The Ass Highway

I checked the weather at the nude beach this morning.

It's 50 degrees with strong winds and rain.

However, Israel is a warm country. With some luck, in a little bit over a month, there are going to be days when I could be naked there. Like I am in this photo.

Probably not when the sun sets, then there are strong winds, and the temperatures drop. Usually, between noon at 2 PM, it will be warm enough to be naked there.

That's not a lot of time, but even letting my hole breathe fresh sea air for a little while, is going to be so worth it.

Felix will not join me because he dislikes this beach (this is something that we will never agree upon).

This works in my favor.

If I am with him at the beach, it is going to make it tricker to have sex with other guys. It's not that I am cheating on him when another guy fucks me. He knows and accepts the fact I/We will never be monogamous.

This attitude goes both ways. I have no problem if he fucks or gets fucked by other guys.

Allow me to not be modest for a second:

I'm a great fuck with an exceptionally smooth sexy ass. Still, I don't expect Felix to only seed my ass just because of that. If he finds a better bottom, I'd be interested that he teaches me what is missing so we can both improve our sex lives. I am quite sure, though, that he will come running back to my hole for a much better experience after each time he has been with another bottom.

While I/We will never be monogamous, there is no point in rubbing it in his face or leaving him alone and going with someone else.

If I am with him, I will not go to have sex with another guy. Staying with your boyfriend and not going with someone else has nothing with being non-monogamous. It's just basic courtesy and respect for the man you love.

We are not officially together yet, even though things are moving fast. We have had a wonderful romantic dinner Friday night accompanied by brilliant lovemaking in my outdoor jacuzzi and my bedroom.

Every time he shoots in my ass and shouts my name, it is heaven. Not always does he shout my name when he does that, but Friday night, he did, and not only when he creamed my ass but also while making love to it.

I always said that the quickest route to a bottom's heart goes through his ass. In addition to that, the fastest way to a top's heart goes through his stomach.

Well, this Friday, we both were driving at high speed on the fastest highway.

But I still can't wait for Dean, my 21 years old army fuck body to fuck me, either this Monday or next Saturday.

That's just how I am, and besides, he is much better in licking my love hole.