The 7 Species

Today was another heatwave.

But, as a seasoned hiker, I could already feel Autumn sneaking through the cracks.

I hate going to the nude beach on a Saturday. So many people, families, kids. It does not feel like a gay nude beach at all.

I wanted to share with you the beautiful lovemaking I had two days ago at the beach. I bonded with a sexy guy so well that we exchanged jokes while his cock was buried deep in my ass and about to cream my tunnel of love.

But this has to wait for another post.

Anyway, today I was at home and felt bored. 

Come to think; It was not boredom. 

I suddenly wanted to see mountains, trees, to hike, to walk and breath the air of the holy land.

I realized I am starting to miss the winter. 

I called a good friend of mine. I did not know if he would like to go hiking. The last time we hiked when it was so hot, was seven years ago. We almost ended up not talking with each other. He hates it when it is so warm.

“Sure, I’d go with you. I am also bored. This August is driving me nuts.”

His nuts are beautiful by the way.

“Are you sure? you remember what happened last time we hiked when it was so warm?”

“Of course I remember, don’t worry, I think we know each other better now.”

Not wanting to risk our friendship, I decided to hike in the mountains leading to the eternal capital of the Jewish people: Jerusalem.

It is drier and colder there. I also picked a trail with some streams and an unusual underground cistern to crawl into.

It was lovely. 

Beautiful mountains view, fresh air, and it lifted up my spirit. There were also wild fig trees on the trail. I picked and ate some figs, very tasty!

Figs are part of the "Seven Species" that the Bible mentions in relation to Israel. The play an important role in Judaism:

You can find more about it here:


Here are me and Luka at the start of the trail. Before going downhill to visit the underground cistern.

I will write more about the trip and this beautiful area soon.

Peace & Love,


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