"That's on Me"

Sometimes a total stranger can turn a lousy week into a wonderful one.

After my boss had sent me home for the rest of the week, I went to get lunch at a newly discovered and mostly vegan restaurant.

I was full of emotions after I shared my pain with my boss for the first time.

The conversation started with my manager giving me the usual speech about how we should approach this, what he expects from me, and this guy, blah, blah, blah.

I interrupted his speech.

"He mocks me because I'm disabled."


It took me a while, but eventually, I told him what he said:

I don't remember the exact words, but the general idea was: "You can't get your job done on time because you only have one eye."

Of course, it is not just my eye; there are many other symptoms to the neurological damage that I suffered.

My boss said we would involve HR in the process.

He wanted the three of us (+ HR lady) to meet already this Sunday. I said that it is way too soon. I need a week to calm down before I can confront him; otherwise, the outcome would not be what my boss is looking for.

"He has been tormenting me for the last two years, give me a week before I can discuss it with him."

The day was warm enough for spending a couple of hours at the nude beach.

But it was going to start raining in two hours.

When I got to the restaurant, I noticed him right away: A beautiful muscular and (most likely) hairy waiter with attractive tattoos on this massive arms.

We exchange looks, and he must have known that I was gay. I secretly prayed that he was also gay and a top.

We kept exchanging looks, and at one time, I could swear that he was smiling at me. I looked behind me, but there was no one there, so he was smiling at me!

When he brought over my main course, he said: "I don't remember seeing you here before. Is this your first visit?"

"No, it's my third. I don't remember seeing you here before either, and I never forget a beautiful guy when I see one."

"Oh really?" he gave me a huge smile and laughed.

I did not see him for the rest of the meal.

Another waiter cleared the table and brought over my coffee. I thought to myself: "Theon, you are a pathetic idiot for making out with your waiter."

While I was having my coffee, my boss called me.

"Theon, I talked with HR, and she said we are going to do things differently.

She said you don't need to relive all that lousy experience by meeting with him. Put in writing what you went through and Sunday we are going to deal with him. There is no need for you to be directly involved."

As crazy as it might sound, I now feel sorry for him. This is not going to be a pleasant meeting for him.

While I was talking with my boss, the sexy waiter came back. I guess he was out doing something. We exchanged looks again.

I already paid; therefore, I could not interact with him. I was not going to order another dish in the hopes of having him closer to me again. That would have been borderline desperate.

I stood up, put my coat on, and was about to leave.

I looked out; it has started to rain.

Then he came over, smiling and with him this small tray of two vegan deserts.

"That's on me."

I was beyond surprised.

"What for?"

"Because of what you said about me before. That was so nice of you to say that. No one has ever been so nice to me here the way you were. That's my way of saying thank you."

He smiled at me again, and both my heart and my jocks melted. I was starting to get hard; he was so adorable.

"There are two pieces here, so you must join me."

"I wish I could, but the restaurant is full right now. Perhaps on your next visit?"

And he was gone.

I sat down and frantically checked Grindr and Atraf (a popular gay social app in Israel)

Nothing, he was not there.

He is either an amiable straight waiter or in the closet. Or, he was the good samaritan the universe has sent me to cheer me up.

Either way, he was terrific and just what I needed today.

Who am I kidding? I also needed him to fuck my brains.

"Perhaps on my next visit."


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