Are bisexuals better lovers? Like most things in life, it depends...

I love getting fucked by bisexuals.  

I love feeling the thick cock of a bisexual guy going deep into my smooth ass, inch by inch, and making me beg for more. It gives me particular satisfaction to know that a guy chooses my ass over a cunt. Knowing that his cock also seeds women makes me eager to feel him satisfy my ass's thirst for cum.

Plus, most bisexuals have an intense desire for the warmth and softness of a man's ass. Usually, sex with them is mighty and sensual. Sometimes it can get too powerful (as it was with Arik), and consequently, it never happens. 

I got so many responses from bisexuals after my latest blog post. The post was about me not getting fucked by Arik. I lied to him that I was HIV+, and he ran away from my ass.

You can read more about it here:

Why did I lie about being HIV+?

Here's an example of one response:

I was reading the above response this morning while trying to decide what will I write about.

There were three things that I wanted to share with you:

  • How I survived my first fight with Felix, my boyfriend 

  • A surprising closure with Arik yesterday at the nudist beach 

  • Why I will not write anything about what's happening in the States

I also wanted to demonstrate with audio, how Felix fucked me in four positions:

  • First when I was on my stomach

  • Then when I rode his cock

  • Later when he fucked me doggie style

  • And lastly when he fucked me with my legs on his muscular shoulders 

In the final position, Felix made me cum without touching myself. It was a small orgasm but so sweet. He then pulled out and shot loads of cum on my face and my pecs. After that, he rubbed his cum all over my hole and my ass and played with my balls.

In seconds I screamed and experienced my second orgasm. 

"I'm a cum rug; I better take a shower."

That's what I said when it was over and before we took a shower together. 

That's also how Nir, a bisexual man I have known for ten years and with whom I fucked for nearly eight years until two years ago, used to do before I started taking Prep. 

However, Nir and I never took a shower afterwards only before. 

Why was that?

Keep reading to find out. 

Nir and I were terrific sex partners.

Our lovemaking usually lasted for 3-4 hours, and it always ended the same way. He shot loads of his thick love juice all over my face and my pecs. Then he would rub it all over my ass and love hole. Later, just like Felix did, he would play with my sensitive balls and my anus until I stopped screaming, and until my cum was mixed with his all over my upper body and face. 

We usually shot our load twice. We would cum quickly during the first hour, most times in the shower, and then spend 2-3 more hours rolling naked in my massive bed until we once again shared our DNA. 

I no longer get fucked by Nir. 

I stopped getting fucked by him shortly after I started taking Prep. He got to fill my ass with his white cream only four times, I think. 

Did Nir suddenly decide to stop cheating on his wife?


He sends me "I miss your ass" messages every few weeks. 

Two years ago, after helping him to keep his marriage for eight years, I got fed up with his behavior. I decided it was disrespectful of me and my love hole.

If he was disrespectful, why had I kept letting him enjoy my body for so many years? 

Perhaps I should first explain the three major types of married bisexuals as far as my experience is concerned:

  • The deniers before

  • The deniers after

  • Those who deny before and after

Let's take Arik and Nir, for example.

While Arik never fucked me, I am sure that he belonged to group #3. On the other hand, Nir belonged to group #2, and after eight years, I was fed up with it.

The "before" and "after" has to do with the attitude towards me and my ass. It relates to giving me the gift of cum in or on me. 

The "denying" relates to the attraction to a man's asshole. 

The "denier before" bisexual, is the kind of bisexual that is more comfortable fucking me by calling my ass a “cunt”. This type of bisexual sometimes even talks to me using the female form of the verb (Hebrew differentiates between male and female). 

For example, when asking me, "Do you like my big cock," he would say:

"At Ohevet <my big cock>?" (female form)

instead of asking me:

"Ata Ohev...<my big cock>?" (male form)

Once the sex was over, the guy belonging to group #1 would stop pretending that I was a woman. We would chat, smile, have a smoke, and then he would kiss me goodbye and leave.

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Out of the three, he's the ideal sex partner. 

The "denier after" guy, is the kind that feels ashamed after the sex is over. While his seed is still swimming in my ass or leaking on my nipples, he has already gone. He's the type that, once he has satisfied his desire for a man's tight hole, suddenly feels ashamed and disappears.

The "denier before & after" guy is, of course, a combination of the two. He's the kind of guy that treats me as if I'm a woman before he shoots his cum and then disappears moments after. 

Nir was the "after" type of bisexual. 

We always started our lovemaking by taking a very long shower and him soaping every inch of my wet body. He would soap my ass and tease my love hole using his gentle fingers for a very long time. 

If I'm not mistaken, he was the first guy to load my ass with delicious cum in my newly renovated shower. I believe that was in late 2017. The last guy to do did this honor to my ass in this shower (except for Felix, of course) was Avner (who's also a bisexual!).

He's the one who took the photo of my open hole before loading it with cum:

I wrote about our lovemaking here:

Blackmailed & Fucked

The sex with Nir, as I've said, was out of this world. 

For example, we would stop in the middle and talk.

Nir would pull out his medium-sized, thick cock from my still-not-satisfied hole and lie down next to me. He would sometimes gently caress and lick my entire body while we were talking. Well, he was talking about how he loves my body, and I would moan in return. At a certain point, his fingers or tongue would find my horny love hole, and we would start all over again!

He loved the fact that I'm a guy. He worshipped my entire body in any possible way imaginable. He was one of the few guys from whom I didn't mind getting a blowjob. 

However, minutes after his cum was on my face or in my ass for the second time, he'd get dressed in record speed, give me a very formal kiss and disappear. It was as if he suddenly remembered his wife and kids and was ashamed of what we'd just done. 

At least he made sure I too shot my load the second time. When a guy leaves without ensuring I've completely drained my balls, I never bother to see him again. 

Before I started taking Prep, Nir's behavior made me uncomfortable, but I accepted it. I knew he was married with three kids (when we started fucking there was only one!), and I never expected anything from him besides dominant yet passionate, animal-like lovemaking.

However, once he started shooting his lovely sperm in my ass, it naturally bothered me. A sex date that ends with my ass full of cum is, to me, more meaningful. I mean: I gave him my ass, I let him penetrate my body and fill me up with his river of love. 

It didn't make us "happy ever after," but he was out of the door while his cum was still leaking out of my ass.

I thought it was unacceptable. 

And that's why I stopped seeing him. 

As for Arik (the guy I lied to about my HIV+ status), I saw him again yesterday at the nudist beach. It was quite a surprise encounter.

Not only did I not expect to see him again; I most certainly didn't expect him to start talking with me.

In my last blog post, I wrote how I was afraid he might even hit me:

"Arik was stronger than me, and the beach was deserted. I was suddenly afraid that he might punch me, so I kept my mouth shut. "

At the time, I thought I was hysterical, but Felix, my boyfriend, showed me a post on Facebook two nights ago:

"Theon, you should be more cautious when dealing with sex partners at the nudist beach. Arik could have hit you, maybe severely. Look at this"
Felix is always watching my back

The post was about a guy in his twenties returning from the nudist beach, driving slowly on the dirt road. I know this road very well because I walk on this road every time I go there. I park my car about a mile from the beach.

During the summer months, when I return to my car, I walk naked on this road:

Naked outdoors