Sweaty Outdoor Sex - Part I

I was walking in my jocks most of this hike with David. This is not the hike where he fucked me in the mountains.

This photo is from the hike where he fucked me in the mountains.

You can read more about how he ended up fucking me in the mountains here:


This hike took place two days before that. It was in a forest not too far away from where I live.

It was on a Saturday, so there were many people around. We went off-trail, and I walked there, mostly with my jocks. I could not go utterly naked because the trail was narrow with lots of vegetation from both sides. I had to protect my cock and balls.

From time to time, David would hold my sweaty ass or play with my moist hole while we were hiking; we both got very horny. He would finger me then give me his finger, or fingers, so that I can lick it.

It was so hot.

One time he took his hard cock out and pushed some of it inside my hole. Since my hole was sweaty and moist, he did not need lube to get a third of his thick cock quickly inside. I could tell how badly he wanted to shoot his load in my ass. I reached back and played with his hairy balls. He moaned loudly and tried to push his cock further in. But for that, I needed to lube him up, and I could tell someone will show up and see us.