I was only 9 when I started enjoying our neighbor's son's cock

Blog followers often ask me about my sexual past.

They are curious to know when I was first fucked and when I first sucked a cock.

I was first fucked at the age of 16, and I will share with you by whom in another blog post.

The first guy I sucked was my 15-year-old neighbor.

Playing with my neighbor's thick cock as a boy and drinking his cum isn't the reason I'm addicted to cock as an adult. I started fooling around with other boys before him, and long before my body had begun to produce semen.

But his semen was the first I tasted, and his cock was the first of countless penises that I made cum on/in my body.

I was 9 years old, and he was just about to turn 15 when I experienced his wet cock for the first time.

Me as a young boy

The type of cock I'm attracted to, like the color and types of shirts that I like, hadn't changed much

Even as a young boy I was already fascinated by cocks that were:

  • Thick

  • Long

  • Uncut

  • Decorated with lush pubic hair

My neighbor's cock ticketed three of those four boxes and I couldn't resist when he offered it to me for the first time.

How did it all start?

My parents and his had gone abroad for a month that summer and had left him in charge of me. I hadn't seen him much that year because he was in an army boarding school and came home only once a month.

He changed a lot during that year, being transformed from a boy into a young adult.

And a very horny one, apparently.

On the first morning after they had flown to Europe, he caught me glancing at him when he came back from his morning shower. He removed his towel and was about to dress. I was sitting on my bed and was fascinated not only by his semi-hard cock but also by his thick reddish-brown bush.

Little did I know that one day my bush would look just like his:

It was the first time I'd seen his cock in over a year.

That year had thickened not only his bush but also his cock. I couldn't help but stare at it, especially since it contrasted with the rest of his relatively white, smooth body.

"What are you looking at?" he laughed. "Do you want to touch my cock?"

I kept looking at his manhood, fascinated because his cock got thicker and longer, and to my 9-year-old eyes, it seemed huge and so beautiful. I felt my cock growing in my underwear.

My neighbor didn't wait for my answer. He came up to me not knowing that I was both afraid and excited by his beautiful, stiff penis...

...and also by the precum that was oozing out of his red mushroom.

"Well? Are you going to touch my cock or not?"

I rubbed his penis gently, and my neighbor started moaning. I was excited on noticing that his hard cock had got even bigger. I was still unaware that when a hard cock grows even more it's about to cum.

My neighbor's moans encouraged me to harden my grip on his tool. That made him moan even louder, and in seconds, I felt countless, powerful cum shots hitting my face and upper body.

Some of his cum got tangled in my curly hair.

My neighbor's cock was still hard and dripping cum when he pulled away from my grip. I wasn't sure what to do next. I wondered if I should clean myself with my shirt, hand, or go to the shower.

My neighbor noticed my confused expression.

He smiled and said: "You'd better take a shower before coming to breakfast."

I went to the shower and looked in the mirror.

There was cum in my hair, on my face, upper body, and it was leaking down my legs and on to the floor. There was so much of it. The experience was so new, terrific, and shocking that I hadn’t even realised that this was the first time I’d made a guy cum.

Before entering the shower, I had breakfast.

That is, I ate my neighbor's man-juice.

At first, I just licked my upper lip and tasted it.

I remember the taste so vividly. It was intense, salty, weird, and awesome, all at the same time. This new exciting odor made me eager to have more of my neighbor's cum, and soon!

I collected his seed from every part of my body, including my hair, and ate it all. I also licked the cum spots on the floor. I did it quickly because I was ashamed that my neighbor would catch me eating his seed and make fun of me.

I enjoy eating cum to this very day

Note my cum just above my left nipple. It tasted so good!
Note my cum just above my left nipple. It tasted so good!

The first time I sucked him was a week later in the shower.

Before that shower, he had already given me his seed numerous times. I wanked him in bed, in the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Not a day passed without me helping him experience at least two orgasms, usually more.

I remember that Sunday morning when I first sucked him off quite well.

I'd already noticed that each time he showered, he left the door open. I was standing by the entrance, listening, and too afraid to go in even though I wanted to so much.

I knew that I could return to my bed, and after he'd finished showering, he would offer his hard cock for my attention.

But I didn't want to wait that long for his seed.

"Can I come in? I need to brush my teeth."

"Sure," he replied and opened the shower curtain. I knew that he expected me to play with his cock again.

