Taxi Taxi

How did I end my story about what happened to me at the beach on Thursday?

It ended with the older guy dumping me. He left my hungry hole just when he was about to fuck me. 

You can read more about it here:


After he was gone, I dressed up and went up to the cliffs. I planned to take photos of fields leading to the highway. I noticed that just after sunset there is a beautiful red light.

I never took photos. 

I went out of the nature reserve and started walking towards the highway. People park on the dirt road outside the gate. There were two lonely cars parked at the very end.

As I got closer, I noticed that the first was a taxi. What was more exciting was the fact that the driver was fully naked, wearing a cock ring and standing outside playing with his big thick cock. 

Well, there was no way I was going to decline such a tempting offer.

How tempting?

He was such a sexy stud.

A bit shorter than me but unlike me, hairy all over (except for his ass). His balls were big and beautiful. His body was lean and muscular in all the right places.

He was nothing like the taxi drivers that I have known so far. He was also the first taxi driver that I had sex with.

Before I knew it, we both were kissing and playing with each other. I knew that he wanted to fuck me since he kept lubing my ass and fingering my love hole. I moaned loudly each time he did that, especially when he pinched my nipples with his other hand. 

There was still light, and people were "walking" on the dirt road. Each time it happened, we would stop. I was dying to have him making love to my ass, but I was not going to do that while people were still around.

Hell, even a young straight couple was walking and saw us. 

When it got dark enough, and I could not wait for him to dominate my ass, the other driver showed up.

He was parked very close to the taxi.

When he arrived, he stood for a second and looked at us. We were both naked