The Desert

60% of Israel is a Desert. 

Even though Israel is tiny, we have several desert regions. Each one has a unique topography and wildlife. 

In Israel, unlike the countries around us, wildlife is protected.

Israel has become a haven for many animals that were hunted to extinction in the neighboring countries. 

While hiking, we have seen a Mountain gazelle.

The Mountain gazelle is the symbol of Israel.

Until 100 years ago you could find it all over the Middle East. Nowadays, you can only find it in Israel.

I can't imagine hiking right now in the desert. It is probably 120 degrees at noon.

But by November I plan to return with a few of my best friends and hike for several days.

This photo was taken close to Sde Boker, where David Ben Gurion, our first prime minister, is buried.


When he was 67, he decided to give up his political career and live in the desert as a simple farmer in Sde Boker.

He wanted to set an example for Israelis to follow him to the desert and live there.

He coined many phrases; one of them was:

"The Israeli nation will show its true strength in the desert."

The tombs of him and his wife overlook beautiful desert scenery.

Shabat Shalom


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