I stared at his naked body while the water was running over his thick red cock.

But I was too afraid to join my neighbor without him asking me to.

"Get in; Showering together saves water."

I hesitated for a split second because I was ashamed that my neighbor would see my hard penis. It was nothing compared to his. Mine was still relatively small, and I had no pubic hair.

What happened after I joined him?

I didn't soap his sexy body, and he didn't wash my ass, finger it, and fuck me. My neighbor wasn't interested in any of that. He merely wanted me to help him empty his hairy balls.

But since I was naked and hard just like him and he didn't seem to care, I dared to ask him a few questions.

  • "When will my pubic hair grow like yours?"

He looked at my cock, amused: "Don't worry, Theon. When you are 15, you'll be as hairy as I am. You've still got enough time. "

  • "What about my cock? It's so small compared to yours."

He lowered his body and pressed our hard cocks together, comparing them.

His cock towered mine in both size and girth.

Nowadays, my cock usually towers other cocks.
Nowadays, my cock usually towers other cocks.

I nearly screamed from how amazing it felt.

I was hoping that he would start rubbing our penises together until his cum shot all over my cock and body. My balls still didn't produce semen, but I'd already experienced many orgasms just from masturbating.

I was so horny and nervous at the same time that my body was shaking, and I could barely keep myself from moaning loudly.

"Yeah, your penis is small, but you're still a boy. It'll start getting thicker and bigger very soon."

My neighbor didn't seem to notice how badly I desired his cock to make love to mine. To my disappointment, he stepped back from my hard cock. It was the first and last time that my small cock was pressed against his thick hammer.

  • "What about cum? When will that start?"

"I think that when I was 11, I started having cum and so much of it. Sometimes it leaks or shoots when I least expect it."

I could tell because his hard cock was leaking a flood of precum during the entire conversation.

"I can't wait for my cock to be as big as yours and to have semen and pubic hair!"

"Oh, you'll have it all, except I don't know if you will have a younger friend to suck your cock."

"I haven't suck your cock.”

"Then what are you waiting for?"

My neighbor was taller than me, so to suck him, I sat on the side of the bathtub. He got closer, and I opened my mouth.

"Wider, open it wider!" He ordered me.

I opened my mouth wider, but I wasn't sure what to do next. Thankfully my neighborr's cock had probably been sucked before because he knew exactly what to do (next). He grabbed my head, and with one forceful thrust, pushed his entire thick cock down my throat.

I gagged and pushed him back.

I still have a strong gag reflex and can't deep throat
I still have a strong gag reflex and can't deep throat

"OUCH! Watch your teeth!"

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I was afraid that I'd never get another chance to blow him unless I grabbed his cock and gave it another try. I held the base of his cock and started licking his terrific mushroom and, for the first time, dared to play with his balls. They were wet and so tender.

I only needed to start caressing his balls to trigger his orgasm.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum; Open your mouth, Theon! now !!!"

I quickly opened my mouth as wide as possible and pressed my eager lips onto his mushroom head. My neighbor screamed, and I felt a tsunami of cum flooding my mouth and down my throat.

His cum tasted like fresh nectar, and it was so hot coming straight from his amazing cock.

It was the most exciting moment of my life until then.

After that day, almost every day, I collected his seed using my mouth and not only in the shower.

Taking care of my neighbor's thick cock was my basic training in learning how to give a man pleasure. I learned so much until my parents returned, and his terrific cock was gone from my lips forever.

What did I learn by playing with my neighbor's beautiful cock?

  • I discovered the area directly under his cock head that gave him the most intense pleasure.

I only needed to play with it for a short while or dance my tongue on it to make my neighbor cum instantly.

I usually didn't want him to cum so fast. But, sometimes, I enjoyed making it happen in an instant because it was a tremendous display of virility.

  • I noticed that playing with a man's balls can hasten his orgasm.

However, a more exciting discovery was that I could make him precum the most by licking and sucking his balls without touching his cock. Since his eyes were closed the entire time I serviced him, I could secretly lick every drop of his seed from my fingers.

  • I realized that his hole and ass were off-limits as was the rest of his body.

Most straight men that I blow are just like him. They only want me to focus solely on their testicles and cock.

  • I learned how to keep his seed in my mouth and not swallow it.

