Are bisexuals better lovers? Like most things in life, it depends...

I love getting fucked by bisexuals.  

I love feeling the thick cock of a bisexual guy going deep into my smooth ass, inch by inch, and making me beg for more. It gives me particular satisfaction to know that a guy chooses my ass over a cunt. Knowing that his cock also seeds women makes me eager to feel him satisfy my ass's thirst for cum.

Plus, most bisexuals have an intense desire for the warmth and softness of a man's ass. Usually, sex with them is mighty and sensual. Sometimes it can get too powerful (as it was with Arik), and consequently, it never happens. 

I got so many responses from bisexuals after my latest blog post. The post was about me not getting fucked by Arik. I lied to him that I was HIV+, and he ran away from my ass.

You can read more about it here:

Why did I lie about being HIV+?

Here's an example of one response:

I was reading the above response this morning while trying to decide what will I write about.

There were three things that I wanted to share with you:

  • How I survived my first fight with Felix, my boyfriend 

  • A surprising closure with Arik yesterday at the nudist beach 

  • Why I will not write anything about what's happening in the States

I also wanted to demonstrate with audio, how Felix fucked me in four positions:

  • First when I was on my stomach

  • Then when I rode his cock

  • Later when he fucked me doggie style

  • And lastly when he fucked me with my legs on his muscular shoulders 

In the final position, Felix made me cum without touching myself. It was a small orgasm but so sweet. He then pulled out and shot loads of cum on my face and my pecs. After that, he rubbed his cum all over my hole and my ass and played with my balls.

In seconds I screamed and experienced my second orgasm.