The Fake Top

Recently I have had another encounter with a "top." I mean, a guy who told me he was a top but during our lovemaking turned out to be more of a bottom.

He was a beautiful hairy muscular guy, 32-year-old originally from Spain. I never got to share how we fucked, mainly because it was disappointing for me in the end.

Before we met, he'd kept talking about how he would love to fuck me.

He also talked a lot about how beautiful my cock was.

I don't like getting a blog job - sigh

That was a warning bell, but his cock was so big and beautiful that I never imagined I might not experience it fucking me.

I should have considered it because that was precisely what happened.

He played a lot with my love hole, but he was more interested in blowing my cock (which I genuinely don't like).

My legs were on his shoulders, and I was waiting for him to start fucking me. He would play with my horny love hole a lot with his thick hard cock pressed against it, even push it inside a bit. But each time, he'd take it out and start blowing me.

I knew that I was trapped in bed with a closeted bottom once again, and I wanted to end it ASAP.

I did the oldest bottom's trick:

I started playing with his beautiful furry balls.

When I started doing it, the "top" moaned, and I felt sudden sadness because I knew I would not experience the holy moment of him screaming and shooting his load in my ass.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, his cum was all over my face, upper body, and some on my cock & balls.

There was so much of it; damn, what a waste of fresh cum.

He contacted me a few days later. I wanted to meet with him again because he was so sexy. Even if it meant that he didn't end up fucking me, But I didn't want him to suck me ever again.

Here's our conversation

I guess I will not be seeing him again!

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