Talk, don't Block!

Yesterday as I was looking for a sweet MeWe contact, I could no longer find him.

"He could not have blocked me," I thought to myself. 

We had a great connection.

We Skyped a few times. It was not sexual, though we both expressed our desire to make love with each other. We had friendly chats, and we gave each other compliments publicly.

He said many times how he'd love to fuck me. His cock is uncut and big. I wanked a few times thinking of him shooting his load into my love tunnel

He said many times that he would enjoy making love to my ass

Still, he either closed his account or blocked me.

I sent him a message via Skype and have found out that indeed he blocked me because of what I wrote (I imagine regarding the congress demons).

Quite frankly, I find it strange. 

To block someone because of his political views? 

I would never do that. 

I have friends who are radical democrats and others are radical republicans. I find it stimulating. 

Not to mention that I did not express political views. Surely any person with the right mind should object antisemitism.

I expect democrats and republicans to expose the campaign of hatred these two congress demons are promoting.

Here is what I wrote to him:

"Look, I don't care that you blocked me, but I think that it would have been more proper that you tell me about it - I mean, you knew I'd found out eventually."

I can take anything: From a huge cock up my ass to criticism to my face. 

Yes, I know, we are all here for fun, sex, nudity, enjoying the beach and the summer.

But sometimes, there is more to life than playing with my cock while fingering my hole or getting fucked at the beach.

No matter how great that feels

Talk - Don't Block



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