The Car Mechanic

He was tall, and his ass was so hairy. The hair was curly, and it climbed from the crack to his lower back. Inside the crack, the hair was so lush and thick, but when it got to his lower back, it became like fur.

The car mechanic.

More about him below.

Two days ago, I took my lunch and Luka and went to the forest to walk naked and eat my lunch naked outdoors. I work Monday from home, and Luka needed to release some energy. On my part, I also needed some quiet time to think about several ideas that I had in my head regarding this blog post.

After a week of rain, there was finally some new growth, and the air was sweet.

So was Luka.

It felt awesome to be naked again in the forest. It was a bit cold, so I kept my shirt on.

What was I thinking about while letting my balls and my smooth hole breath some fresh air?

I was thinking about the changes, we, men, go through as we age. What caused me to think about that (besides the fact my body reminds me that I am aging), were three different encounters with mature/older guys.

These encounters were not as pleasant as I was hoping for.

The way I see it, men are like wine. Wine tends to get better as it gets more mature.

But not all wines are equal.

Some wines taste incredible after a few years. Others turn sour or simply become vinegar. Sometimes, even wines from a famous winery can rot unexpectedly.

Unlike wine, we have the power to influence what will become of us. It is a personal responsibility that I do not take lightly:

  • Personal growth is a daily task for me

  • I read a lot and try to educate myself

  • I work on my emotions.

And most importantly, I am always open to criticism because that is what makes us grow, not compliments (however, keep complimenting me please).

Sadly, three kinds of vinegar have crossed paths with me recently.

The first one is a guy I have been in touch with for two, perhaps three years. We have never met; our connection was purely online. Mostly via Skype and sometimes being more playful (read naked). We were not talking much during the last year, but occasionally we would chat on Skype.