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Do you like to shower after sex? Here's a video of me doing just that.

Felix and I returned yesterday from a lovely weekend in the mountains.

Here's a photo of our cabin:

We hiked every day.

As usual, I hiked wearing a jock and even shirtless when it got warmer.

As you know, I am a sinner 😜

Consequently, Felix bred me every night.

Sometimes, I also swallowed his semen in the morning.

I often sweat during love-making because, for me, it's always very intense. Therefore, I usually shower after sex and particularly if I get bred.

If a guy loads my ass with his hot seed, I never keep it inside.

It doesn't make sense because my ass is not a vagina!

Here are four short video clips of me showering in our mountain cabin.

It was shortly after I'd drained my balls all over Felix's sweet face and swallowed his delicious seed.

I love creaming his beautiful face and watching him lick my semen.

After our balls no longer demanded our attention that morning, Felix took Luka for a morning walk.

I slept for another 20 minutes.

Then I woke up and took a shower:

Naturally, my cock wasn't hard since I'd already ejaculated.

Here's what my erect cock looks like:

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

Here's how I soaped my body:

Of course, I always wash my fuck hole thoroughly!

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

Washing off the soap:

In the clips, it seems that only my cock and pits are hairy.

However, I also have some body hair on other parts of my body:

And lastly, drying myself off.

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