The Best Boss

I have had a two-hour talk with my boss about the person who bullies me at work.

Among other things, he is harassing me over my disability:

"It takes you a lot of time to finish your tasks because you have only one eye."

My boss told me he couldn't sleep at night because of this crisis and yet the conversation was not an easy one. It's not fun telling your boss you cried over the weekend because of a co-worker.

I mean, I'm no longer a child, and yet it was so painful to hear these insults.

I asked my boss to have HR take part in the process. I will have a discussion with HR on Sunday. On Thursday, there will be a meeting between me, him, my boss, and HR.

Then he told me:

"Listen, Theon; I want you to go home for the rest of the week."

I did not want to since I have a lot of assignments.

"You can't be serious," I told him, "I'm not sick or anything."

"Yes, you are, you have suffered a strong emotional wound, and you need time to heal. Go home, have a long weekend on me, and next week we will deal with it."

My boss is not only devilishly handsome but also so adorable.

Too bad it's too cold for the nude beach, but at least I can be naked indoors.

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