Instead, I went to the shower right after it was over and used it as lube to play with my cock and rub it all over my naked body.

I still love doing that to this very day.

  • I didn't learn how to shove his entire cock down my throat.

His cock was too big, and my gag reflex is very strong. I still can't fully service a big cock (though I have no problem getting fucked by any kind of tool).

On his part, my neighbor never showed any interest in fucking or kissing me.

He merely used my hand and mouth as a much more enjoyable way to drain his balls. It was also not messy because his seed was either in my mouth or on my body.

If I'd tried kissing him, he would have pushed me away.

If I'd attempted to offer him my tight virgin hole, I'm sure he would have been disgusted by the idea.

Besides, I was too young to think about offering him my ass.

It would take a few more years before I realized how enjoyable it is to get fucked.

I was secretly hoping that my parents would postpone their return until my neighbor had to return to his boarding school because I wanted to play with his cock and drink his manly flood until the very last day.

The last week before their return, I didn't wait for my neighbor to demand my services.

I could easily tell when he was horny easily (basically all the time), and then I serviced his cock. It happened many more times than before. It was as if he knew that he would never get a chance to have incredible orgasms so frequently and comfortably ever again.

There was one day that I swallowed his delicious seed six times. I became addicted to the taste and smell of his semen and to his marvelous hard cock.

I already knew that I was gay, even if I still didn't say that word at such an early age. I loved penises, and they excited me.

It was the first time in my life I'd had a terrific, big cock to satisfy my needs.

My neighbor didn't try to teach me how to be a submissive bottom (he wasn't even aware that I was gay).

He was only focused on his enjoyment, which I happily provided. However, thanks to him, when I started servicing other cocks, I was already an expert.

On the day of their return, both our parents were expected at noon.

That morning I crawled into my neighbor's bed for the first time.

He didn't object. Instead, he took off his underwear and presented his cum-dripping cock to me.

On putting my eager lips on his cock, I quickly removed my underwear and pressed my small hard cock to his left leg. As always, I enjoyed feeling his thick cock in my mouth but what made me nearly faint from sheer pleasure was the feeling of my cock pressed onto his warm leg.

I tried not to rub my cock even though I desperately wanted to.

I was afraid that if my neighbor had felt that I enjoyed his body in such a way, he would pull his leg from my cock. As long as my hard cock was only pressed to his leg, he perceived my position as a convenient way for my mouth to reach his cock and nothing else.

While I was sucking him, I felt several orgasms. Despite the lack of semen, I felt the contractions and the intense pleasure I’d experienced before when I masturbated.

However, it was so much more intense this time.

I closed my eyes hard each time it happened so my neighbor wouldn't know the explosion that my body and mind were going through.

These were the strongest orgasms of my life until then.

That's how I wanted to scream when I was sucking him
That's how I wanted to scream when I was sucking him

Since I wanted to see my neighbor shoot his semen one last time, I stopped sucking him and finished him off using my hand. His seed erupted like a geyser and covered his upper body, face, and pillow in seconds.

I looked at my neighbor's smooth upper body admiring his beauty and so many cum spots.

He laughed: "What are you looking at? You did that!"

I don't know how I found the courage for my next action. I guess I was desperate because I knew I'd never see my neighbor covered in cum ever again. Worse, I had no idea how I would get cock and cum to satisfy my thirst after my parent's return.

"Do you want me to lick your body and clean it?"

"Yikes!!! That's so gay!!! I'm going to wash it off in the shower."

That was like a hit in the face.

I wanted to lick and taste his seed so badly one last time. Also, I felt humiliated because of his disgusted expression.

My neighbor is neither gay nor bisexual.

He only fooled with me because he was a horny teenager, sharing a room with his younger gay neighbor.

After my parents came back, it was all over, and I never got the chance to play with his cock again.

How is my neighbor doing?

He married twice and has six children from both wives.

His body is no longer as smooth (or sexy) as it used to be but unlike me, his hair is lush and full, just as it was all those years ago when I served his cock countless times during that summer.

Do I feel that he molested me?

Absolutely not!

I wanted to suck his cock much more than he wanted me to. Besides, I'm sure friends fool with each other all the time while they are growing up.

Sucking and playing with his cock for a month made me want more:

  • More cocks

  • More guys

  • More semen

Thankfully, the nudist beach provides me with all of that and much more.

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