriend; she can empty them for him.

I was done playing games!


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