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How did I end my story about what happened to me at the beach on Thursday?

It ended with the older guy dumping me. He left my hungry hole just when he was about to fuck me. 

You can read more about it here:

After he was gone, I dressed up and went up to the cliffs. I planned to take photos of fields leading to the highway. I noticed that just after sunset there is a beautiful red light.

I never took photos. 

I went out of the nature reserve and started walking towards the highway. People park on the dirt road outside the gate. There were two lonely cars parked at the very end.

As I got closer, I noticed that the first was a taxi. What was more exciting was the fact that the driver was fully naked, wearing a cock ring and standing outside playing with his big thick cock. 

Well, there was no way I was going to decline such a tempting offer.

How tempting?

He was such a sexy stud.

A bit shorter than me but unlike me, hairy all over (except for his ass). His balls were big and beautiful. His body was lean and muscular in all the right places.

He was nothing like the taxi drivers that I have known so far. He was also the first taxi driver that I had sex with.

Before I knew it, we both were kissing and playing with each other. I knew that he wanted to fuck me since he kept lubing my ass and fingering my love hole. I moaned loudly each time he did that, especially when he pinched my nipples with his other hand. 

There was still light, and people were "walking" on the dirt road. Each time it happened, we would stop. I was dying to have him making love to my ass, but I was not going to do that while people were still around.

Hell, even a young straight couple was walking and saw us. 

When it got dark enough, and I could not wait for him to dominate my ass, the other driver showed up.

He was parked very close to the taxi.

When he arrived, he stood for a second and looked at us. We were both naked and hard. I was already lubed all over. The taxi driver kept lubing me up as if I was a brass lamp. 

The taxi driver was getting impatient.

"Come on; I want to fuck your hot ass."

"Let's wait for this guy to leave; then you can fuck me all you want."

But he did not leave.

We kept fooling around. I was getting impatient myself. My hole was screaming to be cum fed. To keep the taxi driver happy, I gave him a blow job while we were waiting for the other guy to leave.

Eventually, I addressed the other guy. He was sitting in his car; the door was open, and he was looking at us. 

"You know, it's not a show, and even if it is, it's sold out."

He stepped out of the car, and now I saw that he got fully naked. His beautiful cock was almost hard and massive. He was in his late 20's and also hairy and toned. At that time, I did not know that his hot ass was hairy, unlike the taxi driver's ass that was smooth. 

"I'd love to join; I was just waiting for people to stop walking on the path."

 I pointed at the road, south, and north; it was already empty.

"I know," he said, "I was just about to join."

He got closer to us. We started kissing, and the taxi driver went behind this stud to play with his ass.

"Hey, sorry, I'm a top, I don't get fucked."

I felt like I won the lottery. 

"Don't worry," I told him, "You two can fuck me in turns."

My ass, roughly two hours before getting fucked

Both of them went behind my ass. The new guy started rimming me while the other moved him from time to time to finger my hole.

"Who do you want us to fuck you first?"

The new guy was asking that. He is not only sexy but polite, I thought to myself, sweet.

The look of the taxi driver's face was so cute. It was a begging look that I pick him. I was going to anyway, because:

a) He was the first one to play with my ass; it was only fair


b) his cock was not as big the new guy's so I preferred to have him open my love tunnel. 

It was not before long that I was in semi doggie, leaning on the open trunk. The taxi driver wore a condom, but the new guy fucked me bare. I was moaning so loud that I felt like I became part of the wildlife of the reserve. 

While there were fucking me in turns, the older guy that dumped me passed by us, he was waiting for me to let him join. As I wrote a few days ago, I signaled him to go away. You can read why here:

The taxi driver was fucking me with a condom, so when he was not fucking me, it made no sense for me to blow him. Instead, he came over to kiss me and play with my nipples while the other guy was fucking me. 

When the taxi driver was fucking me, I was giving head to the new stud. 

I did not count, but I think it was around seven times that they took turns. Each time was maybe two minutes before the other guy took ownership of my ass. It's been over a year since two guys were fucking me. I really should do this more often. I think it was nearly half an hour of getting fucked like that by them.

We were all getting very close.

"How do you want us to cum?"

Once again, the new guy being polite. I liked him a lot for that. 

"Well, I want the taxi driver to shoot on my ass, and my hole (he was the one fucking me with a condom) and then I want you to fuck me with his cum until you cream my ass."

And so it was. 

The taxi driver was playing with my hole while he was masturbating. The other guy came over so I can blow him and play with his balls at the same time. Then he left my hole and started yelling, and I felt massive amounts of cum spraying all over me. 

Most of it went on my open hole and ass but some also on my back and my legs. 

The taxi driver rubbed his cum all over my back and my ass and spanked me a few times. Then he stepped aside to clean himself.

Now it was just me and this hairy stud.

He did just as I have asked.

He lubed his massive cock with cum, and there was plenty of it. I was still in half doggie on the trunk. He went in with one forceful stroke. This time I was wanking strong while he was fucking me. I wanted to share my orgasm with his.

"Wait for me to start screaming, then cum with me." 

When the sex is so intense, I start screaming long before I shoot. 

So he was already halfway done shooting his load in me when I started to shoot mine. It gave him a fantastic feeling since the contractions firing my shots squeeze his cock at the same time. To intensify my orgasm, he kept fucking me even after he was done.

He pulled out and dragged with his cock so much cum; it was oozing out like a river since I was so open. 

The trunk was full of my cum.

I was a mess.

I was covered in cum, and my ass was loaded with cum. I was also lubed head to toe since the taxi driver enjoyed taking lube and rubbing it all over my body. 

The good thing was that it was water-based lube.

The taxi driver had a gallon of water in his trunk. I dumped all over myself to clean up. The odor of the water-based lubricant was still strong even after I did that.

As I was walking past the fields on the way back to my car, I could no longer see the beautiful colors that I wanted to photo before.

It was already night time; there was very little light

But there was a bright light in my mind and my ass.

I was rushing home, I invited friends for a pancakes dinner, and I was going to give them a special announcement 

But more about that in another post,


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