The French Connection

I watched him as he paraded in front of me, flapping his thick cock.

That was the third time he was doing that.

I was in the shallow pools.

Before he returned, my ass was turned in the opposite direction. In other words, my face was facing the ocean. But when I saw him coming over again, I turned around, so he does not get the impression I am showing him my ass on purpose.

I turned my ass around so he has nothing to look at

What is it with guys that think that if they take out their cock and flap it in front of a bottom's eyes, it will make the bottom want them to fuck him?

He was absolutely not my type, but that is not the point.

The equivalent would be me walking clothed on the beach. Then when I see a naked guy that I want him to breed me, I would take off my backpack. I would pull down my pants, turn around in doggie and present my smooth hole to him.

It's so gross.

I am not naive, and I'm the last person who thinks having lots of sex is a reason for shame. But, come on, some basic manners. I'm not a hole; I'm a person.

Smile, make eye contact, don't be so vulgar, talk.

That's the bare minimum.

Besides him, there was just one more couple at the beach. They were sitting half a mile north from me.

I assumed that they were tourists because I never saw them before, and I have seen them a few times during the last week.

They were walking naked on the beach, and when they passed me, I waved to them, they waved back and smiled.

A lovely couple, I thought to myself.

If I'd have to guess, The guy in his 40's was the bottom, and the top was in his 50's. I was by far more attracted to the top. He was toned, hairy and his cock was impressive. The bottom was too smooth to my taste (it was quite evident that he shaves parts of his body).

They did not seem too interested in me. Based on my experience at the nude beach, that is almost always the case when it comes to couples.

The beach is so beautiful that couples become romantic and hang out with each other. It's quite rare for me to engage in lovemaking with a couple at the beach.

When it was nearly sunset, the penis waving creature arrived again. I am looking at him at this photo.

My fuck body, Dan, tore my jocks while fucking me

Shortly after, I lost my patience and waved to him to get the fuck away. He was standing, looking at me, and playing with his thick cock.

By the way, my fuck body Dan, tore these jocks ten days ago when he made love to my ass. He was fucking me while I was wearing these jocks and he was holding them. That's a story worth telling, but not right now.

After sunset, I started walking naked back to my car. The car is parked 1.5 miles from the beach. Once I leave the beach, I still have a mile or so to walk to it. It's a dirt road.

I was walking naked, it was already quite dark, and I decided to try a photo in low light conditions. It took me several tries to get the right settings of the camera.

I took this photo of me and these pipes when I saw the couple walking on the dirt road.

They were not naked, and now with their clothes, they looked indeed like tourists.

I did not mind them; I took several photos. The lights in the distance are the coastal highway. I park my car at the gas station. You can see how far it is.

When they got to me, they stopped and stared at my nudity.

"It's OK to walk naked; there is no one here."

I could tell they had no idea what I was saying, so I just smiled.

Both of them got closer to me and started playing with my ass cheeks. I was still standing right next to these pips.

That's were I was standing where they started playing with my horny ass

"wow, nice," The top said, and I realized they are from France. They were most likely Jewish because I saw before at the beach that both of them were cut.

When they started to caress my ass, I immediately started moaning and got hard. I said it before many times, if you devote time to my ass, you will end up doing whatever you want with my body.

My ass is overly sensitive.

They kept running their hands all over my body, spreading my ass cheeks, playing with my hole. I moaned loudly and started to precum.

"Wait, let's move aside."

I got no reaction from them. It's strange how a lot of people from France don't know a word in English.

I packed my camera equipment, took my bag and waved them to follow me. We went off the dirt road to the adjacent fields. Once we were there, they both got quickly naked and presented two beautiful hard cocks. The top (now I was sure he was the top because the bottom kept trying to blow my cock), had a magnificent big cock.

The bottom's cock was not too bad, but nothing compared.

I dropped to my knees and started blowing them both. Both their beautiful cocks were in my mouth, and they kept fucking it while kissing each other. I played with their hairy nuts at the same time.

I wrote above that for a bottom to turn around, stand in doggie and show his hole is gross.

That was not true in this case.

I turned around and waved my ass like a dog shakes his tale.

Both of them took turns, licking my love hole and fingering me. As far as I was concerned, I would not have minded this continuing forever, but my mom invited me for dinner, and I did not want to be late.

I stood up, got the lube, handed it over to them, and returned to the doggie position.

Now the most enjoyable part has started.

They took turns fucking either my mouth or my ass.

The top started fucking my ass, but to my surprise, after fucking my mouth for a short time, the bottom said something in French to the top. I did not understand what it was. The result was that the top brought his hard cock to my mouth, and the bottom shoved his cock into my moist love tunnel.

I guess he told him: "Now it's my turn," or something similar.

They switched roles like that four times.

The fourth time, I felt that I could no longer hold my cum, and I also knew I am already going to be late for dinner with my parents.

So, when the top started fucking me again, I started massaging his cock with my powerful ass muscles and also played with his balls at the same time. I did that while the bottom was face fucking me.

Looking back, if this were an SAT to prove how good of a bottom I am, I would have scored 1600.

"I cum," the top shouted.

I guess he knows some English I thought to myself, and then, I felt hot shots of cum filling my insides.

The top took his cock out of my ass and rubbed it on my ass cheeks. Then we both stood up because my knees were starting to hurt.

I relaxed my anus, and his cum started leaking out of my ass.

I took some of it for myself and the rest I put on the bottoms cock. We were facing each other, masturbating and holding each other's balls. The top went behind me and fingered me and was messaging my ass cheeks at the same time.

Very quickly, we both screamed together and shot massive amounts of cum on each other. Correction, I shot massive amounts of cum, the bottom shot a decent amount of cum on me.

Looking back, the one thing that was missing from this whole incredible sex scene was them kissing me with some famous French kisses.

I guess I was too horny to care, but if they fuck me again today, then I'd like to kiss with them as well.


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