Six years later...

This amazing cock is not the one that I sucked yesterday.

This is Pieter's cock.

Pieter is the Belgian stud I made love to at the beach two weeks ago.

You can read more about it here:


The cock that I had the honor to feel partly entering my love hole yesterday was much bigger than Pieter's.

The stud that was attached to it was a fantastic lover.

I was laying on my back when he started kissing me and raising my legs. He pushed them towards my head as much as possible.

I am very flexible (as a bottom should be), so he was able to push my legs almost to my head, thus fully exposing my love hole.

He stared at it for a while.

I was a bit concerned because he did not say anything.

"Is everything OK down there?"

"More than OK, it's just so beautiful. I am admiring your smooth hole."

Then he spat on my hole and started licking my ass and my hole. He did that a few more times. Spitting on my hole and licking and fingering it.

I was sitting very far north yesterday.

I did that because yesterday was "couples day" at the beach. There were many (hot!) couples at the beach. They were all naked and very sexy, but I don't like to sit next to couples.


Because they tend not to socialize and be together, also, they never play with others and for a good reason. I can see how the beach setting makes them all romantic and cuddly.

That's awesome for them, but it does not feel all that good to be sitting single and watching all that loving affection.

I prefer to sit where there are people I can socialize with and perhaps ride their cock as well.

This guy was walking on the beach; I could see from far away that his cock was massive. When he got to me, he got hard right away, and he hid his erection with his beach blanket. It was pointless because I could tell he was hard.

He was stocky and shorter than me.

What attracted my attention besides his huge cock was a very muscular hairy ass. His ass was twice the size of mine, all pure muscles. I already saw a vision in my head of him making love to my ass while I am holding on to these incredible hairy ass cheeks.

I invited him to sit with me. When he placed the large beach blanket; he asked me to sit next to him.

We were both laying on our back, watching the beautiful clouds and the sun. It was so relaxing except that he was hard again and dripping cum.

I pointed at his cock.

"You are super horny, aren't you? When was the last time you fucked a guy?"

"You don't want to know."

I reached my finger, grabbed his precum, and licked it. This guy was oozing cum. I also had precum, but not like that. He was leaking nonstop.

Despite both our hard cocks and precum, we were both relaxed.

It was a beautiful feeling of being natural with him.

His mind was working just like mine, being very natural about everything sexual. Me licking his cum felt as natural as licking ice cream.

Still, I felt that it would be nice to know his name so later on, I can say it when we make love.

"I'm Theon," I told him.

"Damn, we met like six years ago."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"You have a unique name, that's how I remember."

I looked at him again, head to toe, focusing on his magnificent thick cock.

"We did not fuck; I would never forget a sexy body and an amazing huge cock like yours."

He laughed

"Thank you for the sweet compliments. Indeed we did not. I think that you had sex shortly before we met, that's why we did not do anything."

His cock got hard again, and another stream of precum oozed out

I took the precum with my finger, lubed my hole, and fingered myself.

He looked at me excited, then leaned towards me and started kissing me while raising my legs to take a first look at my love hole.

"I think we should finish what we never started six years ago. I wanted to fuck you back then."

Did we fuck?

More about our lovemaking later.

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